September 23rd, 1268, to August 15th, 1301.



Printed, for the Worcestershire Historical Society,



Date.Pope.Kings of England.Archbishops of Canterbury.Archdeacons of Worcester.Archdeacons of Gloucester.Bishop's Official.
29th Sept.
1268VacantHenry III.BonifaceRobert de Esthalle, Reg. p. 26Hugh de Cantilupe, Reg. pp. 3, 26Not known, p. 12, 'official of Worcester'
1270"Boniface died July 18, 1270.""""
1271Gregory X."Vacant"""
1272"Henry III. d., Edward I."""William le Rus, Reg. p. 50
1273""Robert Kilwardby consecrated at Canterbury Feb. 26, 1273"""
1275"""Hugh de Evesham licensed to go abroad, Reg. p. 74Consecrated Bp. of Hereford Sept. 8Geoffrey de Ryndwey, Bishop's Chancellor, Reg. p. 72
1276Innocent V., Adrian V., John XXI."""R. de Fangefos, his successor, first appears as Archdeacon in 1279, Reg. p. 117"
1277Nicholas III."""""
1278""Kilwardby resigned"""
1279""John Peckham consecrated at Rome Feb. 19 by the Pope"""
1281Martin IV."""""
1283"""""Godfrey de Ryndwey, official, Reg. p.180, died in 1284, Reg. p. 236; his successor at Kempsey collated that year, Reg. p.249, J. de Farleg', Reg. p. 267


Date.Pope.Kings of England.Archbishops of Canterbury.Archdeacons of Worcester.Archdeacons of Gloucester.Bishop's Official.
29th Sept.
1284Martin IV.Edward I.John PeckhamHugh of EveshamR. de FangefosGodfrey de Ryndwey
1285Honorius IV"""""
1287"""25 July, Cardinal Hugh of Evesham died, Reg.333 ,1287R. de Fangefos' will dated 21 Sept. 1287, Reg. p. 318"
1288Nicholas IV""Ralph de Hengham appointed, Reg. pp. 317, 334""
1289"""Francis Neapoli, Reg. p. 356, afterwards Cardinal of St. LuciaJohn of Evereux, Reg. p. 343"
1290"""""Thomas de Stokes, Reg. p. 352
1292""Peckham died Dec. 8, 1292"""
1294Celestine V., Boniface VIII"Robert of Winchelsey consecrated at Aquila Sept. 12"""
1295"""Walter Burdon Reg. pp. 461, 497""
1297"""""Robert de Gloucester, Reg. p. 489
Jan 1302""""""



Date.Lincoln.Lichfield.Hereford.Llandaff.Bath and Wells.Salisbury.
1268Richard Gravesend consecrated 3 Nov.1258, d. 18 Dec. 1279 Roger Longespee consecrated Mar. 10, 1258, d. Dec. 16, 1295 Peter de Aqua Bella consecrated Dec. 23, 1240, died Nov. 27, 1268. William de Bruce consecrated Sept. 19, 1266, died Mar. 19, 1287 William Button consecrated 1267, died Dec. 4, 1274 Walter de la Wyle consecrated May 27, 1263,died Jan. 3, 1271
1269"" John Breton consecrated June 2, 1269, d. May 12, 1275"""
1274""""" Robert Wickhampton consecrated May 13, 1274, died April 24, 1284
1275""Thomas Cantilupe Sept. 3, 1275, died Aug. 25, 1282 "Robert Burnell consecrated April 7, 1275, d. Oct. 25, 1292"
1280Oliver Sutton consecrated May 19, 1280, d. Nov. 13, 1299 """""
1283""Richard Swinfield consecrated Mar. 7, 1263, died 15 March, 1317"""
1284""""" Walter Scammell consecrated Oct 22, 1284, died Sept. 25, 1286. See Reg. 220.


Date.Lincoln.Lichfield.Hereford.Llandaff.Bath and Wells.Salisbury.
1287Oliver SuttonRoger Longespee Richard SwinfieldWilliam de BruceRobert Burnell Henry Brandeston consecrated June 1, died Feb. 11, 1288 See Reg. 289
1289""""" William de la Corner consecrated May 8, 1289, died Aug. 14, 1291
1292""""" Nicholas Longespee consecrated Mar. 16, 1292, died May 18, 1297
1293"""" William of March,May 27, 1293, d. June 11, 1307"
1296" Walter de Langton consecrated Dec. 23, 1296, at Cambray, died 9 Nov. 1321 """"
1297""" John of Monmouth consecrated Feb.10, 1297, died 8 April 1323" Simon of Ghent consecrated Oct. 20, 1297, died March 31, 1315
1300John Dalderby consecrated June 12, 1300, died Jan. 5, 1320 """""

clviii APPENDIX I.


Worcester Priors.

Richard de Dumbleton, d. 1272, p. 50.
William de Cirencester, 1272-1274, p. 50.
Richard de Feckenham, 1274-1286, p. 61.
Philip Aubyn, 1286-1296, pp. 304, 480.
Simon de Wyre, 1296-1301, pp. 480, 547.
John de Wyke, 1301, p. 547.

Carnarie, Worcester.

Hugh de Wallingford, Keeper or Master, 1286-1292, pp. 285, 309.
John de Feckenham, 1292, p. 424.

There is no mention of any head of the Hospitals of St. Wolstan's or St. Oswald's, Worcester, nor of any abbess of the nuns at Whiston.


The only mention of an abbot of Pershore is William de Leigh, elected 1290, p. 368.

Winchcombe, Abbots.

John de Yaneworth, resigned in 1282, p. 165.
Walter de Wykewan, 1282, p. 165.

Tewkesbury, Abbots.

Thomas Stokes, 1276, p. 89.
Richard de Norton, 1276, p. 89.
Peter, 1284, p. 242.
Robert, 1291, p. 396.

Gloucester, St. Peter's, Abbots.

Reginald de Hornme, 1279, p. 119. John de Gamages, 1285, pp. 250, 252.

Llanthony, Prior.

William, 1283, p. 182.


St. Bartholomew's Hospital, on the Bridge of Gloucester, Priors.

John called Passover, 1286, p. 292.
John de Albenhal, 1295, p. 462.

Bristol, St. Mark's, Billeswick. Henry de Gaunt, resigned, 1268, p. 19.
Gilbert de Watham, 1268, p. 19.
Robert de Rading', 1287, p. 304.

Deerhurst, Priors.

Stephen de Paris, 1269, p. 37.
Robert de Ellebeof, 1272, p. 49.

In 1287 the Priory was in the King's hands by reason of the death of the Prior, or of the Abbot of St. Denis, p. 305.

Berkeley, Hospital of Longbridge, Master.

William de Cokebury, priest, 1285, p. 266.

Attester, Abbots.

Hugh, d. 1275, p. 83.
William de Ilmedon, 1275, pp. 83, 84.
Walter de Wygornia, d. 1301, p. 540.
Robert or John de Oudeby, elected 1300, p. 540.

Astley, Priors.

Simon, Monk of Astley, 1280, p. 122.
Robert de Sanarvill, 1290, p. 365.
Guy de Villaribus, 1294, p. 444.
Ralph de Porter, 1300, p. 526.

Little Malvern, Priors.

Richard ... d. 1269, p. 7.
William de Broadway, 1269, p. 7.
John de Shockeleg', d. 1280, p. 122.
John de Colevylle, 1280-1289, pp. 122, 330.
John de Wigorn', 1289-1299, pp. 330, 513.
John de Dumbleton, 1299, p. 513.

Great Malvern, Priors.

Walter, 1165, p. 198.
Thomas de Wichio, 1216-1242, pp. 178, 198.
John de Claynes, pp. 178, 198.


Thomas de Bredon, pp. 178, 198.
William de Wykewan, pp. 178, 199.
William de Ledbury, p. 164.

Wotton, Priors.

Peter de Altaribus, 1281, p. 133.
John de Barqueto, 1285, pp. 255, 265, 266.
Roger de Pavilliaco, 1285, pp. 265, 275.
John de Broyca, 1290, p. 341.
John de Avrion, 1300, p. 527.

Warwick, St. Sepulchre's.

William de Bereford, Prior, 1289, p. 335.
Paul de Stanley, 1291, p. 394.

Warwick, St. Michael's, Master of the House of the Lepers.

Roger de Merton, d. 1300, p. 527.
Henry de Combinton, 1300, p. 527.

Studley, Prior.

John de Wytenhull, 1291, p. 394.

Beckford, Priors. Peter de Hayn, d. 1298, p. 505.
William de Bony, 1298, p. 505.

Horsley, Prior.

William .... 1298, p. 507.

Dodford, Prior.

Guy de Hersinton, 1290, p. 385.

Brimfield, Priors.

Gilbert, monk of St. Stephen of Wells, 1289, p. 357.
Gilbert de Dremis, p. 365.
Robert le Masuer, 1290, p. 368.

Wroxhull, Prioress.

Lady Sibilla Dabetot, 1285, p. 256.

Cookhill, Prioresses.

Agnes de Alcester, resigned, 1290, p. 342.
Cecilia de Sarnefeud, 1290, p. 342.


It will be noticed that there is not any mention of a number of the House in the Diocese in this list. This may be due to two causes: (1) there was no vacancy in the headship, or (2) the house was an exempt house. But this hardly accounts for the absence of entries in the cases of those mentioned, and it can only be ascribed to this, that there must be some omissions from the Register.


The Register mentions a number of Nuncii who came over for some special purpose, generally to raise money. The following is a list of them:-

Ottobon, Cardinal, afterwards Pope Adrian V., p. 3.
Reymund de Nogeriis and Peter de Auxonia, 1273, p. 51.
John de Derlinton, a Dominican Friar, 1275, p. 78.
Geoffrey, Archbishop of Edessa, 1277, p. 92.
Arditio, Superior of Milan, 1277, p. 93.
Geoffrey de Vegano, Canon of Cambray, 1282, p. 145.
Bernard, Bishop of Tripoli, 1291, p. 407.


Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
John de Coleville appointed Prior of Little Malvern.
Institution of Vicars of Hartlebury, and St. Michael's, Worcester.
Exchange between Rectors of Sedgeberrow and Hampton Lovet.
1281. Sequestration of Sedgeberrow.Presentation by Priory to churches of Stoke Prior and Sedgeberrow.
Admission to Dodenham.
Presentations to Bretforton, Kidderminster, and Daylesford.Suit as to rights of Priory in Bromsgrove.
Papal Indulgence to those who prayed in the Cathedral for the Bishop.Bishop laid first stone of new pavement in Cathedral.
Custody of Tredington and Northfield.King came to Worcester and went to Kempsey.
Augmentation of Dodderhill.Dispute as to the advowson of Grafton belonging to Priory.
Letters as to exempt Houses.Presentation by Priory to St. Swithin's, Worcester.
Appropriation of Halesowen to Monastery.David storms Hawarden Castle.
1282. Giffard declines attending Council as to A. de Montfort.Council at Lambeth, sentence on exempt Monasteries.
Arrears of tithe for Holy Land.Bishop of Hereford goes to Rome and dies, his bones brought back.
Institutions to Great Comberton, Hindlip, Leigh.
Appeal of Bishop of Hereford to Rome.Richard, Abbot of Tewkesbury, died, Thomas of Kempsey succeeded him.
Articles at Lambeth Court.Aimery de Montfort released.
Bishop's dispute with Archbishop as to jurisdiction and appeals to Rome.Parliament at Worcester as to Wales.
Order to excommunicate Llewellyn.Bishop visits Malvern on account of Prior Ledbury's misconduct.
Order to Bishop to muster for Welsh war.John Yanwarth, Abbot of Winchcombe, resigns, succeeded by Walter de Wyktwan.
Institution to Inkberrow.


Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Bishop becomes a Minorite.
Visitations of Monasteries and of Malvern, Prior Ledbury deposed.
Confirmation of Walter de Wykewan Abbot of Winchcombe.
Admission to St. Andrew's, Worcester.
1283. Presentation to St. Laurence (sic), Worcester.Edward orders the seizure of the money collected for the Holy Land, but nothing is found at Worcester.
Visitation of Diocese by Archbishop Peckham.
Resignation of Harvington.
Complaint as to Archbishop's Commissaries.Presentations by Priory to St. Andrew's (Worcester), and Himbleton.
Grant of Little Comberton.
Admission to Elmley Lovet, vacant by holder not being in Priest's Orders.King comes to Worcester to return thanks to St. Wulstan for his Welsh victories.
Presentation by Priory to Church of Sedgeberrow.
Collation to St, Nicholas', Worcester.Reginald de Hamme, Abbot of Gloucester, died; John Gammage succeeded him, and was consecrated by Giffard.
Admission to Halesowen.
Licence for an Oratory at Strensham.
Grant of Church of Claines to the nuns of Whiston.
Institutions to Himbleton and St. Andrew's, Worcester.
Sequestration of Church of Ombersley.
Custody of Croom d'Abetot. Citation of Worcester Priory before Bishop.
Institution to Tardebiggre

clxviii APPENDIX II.

Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Grant of manor of Knightwick to Bishop by Prior of Malvern.Gift of Knightwick to Bishop not to visit Malvern.
1284. Bishop appealed to Rome against the Archbishop.Bishop visited the Priory.
Custody of Sedgeberrow.
Ordination at Hilingdon.
Reconciliation between Bishop and Archbishop.
Visitation of Diocese, including Worcester Priory.
Gift by Bishop to Friars Minors and nuns at Worcester.
Ordinations at North Leach,Worcester, Wotton-under-Edge.
Corrections for the Abbey of Pershore.
Collation of Kempsey on John of Evereux.
Collation of Upton and Hampton.
Institution of Vicar of Kempsey.
1285. Ordination at Hartlebury.Priory present to Hallow.
Proceedings against the Bishop as to rights in Hundred of Pachelowe.Archbishop Peckham visits Malvern and absolves it from excommunication.
Institutions to Mathon and Beoley.Priory present to Icomb.
Ordinance for Carnary at Worcester.
Institutions to Halesowen and Hallow.
Ordination in London.
Custody of Hagley.
Institution to Old Swinford.
Dedication of Pirton.


Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Consecration of Rushock.
Consecration of high altar at Blockley.
Grant of St. Helen's, Worcester.
Sequestration of Icomb.
Institution to Hanley Castle.
Statute Circumspecte agatis.
Ordination at Alvechurch.
1286. Induction to Inkberrow.Priory present to Stoke Prior, St. Swithin's, Worcester, Lindridge and Sedgeberrow.
Institutions to Lench Rodolph, Clent, Hagley, and Spetchley.
Ordinations at Wythindon and Worcester.Prior Richard de Feckenham, dies, and Philip Aubin succeeds him.
Induction to Halesowen.
Custody of Bishampton.
Ordinations at Stratford - on - Avon and Hembury.Bishop entered the Chapter House with certain seculars and demanded hard terms. Contest with the Prior.
Chantry at St. Helen's, Worcester.Priory send proctor to Rome.
Resignation of John de Colewell, Prior of Little Malvern.
Death of Richard de Feckenham, Prior of Worcester.
1287. Election of Philip Aubyn as Prior of Worcester, and burial by the Bishop of Prior Feckenham.Bishop buried Robert de Mortimer in the Cathedral.
 Cardinal Hugh of Evesham poisoned.
Ordinance for the Carnary, Worcester, and induction of Master.Priory visited by Bishop.
 Abbot of Westminster deposes Prior W. Ledbury of Malvern.
Cardinal Hugh de Evesham died.R. de Fangefos, Archdeacon of Gloucester, died.
Letter to Archbishop of York as to carrying his cross in the Worcester Diocese.Priory present to Grimley and All Saints, Worcester.
Confirmation by Pope Honorius IV. of liberties of the Priory.Earl of Gloucester digs a trench on Malvern to prevent game escaping.


Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
R. de Fangefos, Archdeacon of Gloucester, died.
Ordinations at Worcester, Wythingdon and Bredon.
Collation to Himbleton.
Grant of profits of Sedgeberrow.
Institutions to Great Malvern, Old Swynford, Croome Adam, Severnstoke, Crombe St. Peter's (Worcester), Powick.
Appointment of John de Wigorn Prior of Little Malvern.
Ordinations at "Roncestr'" and Worcester.
Visitation of the Chapter.
Appointment of R. de Hengham Archdeacon of Worcester.
Appropriation of Bredon with its chapels to Westbury.
Annexation of St. Helen's, Worcester, to Carnary.
1288. Induction to Witley and to a portion in St. Andrew's, Pershore.Fire in the Church of Pershore.
Ordination at Alvechurch.Scene at the Westbury ordination between Precentor and Archdeacon of Gloucester.
Admission to St. Andrew's, Droitwich.Bishop made churches on his Manor prebends of Westbury.
Institutions to Mathon and Hallow.Appeal of Worcester Priory.
Ordinations at Weston-sub-edge and Wythindon.Worcester monks refuse to make their profession to the Bishop pending the appeal.
Custody of Holt.Bishop attempts to visit Worcester Priory but is refused admission.
Collation to Alvechurch.
Induction to All Saints', Worcester.
Institutions to Holt, Nafford and Birlingham, Martin Hussingtree, Broadwas, Little Comberton, Holt.Appointment of Francis Arch. deacon of Worcester, installed by proxy Nigel le Waleys.


Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Custody of Bredicot.Compromise of dispute with Bishop; all things to be as before the Westbury ordination.
Kempsey given to John of Evereux, who is made Archdeacon of Gloucester.
Custody of Wyche next Droitwich.
Ordination at Wythindon.
Dispute as to Welland.
Ordination at Westbury.
Dispute as to calling over names of persons to be ordained.
Francis Neapoli, Archdeacon of Worcester.
Ordination at Worcester.
Appeal as to right of Precentor to call over names at ordinations, by the Priory.
Cross appeal by Bishop [1].
Agreement of compromise, the monks to pay Bishop 20 marks [2].
1289. Ordinations at Wythindon, Bredon, and Worcester.Ordination at Bromsgrove, Bishop refuses to allow Precentor to call over names.
Custody of Shipton.
Institutions to Holt, Oldswinford, St. Andrew's Droitwich, Bredicot, Croome Adam, St. Edmund's Dudley, Crowle, St. Peter the Great (Worcester), Powick. Bishop takes the Chapel of Grafton from the Priory, they recover it after seven years' litigation.
 Bishop robbed at Bredon.
Ordination at Bromsgrove.Disgrace of the Judges for bribery.
Collation to Ripple [3].The affair of H. de Poche.
Inductions to Churchill, Severnstoke.Henry de Caldwell, Abbot of Pershore, dies and William de Leya succeeds.
Letter from Archbishop as to Archbishop of York carrying his crozier in the diocese.

[1] p. 347.
[2] Ibid.
[3] p. 354.


Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Ordination at Blockley.Bishop brings letter from the King confirming the Westbury prebends.
Thomas de Stokes appointed Bishop's Official [1].
Induction of Robert de Sanarvill as Prior of Astley [2].
1290. Agreement between the Bishop and Earl of Gloucester as to ditch on Malvern Hills, and as to further deer for Bishop [3].Edward comes to Offenham, Feckenham, Worcester and Himbleton.
 Archbishop Peckham writes on behalf of Friars to the Bishop.
Proceedings between the Bishop and his Chapter [4].Argument of the case of the Westbury prebends before the King's Council.
Bull as to Westbury prebends and proceedings under it.
Induction of Prior of Astley [5].The Priory have the Worcester Archdeaconry to farm for a year.
Ordinations at Blockley, Alvechurch, Wythindon, and Weston-under-Edge [6].Presentation to All Saints', Worcester.
Collations to Hartlebury and Alvechurch [7].Bishop fills up the Westbury prebends in fact but not by right.
Institutions to Mathon, Hallow, Tardebigge, Holt, Nafford, Morton, Broadwas, Little Comberton, Church Lench, Hartlebury, Hampton, Flyford Flavel, Bishampton [8].Order of Archbishop as to Poche's body.
 Bishop holds inquiry and finds for the monks.
 Prior insulted at Harvington.
Comfirmation of W. de Leya as Abbot of Pershore.Bishop visits the Priory with 140 horsemen.
Induction to All Saints', Worcester [9].Prior refuses to allow his churches to be joined to Westbury, so Bishop leaves in a rage.
Institution of John de Broyca as Prior of Wotton [10].Archbishop orders Prior to give up Poche's body to Friars.

[1] p. 352.
[2] p. 365.
[3] p. 361.
[4] p. 362.
[5] p. 365.
[6] p. 337.
[7] p. 340.
[8] p. 381.
[9] p. 340.
[10] p. 341.

APPENDIX II. clxxiii

Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Custody of Bredicot, Witton, North Piddle, and institution to North Piddle [1].
Installation of Cecilia de Sarnefeud as Prioress of Cookhill [2].
Letter from Archbishop as to Friars and H. Poche [3].
Dedication of three Altars at Redmarley and High Altar at Hanley Castle.
Custody of Pendock and institution to it.
Ordinations at Worcester and Stratford-on-Avon.
Visitation of the Worcester Priory and disturbance at it [4].
1291. Institutions to Martly [5] and St. Peter's, Droitwich.Bishop visited Priory and revoked their statutes; agreement brought about by Burnell, Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Ordinations at Bredon.
Confirmation of Prior of Dodford [6].
Ordination at Kempsey.Agreement with Earl of Gloucester and Bishop confirmed by Priory.
Order of Archbishop as to H. de Poche's body [7].
Corrections ordered by the Bishop in the Worcester Priory [8].Presentation to Himbleton.
Ordination at Bredon.King at Worcester and Fladbury.
Appeal by Priory against Bishop [9].Bishop receives a Bull from the Pope against the Priory.
Agreement between Bishop and Priory.Papal Nuncio inquires into the actual value of the Priory property.
Ordination at Campden.
Institutions to St. Clement's,Worcester, and Blockley.
Ordinations at Ichull and Blockley.

[1] pp. 370, 373.
[2] p. 342.
[3] pp. 371, 372.
[4] p. 380.
[5] p. 382.
[6] p. 385.
[7] p. 388.
[8] p. 392.
[9] p. 393.


Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Confirmation of the Charter by Edward I. and pardon of the Earls.gans to declare those who take the goods of the Church or ecclesiastical persons against their will excommunicated.
Articles in the suit between the Bishop and the Worcester Priory as to making Churches prebendal.Bishop delays publication of the sentence at Worcester.
 Bishop's sister, Matilda of Evereux, buried in Cathderal.
 Perambulation of Kinver and Feckenham forests.
1298. Acquital of the Rector of Fladbury of charges of incontinence [1].W. de Beauchamp buried by the Franciscans.
 Presentation by Priory to Cropthorne.
Institutions to Upton-on-Severn, Northfield, Chantry of Stone, St. Mary's (Witton), Spetchley, Shipston-on-Stour, Churchill, and All Saints', Worcester. Abbot of Hales consecrated by Bishop of Hereford at Bisley.
Ordinations at Westbury by Bishop of Llandaff.
Institutions to Chantry in St. Swithin's, Worcester, and to the Chantry Chapel of Abbots Morton.
Grant of Cropthorne.
Revocation of grant of Strensham.
Institution to Suckley.
1299. Ordination by Bishop of Llandaff at Worcester [2].The Rector of Martley robbed and murdered.
Institution to Churchill.Presentation by Priory to Cropthorne.
Institutions to Martley, Ombersley, Suckley, and Wichenford.Bishop of Llandaff reconciles Church of Pershore.
Appointment of John de Dumbleton Prior of Little Malvern.Presentation to Wichenford.
 New perambulation of the Forests order on peramubulation published in English at Worcester.

[1] p. 493.
[2] p. 509.

APPENDIX II. clxxvii

Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
1300. Council at Hartlebury [1].
Institution to Alvechurch [2].
Commission to Bishop of Llandaff to confer first tonsure, confirm children, ordain and consecrate the churches and churchyards of Leigh, Upton Warren and Cubberley. Fire in Worcester extends to St. John's, and a great part burnt.
 Presentation by Priory to St. Clement's, Worcester.
 Bishop nominates a Worcester Monk Prior to Little Malvern.
Chaplain of Stone appointed Coadjutor to Rector of Chaddesley Corbet.Edward makes offering to St. Wulstan's.
 Presentation to Wolverley.
Ordination at Worcester by Bishop of Llandaff.Attempt of Bishop to visit the Priory resisted.
Induction to St. Michael's, Worcester.Presentation to Himbleton.
Institutions to Chantry Chapel at Abbots Morton, Warndon, Astley, St. John's (Worcester), Hadzor, Oddingley, Wolverley, Welland, Bishampton and Longdon. John de Dumbleton ceased to be Prior of Little Malvern and William de Molcndinis appointed.
 Walter de Wygorn, Abbot of Alcester, died, and Robert Oudebi appointed.
Induction to Himbleton.Richard Estone, Prior of Great Malvern, died.
Ordination by Bishop of Llan daff at Gloucester. Archbishop Winchelsey visited the Priory and went to stay with the Bishop at Wick.
 Archbishop deposes Sub-prior, Precentor and Chamberlain of Worcester.
 King, Archbishop and others go to funeral of Edmund, Earl of Cornwall at Hayles.
1301. Election of Abbot of Alcester.King and Queen came to Worcester and went by water to Kempsey.
Visitation by Archbishop Peckham [3].

[1] p. 514.
[2] p. 516.
[3] p. 540.

cixxviii APPENDIX II.

Giffards Register.Annales Wigornia.
Induction to Himbleton.Prior Simon resigned and John de Wyke appointed Prior and afterwards installed by the Archbishop.
Institutions to Flyford Flavel, Feckenham, Pirton, Birts Morton, St. Peter's (Worcester), Croome d'Abitot, and Evenlode.Archbishop visits Malvern.
 Priory present articles to Archbishop against the Bishop.
Visitation of Archbishop and protest of Bishop against it [1].
Commission to Bishop of Llandaff to act as Bishop in Diocese.
Resignation of Prior Simon de Wyre and appointment of John de Wyke as Prior [2].
Articles by Priory against the Bishop.
1302.Bishop appropriates Dodderhill to the Priory.
 Bishop died Friday, 7 Kal. Feb. 1302.


