Lockie Photos Part 2

Quita Parsons (nee Lockie) 03 (354K) left (1K)

This is the earliest photograph of Marquita Lockie, the only daughter of Mollie and George Lockie.

right (1K)

Another photograph of Marquita Lockie. It looks like it was taken when she was about 3.

Quita Parsons (nee Lockie) 02 (199K)
Quita and Mel Lockie 01 (86K) left (1K)

This is the earliest photograph of Melvyn Lockie, taken with his sister Marquita soon after he was born.

right (1K)

This is Quita and Mel Lockie in the garden of the house in Godalming in which Agnes Burden, their grandmother, lived with Ron Burden, their uncle. It was probably taken in about 1948 when George Lockie was stationed at RAF Hendon.

Quita and Mel Lockie 08 (104K)
Quita and Mel Lockie 05 (102K) left (1K)

This is uncle Ron entertaining Quita and Mel Lockie.

right (1K)

Another photograph of Quita and Mel Lockie together. This was taken at the Berryfields estate which formed the Married Quarters of RAF Melksham, where George Lockie was stationed from about 1949. After Melksham, George Lockie was posted to RAF Cardington.

Quita and Mel Lockie 04 (123K)
Quita and Mel Lockie 07 (98K) left (1K)

George Lockie was posted to RAF Geilenkirchen in Germany in about 1953 and Melvyn attended the primary school on the station. However, Quita attended Windsor School, Hamm, a boarding school established for the children of UK forces in Germany. Melvyn joined her for a few months before George was posted to RAF Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire. This photograph was taken prior to Quita and Melvyn embarked on the long train journey from Geilenkirchen to Hamm at the start of term.

right (1K)

While at Geilenkirchen, Melvyn was a Cub. Despite the smile, it was not a fulfilling experience and he didn't go on to become a Scout.

Mel Lockie 01 (98K)
Mollie Lockie (nee Burden) 01 (56K) left (1K)

Mollie Lockie relaxing at home.

right (1K)

George Lockie had bought a car when stationed in Germany so he and Mollie spent their holidays in the 1955-1965 period touring the UK while the roads were virtually empty. This looks like Scotland.

Mollie Lockie (nee Burden) 03 (135K)
Mollie Lockie (nee Burden) 06 (194K) left (1K)

Mollie Lockie celebrating a wedding anniversary.

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