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The earliest photo we have of William Thomas James May.

William was born in 1880 in Devonport, Portsmouth and joined the Royal Navy in 1898. He was promoted to Boatswain in 1911, the year after he married Florence Ozzard. On this early photograph, his cap badge says he was serving on HMS Excellent and, from his service record, he served on HMS Excellent 3 times. On the first occasion, in 1901, he was a Leading Seaman, and on the last occasion, in 1908, he was a Senior Petty Officer aged 28.

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The latest photo we have of William Thomas James May (standing).

The photo was taken when he was serving in the Royal Navy in Malta. From his service record, this photo must have been taken in 1920 or 1921 shortly before he died, at the age of 41.

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Daisy and Florence May.

William May and his wife Florence (nee Ozzard) had two children. Seen here outside their house in Portsmouth are Daisy and Florence (Floss) May. This photo must have been taken shortly before 1921 because they had to leave the house in Portsmouth after William's death.

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William May's funeral in Malta.

William drowned in Valetta harbour Malta whilst taking a swim from his ship, HMS Blenheim. He was buried in a graveyard in Malta following a full ceremonial funeral provided by the Royal Navy. The funeral was led by the chaplain Mr Burkit and the procession led by Captain Hughs. The Blenheim provided a firing party.

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The firing party.

A ceremonial firing party was formed by sailors from HMS Blenheim and a number of volleys were fired.

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William May's gravestone in Malta.

The Royal Navy erected a memorial gravestone to William as follows:

11TH JUNE 1921

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Florence Jane Ozzard.

Seated is Florence Jane May (nee Ozzard), wife of William Thomas James May, and mother of Daisy and Floss May. Behind her, on the right of the photo is Arthur Parsons and Daisy (nee May), and their son Michael.

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Emily Bartlett's funeral.

Emily Harriet Hobbs married twice, first to Thomas James Parsons, and second to George Bartlett. This is a photo of her funeral attended by close relatives and with a large collection of flowers/wreaths.

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Daisy and Florence (Floss) May.

From the left, Arthur Parsons, Daisy Parsons (nee May), Florence (Floss) Cousins (nee May), and William (Bill) Cousins.

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Thomas May.

I think this is the only photograph we have of Thomas May, William Thomas James May's father. On the rear, it's dated 19 Feb 1935 and was addressed "To, Flo and children from Grandad with love".

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