Peckham's Register is published in the Rolls Series, under the title of Registrum Epistolarum fratris Johannis Peckham Archiepiscopi Contuariensis; it begins on May 23, 1279. It is referred to here as P. Giffard's Register is referred to as G.

Peckham was consecrated at Rome by Pope Nicholas III. on Feb. 19, 1279. He died Dec. 8, 1292.

1279. G., Bishop of Worcester, to J., Archbishop of Canterbury, congratulating him on his accession to the see. Eltham, Ides of June. G. 108.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, inviting him to his enthronement, and asking him to send game and venison. P.I. 37.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, mentions that the Pope has given him the collation to Blockley and Tetbury, the vicars having died at Rome, and asks the Bishop to institute the persons named. Ides Dec. 1279. G. 120.

[1] p. 541.
[2] p. 547.


1280. G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, acknowledges letter, and will appoint the Archbishop's nominee to Blockley. 5 Ides of Feb. G. 121.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, enclosing Bull of Pope Nicholas III., giving maintenance and safe conduct for his Nuncio, Reymond Argerii, Dean of Anycien. G. 125.

" 13 Dec. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, desires him to pay £8 6s. 4d. to the Lucca merchants, being the Bishop's share of the money lent for the affairs of the Bishops and Clergy of the Province in the time of Archbishop Kilwardby. P. I. 156.

1281. 4 Jan. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, explaining his action with regard to the vacancy in the Church of Chipping Norton. P. I. 158.

" 9 July. Abbot of Gloucester, to J., Archbishop, assents to appointment of Richard of Gloucester to Chipping Norton. P. I. 201.

" J., Archbishop, to Abbot of St. Alban's, as to his sentence in the dispute at Scarborough about the Franciscans, which he desires the Abbot to revoke. P. I. 214.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, as to Abbot of St. Alban's conduct in the dispute. P. I. 216.

" G., Bishop, to Abbot of St. Alban's, touching injuries done to Friars Minors at Scarborough. G. 135.

" G., Bishop, to Dean of Dekering, in Diocese of York, as to injuries to Friars Minors at Scarborough. G. 135.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Sequester fruits of Churches appropriated to exempt monasteries in your diocese. G. 136.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, return of sequestration of churches not exempt appropriated to exempt monasteries. G. 138.

" Statutes of J., Archbishop, as to nuns and pluralities of benefices. G. 134. (Believed to be found here only. Printed from Register by Concilia, II. 61, and in P. I. 265.)

1282. G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, cannot attend the Council of Bishops in London as to release of Almaric de Montfort. Appoints proctors. G. 140.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, as to Campden, Mortimer not in priest's orders, and although Avebury, a priest, has been collated, Mortimer will not give up possession. Asks that the Dean of Arches may be moved in the matter. G. 144.


1282. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Has ordered Dean of Arches to stay proceedings as to Campden till Parliament meets. P. I. 314.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Pay procuration due to the Papal Nuncio. G. 146.

" Articles of the Archbishop as to citations, suffragans, sequestrations, wills, executors, absolution. G. 146.

" Further articles as to Archbishop's jurisdiction over his suffragans. G. 147., P. I. 328. Wilkins, II. 75.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, remonstrating for citing the parties in a suit as to the right of Llanthony to present to Wenrich until it had been heard by the Bishop. G. 149.

" 11 May. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, asserts his right to hear the suit which he says is an appeal by Llanthony. P. I. 355, G. 150.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, orders him to excommunicate Llewellyn. P. I. 324, G. 150.

" J., Archbishop, to his Official and the Dean of Arches. Publish a sentence of excommunication against all those who infringe the jurisdiction of Canterbury. P. II. 417.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop. He is sending two of his clerks, and asks that the Archbishop will give them audience. G. 157.

" 26 Oct. J., Archbishop, to the Abbot of Westminster, desires him to liberate William de Wykewane, the elect of Great Malvern, whom he has imprisoned. P. II. 423.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Intends to visit the Diocese. P. II. 496, G. 186.

1288. J., Archbishop, to the Official of the Archdeacon of Worcester. Cite all rectors holding more than one benefice to appear at the next visitation and answer the questions mentioned as to the state of the Church in the diocese. P. II. 512.

" J., Archbishop, to the Official of Canterbury, Dean of the Arches, and examiner of the Court. Go to Westminster, find out what evidence there is that the priory of Great Malvern is exempt from visitation. P. II. 516.

" J., Archbishop, to the Official of the Archdeacon of Worcester. Cite all the people of Alcester who have ill-treated the Archbishop's servants. P. II. 518.


1283. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Excommunicate the Prior, sub-prior, precentor, sacrist, cellarer, chamberlain, and Brother Thomas, called Oye of St. Oswald, Gloucester, and the Prior, sub-prior, precentor, sacrist, cellarer, and chamberlain of Great Malvern. P. II. 527, G. 192.

" J., Archbishop, to the Bishop, recites his previous letter, and as the Malvern monks are "gloriantes in sua malica", excommunicate them again. P. II. 543.

" J., Archbishop, to Edward Will not take off the excommunication of St. Oswald, Gloucester. P. II. 547.

" J., Archbishop, to the Bishops of his Province. Excommunicate in each of your dioceses the prior, sub-prior, precentor, sacrist, cellarer, and chamberlain of Great Malvern, and sequestrate their pensions and property. P. II. 568, G. 203.

" J., Archbishop, to the Official of Worcester. Absolve, if it is right, those who have incurred excommunication by associating with W. de Ledbury the Prior, and other of the Malvern Monks. P. II. 571.

" J., Archbishop, to the Dean of Arches. Bishop of Worcester complains of Official's conduct as to the Church of Campden, alleging it is against law and the custom of the Court. P. II. 587.

" J., Archbishop, to the Official of the Bishop of Worcester, recites a previous order to sequestrate the Church of the Abbey of Evesham for offences committed during the Archbishop's visitation of the diocese, and orders it to be done at once. P. II 596.

" J., Archbishop, confirms agreement between Archbishop Boniface and the Prior and Convent of Woreester as to their jurisdiction on a vacancy of the see. P. II. 632. Wilkins' Concilia, ii. 96.

" G., Bishop of Worcester, to J., Archbishop, complains as to the behaviour of the Abbot of Westminster keeping the elect of Malvern in prison, and asks that Mortimer may be made to give up Campden. G. 183.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop. Cannot attend Convocation at Northampton on account of infirmity of body, but sends proctors. G. 187.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, as to certain violators of eccle-


1283. who violently withdrew a fugitive out Comberton. G. 190.

" J., Archbishop to G., Bishop. As it appeared on his visitation to the house of Hampton, St. Peter's of Worcester, Broad- were vacant, he grants the collation to

" Mandate to Dean of Arches to bring the trial at once. G. 191.

" Philip de Stanton, Precentor of Wells. Recalls and his honour's honesty and other qualications to resign the Church of Welford, as the Archbishop to extirpate plurality with rigour. G. 191.

" G., Bishop to J., Archbishop, excusing himself from attending, being compelled to attend the King at G. 196.

" Mandate to G., Bishop, to absolve Hereward, others excommunicated without reasonable

" Andrew Cowern. G. 196.

" Prohibiting the Bishop from doing anything Prior of Deerhurst's appeal as to the Chapel G. 197.

" to place the Priory of Great Malvern under G. 203.

" G.., Bishop to J., Archbishop, asks to have the Church of sequestrated. G. 203.

Bishop of Salisbury, to J., Archbishop. Has certain tithes of the Abbey of Malvern in his

" Mandate by Dean of Arches to sequestrate Campden. G. 209.

" Confirmation of the sentences of G., Bishop, on the Prior and Convent of Malvern. G. 213.

" Mandate to cite the Prior of St. Sepulchre's, Hugh Tankard, and Adam de Avebury, chaplain for violating the Archbishop's sequestration of G. 247.

" to G., Bishop, as to proceedings with Prior and Convent of Malvern. G. 218. P. II. 643.

APPENDIX II. clxxxiii

1284. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, asks for information about the agreement he has made as to Malvern with the Abbot of Westminster and the Malvern monks. Is told it is simoniacal. Asks him to treat Prior and monks of Warwick as exeommunicated and avoid them. Peck. II. 643.

" Eleanor, Queen Dowager, to Edward I., asks him to procure the release of W. de Wykewane. Royal Letter 1923, R. 0. printed in P. II. 749.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, remonstrating with him as to his disobedience to the see of Canterbury. G. 225.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop. Reply acknowledging receipt.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop. Further reply denying any disobedience. G. 225.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop. Reply as to letter about Great Malvern; denies the arrangement is simoniacal. G. 228, P. II. 758.

" J., Archbishop. Absolution of Adam de Avebury from excommunication. G. 228.

" Mandate to Official of Bishop to pronounce it. G. 228.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, stating he had been told their reconciliation was not binding. G. 228.

" G., Bishop, to J., .Archbishop, sending a stole and a ring, and saying when the Archbishop came he would kill the fatted calf. G. 228.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, declares his friendship for the Bishop. G. 229.

" J., Archbishop, to Cardinal Hugh of Evesham, gives reason why he did not proceed against the Abbot of Westminster for imprisoning William de Wykewane. P. II. 676.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, thanking him for all his presents. P. II. 722.

1285. G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, as to judgment of Dean of Arches against Dean and Canon of Warwick. G. 260.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Reply defending Dean of Arches' aetion. G. 260.

" G., Bishop. Articles in which the Bishop is aggrieved by the Court of Canterbuy's interference with jurisdiction. G. 273.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Prevent Archbishop of fork carrying his cross erect in your Diocese. P. III. 893.

clxxxiv APPENDIX II.

1286. Letter as to abduction by Sir Osbert Giffard of the Wilton nuns. P. III. 916, G. 278.

" J., Archbishop, to Richard de London, Abbot of Peterborough, as to jurisdiction of the Peterborough House. G. 283.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, excusing himself from attending convocation of Bishops from infirmity in his feet. G. 295.

" G., Bishop, to J., Archbishop, excusing himself attending convocation of Bishops and consecration of John Kirby, Bishop of Ely. G. 295.

1287. J., Archbishop, to G.,- Bishop. Prevent Archbishop of York carrying his cross ereet in Diocese of Worcester, and order people not to show any reverence to the Archbishop while his cross is erect. G. 309, P. III. 945; Wilkins, II. 128.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. When visiting Worcester Diocese found Prior and others of St. Oswald's, Gloucester, contumacious, and excommunicated the Order. Bishop to proclaim the excommunication. G. 309.

" J., Archbishop. Mandate to cite all who have communicated with the excommunicated. G. 310.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Summons to appear at New Temple. G. 312.

" J., Archbishop. Notice he has granted administration of the goods in every diocese in his province to the executors of the will of G. de Aspal. G. 315.

" Proceedings against the Bishop as to the Church of Clyve. G. 315.

1290. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Endeavour to induce the Earl of Cornwall to take back his wife. G. 360.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, as to privileges of Friars Minors to grant absolution without consent of Parish Priest. G. 371.

" J., Archbishop. Mandate to cite the priory for the injury done to the Friars about the body of H. de Poche. G. 371.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, denounces W. de Pershore as apostate friar. G. 372.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, reeites Bull of Alexander IV. as to privileges of Friars Minors, and orders Bishop to see they are not interfered with. G. 272.


1290. J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, as to the injuries to Friars by exhuming H. de Poche's body. G. 272.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop, as to the apostate Friar, W. de Pershore. G. 387.

" J., Archbishop, to G., Bishop. Order as to privileges of Friars Minors, and the interference of the Priory of Worcester with them as to H. de Poche. G. 388.

1291. Official of Canterbury to Official of Worcester. Archbishop's claim to Lappeworth. G. 390.

" King to J., Archbishop. Ordering him to refuse purgation to Robert Lawarn, a clerk, accused of theft and homicide, in the gaol at Worcester. G. 408.

" J., Archbishop. Confirmation of the excommunication of Robert de Malleye, Rector and Prior of Dudley. G. 426.



