Mixed Family Photos

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Mollie and George Lockie gained lifelong friends in Dorothy and Lex George when they met in Germany. This is a photograph of the 2 couples together with their older children, Quita Lockie and David George. I think it was taken at a Mess party.

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I've no idea where this was taken, or who was involved. But, it looks like a good time was being had by all concerned, so I guess it's from another Mess party at RAF Geilenkirchen in Germany.

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The Lockie and George families spent a lot of their leisure time together in Germany, and this is a group photograph.

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The Lockies were visited in Germany by Mollie's brother Ron Burden. However, Geilenkirchen was on the Germany-Holland border and it was convenient for Ron to pay a visit to Nijmagen, the scene of his wartime adventure. This is the family together.

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It was rare for the wider family to get together but this photograph commemorates one such opportunity. At this time, George Lockie was stationed at RAF Kinloss in Scotland and this was the occasion for a visit from Les, Alice and Ron Burden to join the Lockies. The Burdens and Lockies were also joined by Mike Parsons, who had married Quita Lockie some time previously. He must have wondered what he'd let himself in for when meeting everyone.

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This photograph captures the occasion when the wider Lockie and Burden families went to Braemar for the games. It doesn't include quite everyone, but it's possible to see George Lockie, Alice Burden, Mollie Lockie, Ron Burden, Mike Parsons, Quita Parsons and Les Burden.

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George and Mollie Lockie eventually settled in Trowbridge on George's retirement from the RAF. This is a photograph of them relaxing in their garden.

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Fortunately, Dorothy and Lex George settled very close to Mollie and George Lockie and they were able to spend more time together.

Trowbridge 05 (200K)
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