The Liber Feodorum




First published in 1920 on behalf of the Public Record Office.

In December 1804, the Royal Commissioners on the Public Records made an order:- "That the Books intituled Testa de Nevill in the King's Remembrancer's Office, containing an account of Knights' Fees and Serjeanties in the reigns of Henry the Third and Edward the First, be forthwith transcribed and printed".

"These Books contain principally an Account,

  1. Of Fees holden either immediately of the King, or of others who held of the King in Capite, and if alienated whether the Owners were enfeoffed ab antiquo, or de novo, as also Fees holden in Frankalmoigne, with the Values thereof respectively.
  2. Of Serjeanties holden of the King, distinguishing such as were rented or alienated, with the Values of the same.
  3. Of Widows and Heiresses of Tenants in Capite, whose Marriages were in the Gift of the King, with the Values of their Lands.
  4. Of Churches in the Gift of the King, and in whose Hands they were.
  5. Of Escheats, as well of the Lands of Normans as others, in whose Hands the same were, and by what Services holden.
  6. Of the Amount of the Sums paid for Scutage and Aid, &c. by each Tenant.
  1. Part I: Preface
  2. Part I: Corrigendum and Key
  3. Part I: Contents
  4. Part I: A.D. 1198 (Pages 1-13)
  5. Part I: A.D. 1204 (Pages 14-51)
  6. Part I: A.D. 1212 (Pages 52-228)
  7. Part I: A.D. 1211 (Pages 229-243)
  8. Part I: A.D. 1219 (Pages 244-288)
  9. Part I: A.D. 1220 (Pages 289-352)
  10. Part I: A.D. 1226 (Pages 353-404)
  11. Part I: A.D. 1235 (Pages 405-636)
  12. Part II: Contents
  13. Part II: A.D. 1242 (Pages 637-1141)
  14. Part II: A.D. 1244 (Pages 1142-1259)
  15. Part II: A.D. 1251 (Pages 1260-1322)
  16. Part II: Appendix (Pages 1323-1483)


This transcription has been performed in order to create text which can be of use to family and local history researchers. Care has been taken to preserve placenames and personal names and their association so that researchers can search and index the text as desired. However, in creating simple and easy-to-read web pages, some of the formatting used by the original authors has been altered. These alterations mean that this transcription should not be used as a substitute for the original by academics and social researchers, and they should consult the originally formatted text if necessary.

This transcription has been made by using OCR and other software designed for the purpose, followed by extensive hand-editing, to correct and format the text provided by the Adobe Acrobat files of the Liber Feodorum held on the Harold B Lee website.

The corrections have been made in an attempt to produce simple, easy-to-read text and sensible Latin from corrupted text wherever it occurs.

The formatting includes:

Readers are advised to read the help page which might assist with the less difficult examples, and to invest in a good Latin-English dictionary.

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