THE arms of the See of Worcester are Argent, ten torteaux in pile, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The usual statement as to the way the See became entitled to these arms is that they were those of Bishop Giffard, and that in some way became the arms of the See. Such is the statement of Woodward, who says [1] "The arms of the See of Worcester are assumed from the personal arms of one of its Bishops. Bishop Giffard, 1268-1302, bore the arms, Argent, ten torteaux in pile". There is no evidence whatever that the Bishop did anything of the kind - the coat was not the coat borne by the Giffards. On the tomb of one of the Giffards, probably of Hugh, the Bishop's father, at Boyton, there is an effigy of a knight in armour on whose shield are these arms, Gules, three lions passant argent, with a label of five points [2]. It will be remembered that Bishop Godfrey erected a chantry at Boyton for his father, mother, and their issue [3], and therefore it would be likely that the tomb was erected in memory of the Bishop's father. As he was a younger branch of the Giffard family the label would be right, and it is most likely the Bishop had the family arms placed on the family monument. But the matter does not rest there. In two 12th-century rolls of arms (Harleian MSS. 6137 and 6589), which are printed in Archaelogia [4], and which for reasons there given are said to be of a date between

[1] Ecclesiastical Heraldry, 190. [2] See a picture of the tomb in Hoare's Wiltshire, I. 200. [3] Reg. p. 119. [4] Vol. xxxix. 380 and 418.

APPENDIX III. clxxxvii

1240-5 and 1300, the arms of John Giffard are given in both as, "Gules, three lions passant argent". The tomb and the two rolls of arms, all about the same date, that of Giffard's Episcopate, seem therefore to settle the matter that the arms of the Bishop's family were the three lions passant and not the ten torteaux.

Sir Richard Hoare goes on to say that the Bishop's family, "the Giffards of Boyton, were in later times represented by the Giffards of Weston-under-Edge, in Gloucestershire, who, in memory of the Bishop of Worcester, from whom they derived considerable property, assumed the arms of that See as their own, Argent, ten torteaux, 4, 3, 2 and 1 [1]". No authority is cited for this statement, but if it is correct, it shows that the usual statement as to the arms of the See being the arms of Bishop Godfrey Giffard is incorrect. The Worcester story rests on a passage in Habington, which has been copied by all writers since his time, and accepted as accurate. The passage [2] runs: " Godfrey Giffard, Lord Chancellor of England, succeeded in the Bishoprick of Worcester a man doubtless of great blood, and who raised (as is eommonly said) his family from almost perishing to their former reputation. Hence descended the Giffards of Weston in Gloucestershire, who, to testify this, give the arms of the Bishoprick of Worcester, being, Argent, charged with torteaux. Neither can any say that this noble prelate gave his arms to the Bishoprick of Worcester, as Sir Thomas of Hereford, surnamed de Cantilupe, to the Bishoprick of Hereford; for the arms of the Bishoprick and the Priory of Worcester are merely spiritual, the Torteaux signifying the Eucharist, whereunto the Priory had a quarter added, and thereon our Blessed Lady holding our Saviour in her arms".

Arms of the Priory of Worcester, now of the Dean and Chapter.

[1] Hoare's Wiltshire, I. 200.
[2] Habington II. 373, Worcestershire Historical Society's ed.

cxc APPENDIX III. In support of this charter it may be said that it appears from the Register [] that Lord Giffard of Brimpsfield married a daughter of John Nevill. Sir Richard Hoare also mentions that Godfrey had lands at Harnham. Assuming therefore that this charter is genuine and accurately printed, it makes it clear that an Alexander Giffard was the Bishop's brother, and probably he is the same person as the Alexander mentioned in the Roll of Arms. If Sir Richard Hoare is right, that he died without issue in the Bishop's lifetime, which he assumes from his not being mentioned in the Bishop's Will, it would appear that it was not the arms of the Giffard family which became the arms of the See, but the arms of a member of that family, who for some reason bore an independent coat, who died without issue, and whose arms in some way became used as the arms of the See. The Bishop, if Alexander was his brother and died after 1279, the year of Archbishop Walter's death, would be Alexander's heir. The drawing in the Register is under the year 1285.

This explanation that the arms of the Bishop's dead brother became the arms of the See of Worcester, although far from satisfactory, reconciles the two accounts. For it was not the arms of the Bishop's family, nor his own personal arms, that became the arms of the See, but the arms of a member of it who died without issue, so there was no one entitled to them. And the Bishop as heir having possibly more right to them than anyone else, used them as the arms of the See as opposed to his own personal arms. Hence arose the idea that the Bishop gave his arms to the See of Worcester, the arms being not his family arms but those of his dead brother. This therefore accounts for the Worcester legend. It may well be that the Giffards of Weston-sub-Edge adopted them as arms borne by one of their ancestors, or it may also be possible that they were descendants of Alexander and so entitled to use them.

Although the above explanation contains far too little evidence and too many assumptions to be at all satisfactory, yet on the materials as far as now known it is the best that can be given - it is at least better than the usual statement, that the arms of the S.se are the arms of Godfrey Giffard.

[1] Reg. p. 267.



Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1269AblenchRobert called JugementJohn de Winton, Rector of FladburyInstitution 7The Chapel of Ablench.
1294"John de ColneNicholas de Wodeford, Rector of Fladbury.Induction441Albench.
""Ralph, son of Richard the Baker of Pershore.BishopCustody of Vicarage446Abbelench.
1298Abbots MortonRichard de Wych, priestRichard, Lord of MortonInstitution507Chantry Chapel of Morton next Inkberrow.
1300"William de LenchRichard de Morton"525"
1273ActonWalter de BathoniaJohn de ActonGrant of Custody55 
1290Acton TorvillRichard de Hildel', clerkRichard de TurbevyllInstitution340 
""Thomas de Stoke"Custody342 
1292"Roger de Essewell, clerkWilliam le ArcheroInstitution410 
1269Aldermonston   28, 31Grant of Church to Abbey of Pershore.
1291"Philip the ChaplainAbbot and Convent of Pershore"351 
1283AldringtonRobert de DekelesdonWilliam de Dekelesdon"174 
 """Resigned188Not in Priest's Orders.
1275AlcesterWilliam de Ylmedon Elected Abbot83 
1301"John de Oudeby "540 
1286"Robert, chaplainJohn le ButilerInstitution300Chapel of St. Mary.
1283 Aldebury Walter de Bathonia, priest The Queen as Custodian of the Manor"209 The Chapel of Aldebury.
1274 AllesleyJohn de Ripariis, clerkSir John ChausiAdmission63"Allersleg" vacant by the death of Ralph the Chaplain.


Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1290AlvechurchRobert de Wych Dispensation340For three years to study.
""" Collation341Alvynech vacant by the death of Robert de Fangefos, late Archdeacon of Gloucester.
""" Dispensation366For three years to study.
1300"" Institution515, 517Having given up his letters of Institution to the Chureh of Cleeve.
1291AlmondesburyWilliam de Kinnersdon, priestAbbot and Convent of St. Augustine, Bristol"350The Vicarage of the Church.
1297AlmundestonJohn de Wich', priest Stephen, Prior of Deerhurst"483"
1270AlvestonHenry de Hampton, chaplain at Bredon.Thomas de Cantilupe, Rector of Hampton Episcopi"44Vicarage.
1279"Humphrey de Cirencester, chaplain.Richard de Tadynton, chaplain. Induction115 The Vicarage of the Chapel. The presentation is as guardian and Keeper of John of Evereux, Rector of Hampton-on-Avon.
1290"Rector of Blockley.BishopCustody369A dispute between Humphrey Possoni, incumbent, and William de Petto, priest, presented.
""Philip de Nova Terra, priest.Nigel le Waleys, Prebendary of Hampton.Institution 371 
1281Ampney CrucisThomas called Taloun.Abbot and Convent of TewkesburyInduction 136Vicarage of Ameneye, Holy Cross
1269Ampney, St. Mary.Walter de Chiltham, rector  Licence33 
1288"Walter de Cirencester  319 
1298"Walter de Chittenham, rector.  404Instituted to Saperton on account of the poverty of this church.
1294Anenyngg'Peter called Doucet, acolyte.King, lands of Abbess of Caen in his hands.Induction448Not instituted as not in Orders.
1268 Arley KingsWilliam, rector Dispensation for non-residence3While acting for the Archdeacon of Stafford.
1283"John de la Ryvere, rector. Dispensation.174To study for 3 years.


Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1282 ArlinghamRobert de Lusterhull, chaplainAbbot and Convent of St. Peter, Gloucester.Institution152Vicarage of Herlyngham.
1301"William Halput, priest.""546Vicarage of Erlingham.
1272AstonPeter called King, deaconPrior and Convent of Bath.Confirmtion of Institution50Rectory.
1277Aston CantelupeRalph de AlenantEleanor, Queen of EnglandInstitution93 
1296"William de Stratford, chaplainJohn de Hasting"475 
1300"John de Brom, acolyte  513Dispensation for 7 years according to constitution of Boniface VIII., when he is to be promoted to all Holy Orders and instituted.
1290Aston SomervilleRobert  381 
1289Aston frigida (Cold Aston)John de Lech', elerkPrior and Convent of Little MalvernInduction331Vicarage.
1290"Nicholas de Berewyk, chaplainPrior and Convent of BathInstitution344To the church.
1291"Ralph de NewentonPrior and Convent of Little Malvern"349To the vicarage of the church.
1286Astley  Dispensation to Prior293To go abroad.
1290"Robert de Sanarvill, monk Induction365To the cure of the Priory.
1294"Guy de VillaribusSt. Taurinus, of Evereux"444To the rule of the Priory.
1295"Walter de EsthamGuy, Prior of AstleyInstitution.466Vicarage.
1300"Walter Sewy, priestBrother Ralph de Porters, monk of the Priory of Astley526 
1284AveburyAdam de Avebury  229 
1269Bachessour   24Order to sequestrate fruits of chapel.
1277"   92Grant of advowson by Thomas Golafere to Bishop.
1290"John GolafreSir John GolafreCustody for 6 months373Chapel of Bagessoure.


Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1291BachessourJohn GolafreBishopCustody382Church of Bagessoure.
""Walter called Golafre, sub-deaconWalter de PeeleInstitution383He was ordained 2 days before.
1272BadmingtonGeoffrey de Lilleshall, clerkAbbot and Convent of LilleshallInduction52 
1287"Robert de Bracy  314, 315} 
1288"John de ButterleyBishopCollation300, 325}Litigation going on.
1292"John de Stratford  427Pope by provision.
1293"John de BorhamAbbot and Convent of Lilleshall 433 
1279BagyndonRichard de Ackle, clerk.Sir Richard de BagyndenAdmission109 
1280BaldenhaleJohn called the Porter, chaplainPrior and Convent of Great MalvernInduction122 
1290Bardesley next BeburyAndrew, son of William de Stant', clerkEarl of Hereford"369Not instituted because he was not in Holy Orders.
1300"John de Waledon, clerk"Institution536Chapel of Bardesley.
1296Barton on the HeathWilliam de Preston, sub-deaconRichard de Marscal of Barton"464The Church of Barthon'.
1279BeckfordSimon de Leycester, chaplainPrior of BeckefordInduction117Vicarage.
1298"William le Palmer, priestBishopCustody497Custody of vicarage and of Simon the Vicar.
""William called BonyConvent of St. Barbara, Lisieux 505Sequestration to William de Bony, Prior of Beckford, Proctor of St. Barbara.
1299"Richard de Aston upon Carent, priestBishop"512Care and custody of Simon de Leycester, vicar.
1301"William de Merle, deaconPrior of BeckefordInstitution544 
1272BeggworthThomas de UskaPrioress and Convent of Usk"51Vicarage.
1269Berkeley   27Appeal of John Everard, a poor clerk, to have Berkeley, now vacant, according to Pope's orders.
""Simon de Otenden, priestBishopCustody33On account of the neglect of the cure of souls there.
""John Everard  34Not to be admitted.


Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1278BerkeleyHenry HuseSir Maurice BerkeleyMaster of Hospital96 
1290"Walter de FroucesterAbbot and Convent of BristolInstitution338To church of Berkeley.
1292"  Dispensation420To study theology for five years.
1282BerchesdonRichard de Berehesdon, priestHenry de Berchesdon, Lord of the VillInstitution141Vacant by death of Thomas, last serving there.
1297"John de Burcheston, sub-deaconThomas de Bercheston"483 
1300"Walter, chaplain  540 
1292BernyntonJohn de Bernynton, priestPrior and Convent of Llanthony"411Vicarage.
1290Bernington, GreatPhilip de Magna Bernynton, chaplain""341"
1293"William de Turkeden, priest""433"
1298"Walter de Stoke""494"
""John de Hibernia""506Prior and Convent of Lench.
1269Berninton, LittlePhilip de ColesburnPrioress and Convent of Llanthony"32Vicarage.
1291"James de Turkeden, priest "406"
1293"-Prior and Convent of Llanthony"434"
1285BeoleyWilliam de Alcester, chaplainAbbot and Convent of Alcester"252Vicarage of the church of Buleg'.
1292"Robert de Glen, priest""411Vicarage.
1283BeverstonThomas de Avenyng, deaconSir Anselm de Gurney, Abbot and Convent of St.Augustine, Bristol"174, 192Claim to be patron. See p. 190.
1268BiburyBrother Gilbert, Canon of OsenyAbbot and Convent of OsenyPresentation14 
1301"Robert Germeyn, Canon of Oseny"Institution545 
1278BidfordHenry de Kempsey, clerkBishopCollation98By lapse.
"" Prior of Kenilworth 100Writ to admit Prior's nominee.
1295"John de Hawkesley, priestAbbot and Convent of EveshamInstitution450Church of Bidford.


Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1297BidfordWilliam de Molend', clerk  482 Codicil to his will.
""Adam de Budynton, priestPrior and Convent of KenilworthCustody482Vacant by death of W. de Molend'.
1300"Adam de Budyndon  518, 519Commissioners to enquire concerning the church.
1301"S. de Wonecot, rector  542 
1274BisleyThomas the Rector  64Letter of Bishop as to service.
1280"Hugh de Mortimer Dispensation for non-residence120To dwell with Lady Matilda Mortimer in Ireland, and let the church to farm.
1281"William de Sancto MauroWilliam Trossel 127 
1282"Robert de Bisleye, sub-deaconRichard de BisleyeInstitution140To the third portion of the church.
1285"Richard de Lynthon', chaplainHugh de Mortimer, rector of two portions of the church"267To a chantry in the chapel of the Blessed Mary.
1290"Walter Bordon Bishop Custody373The portion which H. de Mortimer lately held, and of H. de Mortimer, presented by Sir E. Mortimer until he should be in Holy Orders.
""Hugh de Mortimer, clerkSir Edmund de MortimerInduction385Not instituted as absent.
1294"   447Citation of H. de Mortimer for not being in Priest's Orders and plurality.
1295"Henry called Hervy, clerkEdmund Mortimer"462To first portion of the church.
1290 ByshamptonWilliam de Thorndon, deaconRobert de SomeryInstitution381 
1292"Reginald, son of Reginald le PorterAbbot of WinchcombCustody426 
1300"Robert de Neuwentone, priestRobert de SomeryInstitution537 
1290BillesleyRichard Tussel, clerkWilliam TusselInduction346Not instituted as not a sub-deacon.
1291"Richard the clerk of William TrussellWilliam TrussellInstitution351, 371Dispute as to church.
1301 Birts MortonWilliam de ShirbournRichard de Ruyhale, Lord of Morton Brut Institution542Church of Morton Brut'.


Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1269BlockleyLucian de Cotmailles Collation36In commendam
1275G., rector   76}
""Peter de Keyrwent  78, 80}
1280"Philip de CroftsArchbishop of CanterburyInduction121Papal provision.
1291"W. de GrinefeudBishopInstitution407Prebend of Blockley, in Westbury.
1294"Peter the Escot  447Bishop conferred it.
1296"Bartholomew de FerentinoPope Boniface VIII.Induction 463 By Proctor by reason of Escot's death at Rome.
1275BladyntonRichard de Studley  86 
1299BledingtonJohn de Wykewan, clerkAbbot and Convent of Wynchcomb Institution 512"Church of Bladington".
1269BoywelleJohn de Hama  35Dispensation for 3 years to study theology and Canon Law abroad.
1279Boyton   119Creation of a chantry there.
1285"G. de la Prise, rector  266 
1300BoyntonWalter de Stok' of Gloucester, deacon, rector  532Dispensation to study for a year.
1291BourtonRobert de Aston, priestAbbot and Convent of EveshamInstitution 407"Church of Bourthon".
1290Boronton  Custody381 
1268Brailes   6Torn off.
1300"Hugh de KenelworthPrior and Convent of KenelworthInstitution 532Vicarage of Breyl'.
1298BradwellWilliam de Gloucester, rector, sub-deaconAbbot and Convent of Evesham"496 
1300"Adam de Blockley""541 Resignation of John Actone.
1289BradecotRichard de Pupplynton, priestJohn de Bradecot"342, 355Church of Bradecot.
1286BredonW. de Berton, rector  287, 318 
1287"Thomas de Herdewyk, priest Collation305 To the chantry of the Blessed Mary of Bredon.
1289"   336Appropriated to Westbury.
1281 BretfortonJohn de NortonAbbot and Convent of EveshamInduction127"The church of Bereford".
1289Brimsfield PrioryGilbert, a monk of St. Stephen of WellsAbbot and Convent of Fontenay"357 
1290BrimesfieldRobert le Masuer Institution369"To the church of Brimesfield".

cxcviii APPENDIX IV.

Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1278All SaintsMichael Russelyn, chaplainAbbot and Convent of St. AugustineInduction98Vicarage.
1286"William, called Scoche, priest"Institution283 
1269St. AugustineWilliam (vicar)  23Dispensation to visit his friends in Ireland.
1291St. Augustine the LessSerlo de Styventon, priest""407Vicarage.
1286 St. John'sWilliam, called BemolAbbot and Convent of Tewkesbury"277 
""John de Stowa, priest""296 
1292"John de Sancta Brigida, chaplain""427 
1263St. LaurenceThomas de Oxonia  13Dispensation to study at the schools.
1290"William de Upaven, priestRobert de la Warr' of BristolInstitution365 
1275St. LeonardRichard, called de Sancto Augustino, chaplain at WydintonAbbot and Convent of St. Augustine"68Vicarage vacant by the death of Nicholas, the last minister there.
1291"John Dunnyng, priest""383 
1268St. Mark's (Billeswike)Henry de Gaunt Resignation of mastership19 
  Gilbert de WathamBishopAppointed master19 
1274"John de Trobruge Resignation591 
1287St. MarkRobert de Rading"Appointed master304 
1268St. MaryRobert de NewentonAbbot and Convent of KeynshamAdmission14St. Mary within the Walls.
1272"Robert  49St. Mary within the Market. Rector suspected of homicide to be released.
1275""  71Excommunication of persons who laid hands on him.
1279""  111 
1290"John de HommeAbbot and Convent of EynshamInstitution341 
1286St. Michael'sWilliam de Bletyngel, priestAbbot and Convent of Tewkesbury"285 
1290"Robert de la More Custody337Not instituted, not in Orders.


Year.Name of Benefice.Name of Clerk.Patron or Person presenting.Collation, Induction, Institution.Page.Observations.
1286St. NicholasMichael, called Russelyn, chaplainAbbot and Convent of St. Augustine, BristolInstitution284 
1301"Adam leJeouene, chaplain""546 
1268St. OwenRobert de Colcumb, chaplainAbbot and Convent of TewkesburyAdmission14 
1273"Henry Farthein, of Bristol, clerk"Institution54 
1290"John de Sancta Brigida, priest""378 
1292"Adam de Moreton, chaplain""427 
1275St. PeterS., chaplain""71 
1286"Thomas deBosco""299Bishop's Proctor at Court of Canterbury.
""R. de Lech""297Not in Priest's Orders.
1290"Gregory de Wauberg, chaplainAbbot and Convent of Tewkesbury"343On resignation of Richard Hammund of Newenton, last ministering there.
1275St. Philip and St. JamesRichard de Newynton""78 
1290"Robert Anketel of Bristol "369 
1277TrinityWilliam de Lichffeld""91 
1283"William de Licheffend [sic]""171 
1284"Richard de Manneston, deaconAbbot and Convent of Bristol"227 
1285"Richard de Manneston, sub-deaconAbbot and Convent of Tewkesbury"263 
1294"John de Hauckesbury""447 
1295"John de Bredon, clerk"Induction462Not instituted, as not in Orders.
1298"Richard de priest"Institution509 
1292St. WerebergAdam deSoweye, acolyteAbbot of Keynesham 428Previous incumbent married.
1301"William called le Roper, deacon of Bristol  544Dispute as to church.
1274Broughton HackettThomas de Newenton, clerkThomas de NewentAdmission63Not instituted, as not in Holy Orders.
1292"Robert de Newenton, clerkSir Philip BurnelInstitution409Chapel of Brocton Haket.
1290BroadwasWalter le Ster, chaplainPrior and Convent of WorcesterInstitution345Church of Bradwas.


e. Name of ftenefite. Name y- Clerk. Patron or Perron Pris.ittrug. Collation hamar o Page Institution. Oluerationt. 1265 Broadway Adam de Cester- Abbot andConvent I I ton, chaplain of Persh0re 23 Geoffrey de Cub- ,/ PP I/ 39 `Licence to hold it with berley 85 I Stoke Prior Peter de Calde- 192 11 IP SI well i 268 Broctlirope William de Abbot and Convent 12 Northleche of Gloucester 77 ty 7, /* Institution , 13 1289 Brockrop William de Rys- Abbot and Convent ,,1356 The vicarage of the church sindon, priest of St. Peter, of Brocrop'. Gloucester 1296 Brockthrop Robert del lamp- ,, IP 475 ton Meisi, priest 1 392 Brocworth Walter de Heny- Prior and Convent 411 Vicarage of the church of flecote, clerk of Llanthony Brocworth. s 283 Br0ct0n Thomas, rector Licence r76 To study. d PIucklan Walter 14 i Dispensation to the rector 1382 Buckland to be absent three years. 1273 Budbrooke Richard de Bishop C0llation 54 iSaving the right of the Bradewell 186 I can0ns of St. Mary,:82 Peter de Leyces- R. de Hengham and Institution 169 1 NVarwirk. 1 ter, sub-deac0n the canons of St. 199 i 286 Annexed as a prebend to St. Mary, Warwick. 306 Annexation revoked. 384 To portions that Thomas de Derham, deceased, held. Mary, Warwick other than Robert de Plessetis, called dean 1286 1287 1291 Thomas de Hou /1 thon, priest 1288 Bunynton Simon de Wone- Elias de Wonecoc 9, 324 koc 1301 ,, Henry de Bun- Robert de Wone- IS 545 ynton, ac0lyte cote -4- 1298 Burford William de Wel- Abbot andConvent SI 504 "Church of Beref0rd". lesburn of Evesham 1269 Burton Alan Kinebur- Dispensa- 30 Absence for two years to leg', rector tion study. .. -. 1296 Bucton Eustace de nue- Richard de Sot- Induction 463 ton will, Canon of Salisbury 1274 Button Geoffrey de Adenulphus, rector Institution 6: Vicarage of Button. Cumpton, of the church chaplain 1297 Button William de Sar- Bishop of Salisbury Induction 481 The prebend of Button. diva, official of i 'olut ut Canterbury APPPENDIX IV. cci Patron or Person presenting. Collection, Induction, Page, Institution. Year. Same of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Observations. 1281 Cam 1298 ,, 1269 Campden 1278 1281 1282 ft Thomas de Stok% Abbot and Convent Institution 134 The church of Camme. clerk of Gloucester 310 422 John de Londone 9, 494 By his W. proetor. le Paumer, 21 Licenee to reetor to erect a refuge for Matilda de Campden in the ehurehyard. RogerdeStanesby 103 Adam de Ave- 139 Excommunieating those n i ehapla who disturbed him. bury, ehaplain, rector Edmund de 152 Petition as to claim of Edward de Mortimer to Mortimer the chureh. Resignation 188 Institution 256 To the chapel of St.Katharine of Campeden. 1283 ,) /9 128; Robert de Cam- John A. Strange peden, priest Walter de Sudleya Ralph de Crome- well 1290 Henry de Up- Abbot and Convent haven of St. Werburg, Chester Cerney John de Belis- Gilbert, Earl of 1268 rney hale, clerk Gloueester Cerney (North) John de Bele- It vale, clerk 9, } 193 246 368 14 Citation. Gilbert de Clare, Earl ofGloucester t, 9/ 11 1278 Roger de Hey-don, clerk 1296 IP Admission 98 Induction in the name of wardship. Induction 480 The ehurch of North Cerney deelared vaeant because the ineumbent had not taken upon him Priest's Orders. John de Bredon, Abbot andConvent elerk of St.Peter, Gloueester 508 1298 Cemey (South) ,, ,, 130! Robert de Bris- tol, clerk 1283 Cerney (Lower) Thomas de Ber- ton 1269 Chaddesley Cor- Clement, reetor bet. 545 Not in Holy Orders. 190 r.. 28 Dispensation to be absent for study, and to let church of Cuddeleg' to farm to Prior and Convent of Doddeforcl Pod-ford). It Institution ft 2 Ccii APPENDIX IV. Year. Nome of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Indention, page Observations. Institution. 1282 Chaddesley Cor- Clement, rector 153 Letter from Bishop to Cle- bet 306 ment, rector of Chad- desle. 1300 ,2 ,, 518 Appointment of John vicar of chapel of Stone, and Henry de Kidderminster chaplain, as coadjutor on account of the health of Clement. 1268 Charleeote John de Wike, Fulk de Luey Custody 2 elerk 1285 ,2 John de 1Vike, Institution 261 Not in Holy Orders in priest 1268, and too careless to ask for institution until now. 1299 II Walter de Cole- John Drugel' of Institution 511 wyk, priest the manor of Suekley 1290 Church Leneh Ranulph, son of Earl of Warwiek 368 The chureh of Chitth- Ranulph the tench. clerk, sub-dea- eon 1289 Cherinton Robert de Ste- Sir Peter de la )1 333 The ehapel of Cherinton. pellanynton, Mare chaplain 1287 Cheddeworth Robert de Glen I Grant 307 Of a portion. 1269 Cherefeud John de Eton, I 24 Restoration to the church priest I from whieh he had been ejeeted. 1284 Charefeud Robert de°Robert de Veel Admission 230 Not instituted, as absent. Blechyngel, 1 I priest II 1285 Charesend William de Wyk- Sir Robert de le Institution 273' yngeston, sub Veel deacon 1279 Church Wolward William de Mea- i 108 Annexation of vicarage to pharn rectory. Mention of John late vicar. 1269 Churchill John de Farleg' Sir John de Admission 32 Cherchull 1289 Robert Enge- Giles de Argenteyn Induetion 354 Not instituted, as not in mund I Orders. 1295 Ge0ffrey de Est- Joan de Argentyn, II 451 Not instituted, as not in wode Lady of the vill Orders. 1298 Churchill next William de Tim- John Drobul of the Admission 496 Not instituted till he has Kidderminster berhangle manor of Suek- made manual obedience ley to the Bishop. Assented to by Prior of Dudley. APPENDIX IV. cciii Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Institution. Year. Name of BeesOct. Name of Clerk. Observations. 1269 Claverdon John de Bemin- Admission 12 ton, ehaplain 1283 , , Geoffrey deWyk- Induction 212 wan 1269 Claines Prioress of Whiston 35 1283 t t 9 II 190 Grant of tithes by Bishop. 1274 Clifford 'Robert, called le Abbot andConvent Grant in 65 To hold during Bishop's Wise, rector of of St. Peter, eommen- pleasure. St. Mary's, Gloucester dam Gloucester 1276 Clent Simon de Som- 90 Lieenee to study beyond ery, reetor the seas for 3 years. /, 'Gilbert de Chau- Roger de Somery 193 cumb 1286 9 1 'Gilbert deChaun- Institution 280 To the ehurch of Clent. eumb, priest 1278 Clifton next Thomas de Can- John de Saneti If 97 The ehurch of Clifton Bristol tia, ehaplain Lando next Bristol. 1273 Cleeve Walter, treasurer 55 of Sarum, rec- tor 117 Dispute between canons and viear of prebendal chureh of Clyve as to tithes. 1285 1279 John de Stanel weya Peter de Ley- cestr' Robert de Wychio John de Staneweya Peter de Leyceste Robert de Wychio ;Thomas de Ber ton 2286 /9 1289 1290 1292 1293 . ,9 1298 It 1280 1291 It t ft 1294 Grant 270 Collation 290 Revocation 327 334 Induetion 328 Collation 340 Resignation 441 Agreement as to a pen- 422 sion to Peter de Ley- 423 cestr'. 424 357 Grant in eommendam. 442 Bond for payment of the pension to P. de Leyeest er. 49' Resignation by T. de Berton of the church of Cleeve Episcopi. 290 Petition to Pope to appropriate Cleeve to Bishop a. Table. 1396 Papal Bull appropriating it. cciv APPENDIX IV. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Thomas de Ber-1 Bishop ton, clerk Ralph, rector W. de Thany, rector 1278 1286 Comb Basker- John Lovel Induction 285 vyll 1269 Colesborn William deTorne-1 29 Leave to go to Rome berg', reetor 1 on the business of his i chureh, to be absent a year. 1266William called Prior and Convent Presenta- 361 11 Auturo, elerk of Llanthony tion to Worcester N., Bishop of i 291 Colesburn Ralph de Nor- pp Institution 406 thou, priest Campsonis 1281 Colne Roger Walter de B0ke- Abbot and Convent Induetion 128 lond, priest of St. Peter, Gloueester Abbot and Convent Admission 64 Name blank. 1274 Colne St. Aid- wyn of St. Peter, Gloucester Institution 385 Name blank. 1290 9, 99 1272 Colne St. Denis Henry de la s0 Leave of absence for a More, reetor year to study Canon Law and Theology. Year.' Name of Renelice. 1 1298 Cleeve 1287IClyvelade 1268 Comb 99 99 Name of Clerk. IPatron or Person traenting. Institution 491 305 5 96 Writ. Dispensation to be absent. Licence to study Canon Law and Divinity for a year. 1282 ,, Bartholomew de Prior of I)eerhurst Induction 140 Dyvises, sub- 293 deaeon 1294 ft John de Grana I Custody 448 Custody of John de Grana, a minor, presented to 1 the chureh committed to W. de Denys, his steward. 1295 Colne St. Katha- John, son 0f rine Nicholas de Grava ,, Comb 1268 Comberton William de Ro- Angaret de Beau- dene, ehaplain ehamp 1 1282 Comberton, Nicholas de 1Villiam, Earl of, Great Haeh', sub- Warwick deacon 1283 Comberton, John de Brames- William Fitz War.! Little ford ren Institution 462 96 ,, x The church of Cumbirton. 9/ 144 172 APPENDIX IV. cc v Patron or Person Presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. 1290 Comberton, John ealled William Fitz Warm Institution 346 The ehurch of Little Corn- Little Waryn, sub- brinton. deacon 1301 Compton, Little Gilbert de Foxele Prior and Convent ,, 546 of Deerhurst 1285 Compton, Great Reymund de 259 Reading', reetor 1298 Compton Gren- Robert Giffard 498 ville Roger de Haue- Bishop by lapse 509 Chapel of C0mpton kesbury, Greyll. deaeon 1292 ft John, reetor 428 Custody 1293 Condicote Walter de An- William, Lord, of Induction 433 The church of Condicote nesford, aeo- Condicote promoted to all Holy lyte Orders and instituted. 1290 Cookhill Cecilia de Same- feud Institution 342 As Prioress on resignation of Agnes de Alcester. ,, Corse Chaplain Prior of Deerhurst ,, 344 Vicarage of the ehureh of Cors'. 1268 Cotes Alexander,rector Licenee for 13 To let his ehurch and re- non - resi- side at the sehools. denee 1288Walter de Ciren- Custody 319 , 9 cester Walter de Chil- ,, 349 Order for possession. 1291 1, teham Riehard de Custody 382 Walter, elerk of Cyr'. Nuneford, clerk, under age 1292 ft William de Richard called le Institution 411 The chureh of Cotes. Daneford, Waleys of Cotes elerk 1279 Cowley Ralph de West- Abbot and Convent Admission 106 Vicarage of the ehurch of bury, chaplain of St. Peter, Coneleye. Gloucester 1291 Conleye William de Lega, Abbot and Convent Institution 382 The chureh of Conleye. priest of Pershore M. reetor of M 1269 Cropthorne 34 To aet as keeper of the priory of Studley during the absence of Geoffrey de Cubberley, keeper of the same. 1298 ft Peter de Pyriton The Bishop Induction 507 Grant in eommendam according to tenure of the Couneil of Lyons. 1289 Cromb Adam Ralph de Wychel' Sir Simon de Institution 330 The church of Cromb Crombe Adam Adam. 1283 Cromb d'Abitot Alexander d'Abe- Osbert d'Abetot (Custody, as 216 The ehurch of Cromb I not in Holy Abetot. Orders ccvi APPENDIX IV. Collation, I Patron or Perron Inaissaion, ' Pagr Year.' Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Olorroalions. prone:iv. Institution. I I t 30t Cromb d'Abitot . John d'Apetot 'Osbert d'Apetot Institution 546 To the chapel of Cromb d'Apetot. 1293 Cromhale Roger de Kyn-: Cust0dy for 434 Reetor of church of Bok- geston, priest I six months load in diocese of Salisbury by authority of General Council. 1294 9, Roger de Kyn- Custody 442 Not instituted, as not in geston, elerk,I Holy Orders, and a aged t0 I 1289 Crowle minor. William de Wel- ,Warden of Hospital Institution 335 Viearage of the church of lesburn, ehap-' of St. Wolstan, . lain Worcester Croule. 1294 Nicholas called Master and Bre- If 445 Vicarage of Croulle. Bon, priest thren of St. Wul- stan 1270 Cubberley Philip de Cub- Giles Berkeley 91 40 The church of Cubberleye. 12 97 berley 741 99 Licence for 58 To study Theology and non resi- Canon Law for two years dence and let his church. 1271 Cumpton Grene- Robert de Ses- By authority of the Collation 48 The chapel of Cumpton vine tenlade, clerk , Council Greneville. v 1274 Cumpton, Great Henry de Wode-; Abbot and Convent I of Waleden Bishop Collation by 64 The church of Great Cump- stok ton, on the resignation of Robert Burnell. 1289 Nigel le Waleys I 19 Collation 354 I29091 John de Dersete, Abbot and Convent Institution 370 of Woledon priest 1268 Daglingworth Od0 de Watling- Abbess and Con- Presented ton vent of Godstow /I 17 99 /9 -Institution 1269 It II 9/ Lieence for non - residence 1274 91 Robert called 11 Grant in Maynard commendam 1281 Daylesford Thomas de Cur- Thomas de Hut- Induction sun ings 1269 Deerhurst Stephen de Paris. Matthew, Abbot of Priory St. Denis 1272 99 Robert, a monk Custody of of St. Denis Priory ,9 ID Robert de Elle- Matthew, Abbot of Institution beof St. Denis 1278 If Stephen de Moy- 99 71 98 siaeo 12 Chureh of Dagelingworth. 13 34 A year for study. 59 x34 The church of Daylesford 37 49 The parish chureh of Deer.hurst. 99 APPENDIX IV. cCvil Patron or Person , Page Collation Year. Name of lienefiet. Name of Clerk. presenting. Induction, nstitution. I , Observations. I 1280 Deerhurst Geoffrey de Presentation; 121 Imperfect. Amen 1286 If Dispensa- 299 To Prior to go abroad. tion 1273 Derham Robert Russel, Sir Robert Wale- Institution 55 On resignation of Osmond rond elerk de Ydemeston, incumbent, who reeeived a pension. 1297 ,. John de Congre- Roald, son of Alan Custody 486 The church 0f Durham. bur', aeolyte Not instituted, as not in Holy Orders. 1298If Institution 493 1296 Ditel7ford Nicholas de John 'Ye Dyche- , f 464 The chapel of Dycheford. Dycheford ford, Lord of that place 1290 Dodford Guy de Hersin- Prior 385 ton 1275 Dodderhill William de Dove- Prior and Chapter Institution 85 Church of St. Augustine ria, King's of Woreester next Dodderhill, vacant chaplain by c0nsecration of the Bishop of Hereford. 128117 W., reetor 136 1272 Doddenham Matthew de Prior and Convent I f 49 The chapel of Dodeham clerk of Worcester and Knittewikes. 128119 Walter de Tod- 133 Certificate that he was inton admitted to the ehurch of Dodeham in 1245. 1281 Dodington William de la Abbot and Convent Induetion 128 Chureh of Dodinton. Hay, sub-dea- of Gloucester con 128591 John de Molton If 257 By proxy. 19 Dointon Thomas, called Prior and Convent Institution 259 Church of Dointon. Housom, elerk of Llanthony of Gloucester 1286William called f f ff 295 ff Housom of Gloucester, sub-deaeon /290 If John le Ireys, ,, 9/ 341 priest Nieholas de Ley- Earl of Gloucester 345 To the chapel of Doynton 99 91 ,/ eester as keeper of the heir of Doynton. John Toky G., Earl of Gloueester Richard deInduetion 428 ff Braneh, chap- lain John de- Someri, Prior and Convent Institution 546 Chureh of Doynton. elerk of Llanthony If 79 1292 1301 /I 99 385 ccviii APPENDIX IV. Collation, Patron or Person Induction, presenting. Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Page Obsorvaliotu. 1 5283 Donnameney Roger de Mes- Prior and Hospital, Institution '221 Viearage of the church of singham, priest of St. John of; Donamen'. Jerusalem /9 Down Hatherley Thomas de Beg- Prioress and Con- 'I?.174 Vicarage of the chureh of gesworth, dea- vent. of Usk Doun Hatherleg'. con 1275 Doverdale John de Glaston William de Dover- ,. 78 dale 1294Richard de Hod- William le Wyte of 438 To the church of Dover- ,' 11 inton Doverdale dale. 1284 Dowdeswell Citation to 225 1289 Driffield William de Amen', priest rector Institution 331 The viearage of the church of Driffeld. Droitwich St. Andrew 1269 1271 1286 1290 1291 1290 1297 91 9, I? It St. Mary William de Dun- Prior 0f Deerhurst Institution 12 The church of St. An- hamey, priest drew of Wych. Licenee 48 To dwell with Prior of Deerhurst for a year Grant 300 G In commendam of Pres- ', ton-upon-Stour. Thomas de ft Admission 337 Newent Thomas de Ne- IP Institution 350 went, deaeon Hugh de Frene, 344 clerk, aged 19 Simon de Nene, Hugh de Frene Induction 481 The church of St. Mary aeolyte the elder Wytton next Wych'. Not instituted, as not in Orders. 1298Simon de Net Henry de Freynes Institution 496 ,, Solers 1291 St. Peter John ealled Ruf- Prior of Studley Church of St. Peter 0f fine,subdeacon Wynton next'Wich'. 1289 Dudley John de Clon', Prior and Conventft 333 Vicarage of the Church of St. Edmund chaplain of Dudley St. Edmund of Dudley. 1269 Dumbleton Thomas de Ead- Dispensa- 29 To be absent for 3 years birbir'to study, and receive tion the fruits of the Church of Dulbelton. 1277John, reetor 91 To study in the liberal tt It arts. Rector of the church of Dombleton. 1268 Duntesburn Hopton, rector Helewysa, widow Gift in com- 52 of church of of Henry le Rus mendam Clungunford 1269 Hugh de Opton Dispensa- 35 To study for a year. tion Rector of the chureh of Duntesburn. APPENDIX IV. ccix Patron or Person Collation, Year. Xzme of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Ina'uction, Page Observations. presenting. Institution. . _ 1290 Duntesburn Roger le Rus, Grant of 355 To Walter Burdon. a minor, aged Custody 368 To IV. de Cyreneester, cus- 18 tody of ehureh and of Roger le Rus. 1269 Duntesbourn Abbot and Con- Institution 36 Church of Dantesbum. Abbatis vent of St. Peter, Gloucester 1280 PP Walter de IP Induction 121 Homme, sub- deacon 1300 ft Walter de Forth- 539 ampton 1273 Dunamenel Alan de Quix- Bishop Collation 55 The church of Dunamenel. leya By authority of the Council 1285 Dursley Nigel le Waleys Abbot and Convent Induetion 273 The ehurch of DursP. of St. Peter, by Proe- 323 Gloucester tor 1293 tf Robert de Dor- Induction 429 Church of Durseleye. sete 1294Thomas Giffard, Institution 445 Church of Duresl'. ft ft son of Sir W. Giffard 1295 If Robert de Sut- ft 450 Chureh of Dursleye. ton,sub-deaeon 1277 Eastleeeh Henry, rector Dispensa- 92 Reetor of Estleeh. To tion study for three years. £ 282,, Henry Wager, Abbotand Convent Institution 166 Chureh of St. Andrew of sub-deaeon of Tewkesbury Astlech. 1274 Ebrington Walter de Abbot andConvent Admission 64 Chureh of Eadbrithton. Mathine of Pershore £283ft Walterer ealled le Institution 210 The ehapel of Ebritton. f1 Ster - 1290 91 Hugh Drugel, 347 Chureh of Edbryton. priest 1294 ft William Trussel Custody 442 1298 ft Robert Trussel. /I 493 Presented to the ehurch elerk of Ebritton. Not insti- tuted, as not in Orders. £292 Eeeleshale R0bert de Ces- Prior and Convent Institution 411 Chureh of Eecleshall. teneslod,priest of Kenilworth 1301 Peter de Eston, If 545 Clerk of Robert de Winch- acolyte, elerk elsey, then making visi- of the Areh- tation in the Dioeese, bishop by resignation of Ro- bert de Cestanlade. 1271 Eggesworth John called Sir Robert Wale- ff 47 Chureh of Eggesworth. Maunsel rond 2268 Elbrichton Nieholas de 4 Reetor. Bosco CCX APPENDIX IV. Patron or Person I Collation, Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. I Induction, presenting. Institution.Pagel Observations. 1294 Elmley Richard de ,Custody 443 Chureh of Elmel' to J0hn Stourton,elerk, 1 Sancto Gortino, clerk. a minor I 1 298 1, Walter de Chilte- Abbot and Convent' Restoration 508 Former Prior had pre-ham, rectorsented his nephew. of Cirencester to the Pa- trons 1274 Elmley Lovett Richard tie Sut- 64 Notice of sequestration. ton, chaplain, Church of Elmeleye rector de- Lovet. ceased 1283 If Henry de Rome- John Lovet Admission r74 The church of Elmleye seye, acolyte Lovet in the name 0f eustody, but not instituted. 1278 Etyndon Richard de Prior and Convent 99 Church of Etyndon. Kerby, deaeon of Kenilworth William de 1290 ,, ,) Institution 338 The vicarage of Etynd0n. Iehynton 1270 Evenlode Ralph de Bran-lWilliam de Salso Custody 39 Church of Evenlode. deston Mariseo, clerk 1271 William de Salso Induetion 48 Marisc0 1301 , , Edmund de Richard Deyvile, Institution 547 Chureh of Evenelode. Laul', acolyte lord of Evenlode 1272 Eyford Bartholomew de Philip Apothecarius ft 52 Church of Eyford. Gloueester, of Gloucester, as clerk guardian of Th0- mas de la Mare 1298 Fairf0rd Ralph de Heng- Abbot and Convent 493 Dispute between Peter de ham of Tewkesbury Piriton, presented by the abbot and the incumbent. 1283 Feckenham John de Surreya Readmis- 221 Liberated from prison. sion 1301 9, John de Surreya, 540 Dispute between incum- priest bent and William de Thormerton, priest, pre- sented to the church. 9, 1, William de Thor- William de la Gra- Institution 541 Viearage of ehurch of Fec- merton, priest vele, Proctor of kenham on resignation Abbot and Con- of John de Sorreya. vent of Lyra 1290 Filtour' Nicholas de Thomas Godman ,, Wyehio, sub- 348 Chureh of Filtoue. Fladbury deacon 1273 Nieholas de 54 W0deford 98 493 Acquittal of rector of charges against him. 1279 H. de Fonteneto i 16 Vicar in 1 261. APPENDIX IV. ccxi Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. 1269 Flyford Flavel John de Wygor- Philip Haket nia, clerk Institution 10 Church of Flauel". " 1278 1290 1301 ,, )1 1279 Frompton 128: Fretherne 1298 " 24 Dispute between John de Grafton, clerk, and John de Edwine of Worcester as to church of Flavel. Custody 103 Custody of church of Flavel granted to Thomas de Newynton, clerk Robert de New- Amicia de Newen- Institution 373 Church of Flavel. enton, sub- ton deacon John de Besford, acolyte R. de Kymerych' John de Dersleye, chaplain William de Frethorn Alexander de Bes- " 541 ford and Margery his wife Lady Matilda de Induction 118 Church of Frompton. Walrand Sir Hugh, son of Institution 138 Church of Frethorn. Otto " 507 Letters testimonial of Order of sub-deacon from Bishop of Hereford. :268 Frocester 1289 1290 ,, Henry de Gloucester Peter de Aston Boterel ,,Abbot and Convent of Gloucester ,, 13 Custody 336 Illness of vicar. Institution 34o Church of Froucestr'. Gloucester :275 St. Aldate Reginald de Ok- Prior of Deerhurst ,, 67 Church of St. Aldate va- ynton, chap- cant by resignation of lain Richard, last minister. 1283 " Richard de Beke-" " " 218 ford 1290 All Saints William de Sud- Prior and Convent " 346 Church of All Saints. leigh, sub-dea- of Llanthony con 1297 " Robert de Prest-" 487 bury 1295 Archdeaconry Walter Burdon Bishop Collation 461 1286 St. Bartholo- John called Institution 292 Prior of the Hospital. mew Pessover 1295 " John de Alben- " 462 To the rule of the Hos- hal pital of St. Bartholomew of Gloucester. ccxii APPENDIX IV. 1289 1299 Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Gloucester St. John " John le Archer Collation, Induction, Page Observation,. Institution. Induction 334 Church of St. John be- fore the North Gate of Gloucester, in the name of custody to John de Rodeberwe, clerk. Institut ion 512 Dispensation to study for seven years. 1300 John de Hadde- Abbot and Convent ,, 513 soure, sub- of St. Peter, deacon Gloucester" " " " 526 Leave to study. .,, 1279 St. John the William de Al- 71 Admission 108 Church of St. John the Baptist lesleya Baptist in Gloucester. 1282 ,, Henry de Mere, Institution 142 " priest 1284 St. Mary Gregory called Prior and Convent ,, 248 Church of St. Mary in Glou- de Ludlowe, of Llanthony cester. Custody to G. priest de Bullerleya, as G. was of insufficient learning. 1279 St. Mary be- Richard de Chir- 108 Appeal, to Bishop. fore the gate chedon of the Ab- bey of Glou- cester 1285 " John de Rode- Abbot andConvent Institution 267 berg, sub-dea- of St. Peter, to portion con Gloucester of William de Berners 1294 Reginald de " Institution 438 Church of St. Mary before Schipton,clerk ' the Gate. 1275 St. Mary de 71 Citation of the rector of Cryptthe church of the Blessed Mary to the south of Gloucester 1290 St. Mary and John de Guide- The Queen ,, 345 Churches of St Mary and Trinity ford, deacon mother Holy Trinity, Gloucester 1291 St. Michael's ' William de Ben- Abbot and Convent349 Church of St. Michael, " yngeworth, of St. Peter, Gloucester, with chapel chaplain Gloucester of St. Martin. 1294 John de Benig- " " 454 worth, priest 1300 " Richard de Wale- ,, ,, 524 Church of St. Michael with pol, deacon chapel of St. Martin an- nexed. 1283 St. Owen Thomas de Prior of Deerhurst " 175 Church of St. Owen of Northlech, Gloucester. sub-deacon 1290 " William called ,. 342 To the vicarage of the le Paumer I church of St. Owen. 1291 " Henry de Lech " 392 Chaplain to the vicar. APFENDIX IV. Ccxiii Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Pap Observations. Institution. Gloucester 1292 St, Owen Richard de Hey- Prior and Convent Institut ion 428 hamstead, of Llanthony priest 1284 Abbey of St. John de Gamages Abbot 250 Peter 1282 All Saints Roger, rector 156 Appearance before Bishop. 1275 Holy Trinity William de Ken- Lady A., Queen of Institution 67 Church of the Holy Trinity ynton, priest England of Gloucester. 1292 Grafton Manor 1268 Grafton Richard Saute- Richard Ambrel mareys, clerk 1277 " Ralph de Budi- Brother Joseph ford, priest Kauncy of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem 1, Induction in cornmendam 420 z Church of Grafton. Mandate to allow the administration of the vicarage for a year. 122 91 Church of the Blessed Mary of Graslon'. Appropriation of Grimley with chapel of Hallow to Prior of Worcester. 26 Assignment of 10 marks of silver by Bishop. Church of Haddesor. 527 Church of Haggel'. 319 To Henry, rector of Stan ton. 434 93 4 262 276 282 Richard de Sautemareis William de Gul- deford, priest William de Bur- Prior and Convent ningham of Worcester William de Up- William Warin of Institution ton Wike Henry de Bir- William Fitz War lingh', priest ren Richard de Stan- Custody ford Thomas de Frox- Henry de Haggel' Institution mere, sub-dea- con Simon de Over- bury, rector John de Wyke- Abbot of Winch- Custody wane, aged 14, combe clerk Richard de B rade was, priest Simon de Stokes, Prior and Convent priest of Worcester Appropriation of chapelry with Grimley to Priory of Worcester. Institution 257 Church of Hallauwe. 338 Church of Hallowe.1 280 Grafton Flyford 1277 Graslon' 1268 Grimley 1269 " 1268 Hadzor 1300 is 1285 Hagley 1286 1288 911 293 Hallinges 1268 Hallow t 2.85 " 1290 11 ccxiv APPENDIX IV. or Person Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron presenting.Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 1270 Halesowen 42 Ordination of the vicarage of Hales held by the Abbot and Convent of Hales. 1275 " 71 Order to Abbot and Con- vent as to portion for maintenance of Vicar of parish church of Hales. 1281 139 Licence to appropriate the church to the convent. 1283 " Robert deCroule, Admission 177 To the church of Hales. Canon 1286 " William Russel Abbot and Convent Induction 287 Vicarage of Parish Church. 1271 Haluford Adam de Bibyr' Collation 46 Church of Haluford va- clerk cant by death of last Rector. 1275 " Robert de Al- " bington, clerk 74 C hcuar c hn cant boyf r e sH ia ig re Tali do n v ao-f Adam de Bebur'. 1270 Hampton Epis- Thomas de Can- 44 copi tilupe, rector 1273 Hampton William, rector Dispensa- 54 To study, provided he tion visits church on great feasts. 1284 " Simon de Balyn- Bishop Grant in 250 Church of Hampton for don, Priest commen- six months according to dam statute of Oxford. 1285 Simon de Balyn- " Institution 255 Church of Hampton Epis- don copi. 1290 Hampton-upon. Nigel, called le .. Collation 367 Church of Hampton-on- Walys, clerk Avon Avon". " " " Institution 37o" ,, Resignation 371 1293 Hugh de Babing- I Induction 429 ton 1 297 " Walter, I)ean of 483 Acting as Proctor for Wil- Hampton- liam de Apperleg'. upon-Avon Lovett L Hampton 1269 24 Appeal as to presentation 1 to the Church. . . " " William de 28 Bishop conferred church Hamme, clerk' 29 of Hapton Lovet. Release of sequestra- " " William, Earl of 32 Writ to admit his nominee. tion. Warwick" " William de Hame " " 35 APPENDIX IV. CCXV Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 1272 Hampton Lovett William deHame 1275 7/ William 1280 " " 1287 " " 1269 Hampton Moni- Roger, rector alium r 275 Hampton Mey- sey 1278 if Henry Licence 49 To study Theology and Canon Law for ten years. 8i Complaint as to seizure of Rector's beasts. Exchange 125 Trespass 305 Fishing at Inkberrow. Licence 20 To be absent for a year for study. 69 Order as to action against Abbot of Cirencester. Custody to 96 On account of vicar's age Nicholas, and infirmity. vicar's nephew Custody to Nigel le Waleys, clerk Nicholas de la Heose, clerk 1282 /1 If 1283 ff Roger de Hamp- John de Muleford, Institution ton, priest rector of the church 140 Refusal to pay tithes. 17o To the vicarage of the church of Hampton Meisi. 427 Church of Hampton Moisi and of Nicholas. Presented to the same. " John de la Hese, Sir Nicholas de la Induction clerk Hese Custody to W. de Berton. Not instituted, as not in Orders. Saving fruits to Walter de Berton, late keeper of church. 429 489 /292 1293 1 f /297 ff 1298 ff If ff Institution 492 /275 Hanley Castle 69 Order to vicar. 1285 If Geoffrey de Kyn- Prior and Convent Institution 27o The church of Heal'. gesleg', chap- of Little Malvern lain 5274 Hanbury G. de Cubberley Collation 58 5275 ff William de Do- ft 79 To the church of Hembur' vere, chaplain 81 next Wych. to the King SI pp G. de Cubberley 85 Order to restore his church of Hembur' to him. 1292 ,, Peter de Escote Bishop Presentation 427 1294 If Peter deVerdunt, Induction 439 Not instituted, as not in clerk of the Orders. Earl of Bare 1297 ,, f) Institution 485 Peter de Verduno, sub-deacon. 128o Harvington Robert de Belne, Prior and Convent Induction x20 Church of Herforton. sub-deacon of Worcester 1281 If Stephen de Clone "11 r 28 5283 ff Philip de Clone Resignation s 71 rao Haresfield Gilbert de Sancto Prior and Convent Institution 121 Confirmation of institution Audnen' of Llanthony to the church of Haresfeld. q Ccxvi APPENDIX IV. Collation, Year. Airme Benefice. N m ae of Clerk. i Pair" °r !'ernm Page presents's:. hutitution. Oktmvations. 1282 Haresfield Roger de Hather- Prior and Convent Institution 144 Vicarage of the church of leya of Llanthony 147 Harsefeld. 1275 Hartlebury Rector 81 1280 ,, Walter, now paro- William, the rector 77 123 As vicar of the church. chial chaplain of the church 1290 11 John deRodeberg Bishop Collation 367 Institution 37o ?V 7/ 11 1/ as a pre- bend of Westbury 1295 " 17 Institution 455 Revocation of former colas paro- la chial tion. church 1274 Haselton Roger de Campe- Order to 6o den induct John de Mora Bishop 1285 Harscomb 267 Not in Orders, gift in Alani commendam. 1281 Haselovere Peter de Leyces- 134 Order as to disputes. Pie- ter sentation. £282 Hasellour Nicholas de Admission 168 Bunynton, , }According to agreement. 109 chaplain 1297 9/ Nicholas Lynet, Robert Lynet Induction 488 ChurchofHaselor. Not in- stituted, as not in Orders. 1298 ft clerk " . 11 Institution 495 Church of Haselowre. Hasleya Thomas Tankard Prior and Canons 91 498 Church of Hasleya. of St. Sepulchre, Warwick 1299 Haselton Elias de Gayton Abbot and Convent 9 9 512 Church of Haselton. of Winchcombe 1269 Hatherley, see Nicholas, rector Dispensa- 33 To Prioress of Usk to Down Hather- tion rent church for 3 years. ley 1279 Hatch Lench x16 Order as to tithes given to nuns of Cookhill Monti de James J Hatherop 1298 Citation for 5o6 Church of Hertrop. cell 1- non-resi- dence Henry Hen gge Haveru 83 Distraint 172 For a fine for hunting; at 12 de la Holte the suit of Queen Eleanor. 1295 Hawkesbury Alexander Up- Abbot and Convent Institution 462 Vicarage of Hauckesbe. thon, priest of Pershore Robert de Lec- Abbot and Convent Induction 128 Church of Hetluop. 128i Hethrop chelade, priest of St Peter, Gloucester 1284 Hembury Adam de Ave- 228 Vicar of Hembury. 1292 bury 424 Receipt by Bishop. APPENDIX IV. ccxvii Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 1297 Hembury in the William de Hat- Bishop 485 Vicarage of the church of Salt Marsh field Hembur'. t1 Pt Pt If Institution 486 To the church of Hambur' on the resignation of Adam de Avebur'. 1269 Hindlip Elias de 'Here- Geoffrey Albetot If 27 Church of Hindelep. ford, clerk £282 ,, John de Cannok, Geoffrey de Hynde- 144 chaplain lep' 1294 OP Richard de Sale- Earl of Warwick PP 439 worpe, priest 1283 Himbleton R. Pec, sub- Prior and Convent 201 Church of Humelton. deacon of Worcester 1288 ,, Thomas de Bishop Collation 325 Vacant, as R. Pott, rector, Bosco not in priest's Orders. 1300 PI H. de Raggeleye Citation 539 Incumbent of the church of Humelton, John de Bradewas, presented. 1301 pf John de Brade- Induction 540 was, sub-deacon £285 Hildesleya Richard Hacket, Robert called Ly- Institution 254 The chapel of Hildesleya. priest vet, Lord of Hil- desleya 1291 Hinton Adam de Nor- Abbot and Convent 407 To the portion of the wyco of St. Peter, church of Hynenton. Gloucester 1290 Hinton on the John de Lech' ,, Induction 365 Church of Hyneton. Not Green instituted, as absent. £269 Holt Giles de Alve- Ralph Lawarn, Institution 28 To the vicarage of Holt. chirch, chap- rector lain ton, rector left custody of La Holt. 51 Thomas de Wicheford has £272 Pt Simon de Baun- Custody Bishop gives it and that of the rector to William de Hanbury. 1283 Pt It Indulgence 201 Absence for 2 years to study abroad. 1290 ,, Giles de Alnych' Sir John de Bello Custody 340 Until death of Simon de Baunton. Campo Institution 342 William de Alny- ft PP nech', priest VI Pt Pt PP 347 ) £269 Honeyboume Henry de Nor- Giles de Alnyech' 193o 3o Sentence of excommuni 32 J cation for contumacy. ton, clerk and £278 Honyton Richard, rector Licence 97 To study for 3 years Guy deTillebrok,Warden of church for that time. 495 The Prebend of Horton. 1298 Horton Admission William de Abin- Bishop don to Pre- bend q 2 ccxviii APPENDIX IV. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. William Burnell Bishop of Salisbury Admission 497 I298 Horton to Pre- bend 1275 William Torny Ralph de Eboraco Presenta- 86 A clerk in minor Orders. Willi y am de Ton, tion 1298 PI Resignation 509 Of the church of Horton. clerk, rector I/ " Henry de Derby William Burnel Admission I/ 1292 Horsley Richard de la Prior and Convent Institution 425 Grave William of Breweton as Prior 1298 f I 1, Institution 507 to the Priory of Horsley 1290 Honington Alexander de Prior and Convent Institution 344 Church of Honington. Astleya of Coventry 1271 Iccomb 1275 1282 1285 ,, PP William de Fa- Dispensa- 46 To let to farm the church ham tion of Iccumbe. veresham rector of Har- tlebury Nicholas, rector 68 Nicholas de Chi- 142 Church vacant. wauton Ralph de Wythe- Prior and Convent Induction 276 )Not instituted because leg' of Worcester 278 J of collation in Roman Court. 1289 )/ Richard de Me- Collation 329 tham, clerk 1292 PI Richard de Sy- 412 cham, rector 1269 Ilmington Custody to 25 Because the rector is too Adam de s. uixleg weak to rule soul Q 1277 Ilmedon John de Mont, Dispensa- 93 Absence for 3 years. rector tion 1282 /9 PI I/ 140 Absence for 3 years to study Theology. 1291 fp William de John de Mont', Admission 384 Not instituted as absent Forti Monte Forti by proxy 1295 II Henry de Estude, Custody 45o To Robert de Warr', clerk, until lawful age. 1270 Ilmindon a minor Hugh de Vienna Collation 44 To the church of Ilmindon. 1268 Inkberrow P. de Cistello William de Valen- Institution 4 The vicarage of Intebrigg'. Godrig' cia 1 273 " William Rufus Order to 55 Letter ordering induction induct to custody. 1282 I/ Thomas Ronaud, Sir W. de Walenc' Institution 152 The church of Inceberg'. sub-deacon APPENDIX IV. ccxix Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Vincent de Sir W. de Valence Induction 277 Vicarage of the church of Northampton, and Insti- Intebergg. sub-deacon tution Stephen de Bishop of Hereford Institution 447 To the Prebend of Inte- Graveshende, berg in the church of sub-deacon Hereford. Henry Huband 420 Rector of the church. ft 425 Purgation of Henry the rector. John, rector 277 Order to sequestrate. William de Wel-,, 443 To the church of Iron- leborn, priest acton. it Complaint as to withdrawal of Mass from chapelry of Norton. 99 Rector of the church of Kempsey 117 lt 18o Maurice de Tapenhale G., the chaplain Geoffrey de Ryndwey John of Evereux Bishop 1286 Inkberrow 1294 ft 1292 Ipsley ff /I 1286 Iron Acton 1294 ft 1269 Kempsey 1278 11 1279 if 1283 91 1284 ft 19 " 1290 ,, 1295 ft Hugh de Dyvises Collation 249 Church of Kemes'. and in- duction as rector As vicar 25o 343 Made Prebendal. Institution 461 " Thomas de Stokes 1298 ff ft 5o8 Appointment of a coadjutor on account of weakness of Thomas de Stokes. I 27o Kenswick Walter de Kek- Sir Walter de Ke- f, 41 The church of Kekingwike. ingwike kingwike 1286 ff Richard, rector 299 Conveyance by rector. 1285 Kyneton William Upton Sir William de 272 Cokeseya 1289 tf James Giffard, Bishop by lapse Collation 326 The church of Kyneton. clerk, sub- deacon 3283 Kidderminster John deUlbeton, Bishop, as unfit per- /9 128 Church of Kidderminster. acolyte son presented I 27o Kinemarton Gerebert, rector Dispensa- 45 To study theology and tion Canon Law for 2 years. 1272 Knightwick Matthew de Prior and Convent Institution 49 To chapel of Dodeham of Worcester and Knittewikes. tt Kynewarton Roger de Stoke Grant in 51 Vacant by resignation of commen- , ' Nicholas de Wodeford, 1292 9/ B. de Devises Bishop Collation 408 Church of Kynewarton. dam chaplain. de,tlf APPENDIX IV. liar. Name of Benefice. I Name of Clerk. IPatron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Pagr Observations. Institution. 12821 IAngley William de Dym-i Prior and Convent Institution 144 Church of St. Lawrence of I mok, chaplain ' of Great Malvern Langr. 83 Letter from Queen Eleanor I2 75 Langeberrow as to church of Lange-berg'. I290 It Dispensa- 392 To rector of Langeberg to to let for 3 years to Abbot of Hayles. kLnthony 1283 Walter de Prior 1 Martleg' 174 }Confirmation. 182 1269 Langebrugg Bishop and Maurice 31 Agreement as to presen- de Berkeley tation. next Berkeley 1275 tf Robert de Weu- 82 Order to induct. rich 83 Letter to Queen. Geoffrey de la Bishop and Lord Institution 260 To the cure or keepership t280 It Prise of Berkeley of the Hospital. 1285 ft William de Coke- ft It 266 To the Hospital of Lange- bury, priest brugg' next Berkeleg'. 286 John de Newing- 299 Order to induct. ft 1 ton 1269 Lapworth Ivo, rector Dispensa. 33 To let church for 3 yews. tion 1286 ft Robert de Lutle- Bishop by lapse Collation 297 The church of Lapworth bur', clerk 1289 If John de Clyva, Warden and schn- Institution lars of Merton, 329 Vacant Robert by de Lutlebui.resignation of deacon Oxford John de Bristol Sir Henry de Dena 342 The church of Lassebawe. I290 290 Lasseburg ,, 1301 ft William de Parva William de Vene f f 546 Vene, priest Fulk de Pene- Grant in i 2691Lechhampton 23 brigg commen- dam Dispensa- 45 Absence to study Theology t27o ft tion and Canon Law for three 1 years. 286 Walter called Adam le Despen- Induction 285 2 ft Burdon, clerk ser , 2289 ,, Adam de Ebor' Sir Adam le De- Institution 3261 spencer 1297 ), John le Gamage, Joan le Despenser, Induction 485 widow of Sir clerk Adam r 28o Lechlade Walter de Canti- E., Earl of Corn- Institution 225 Vicarage of the church of lupo, chaplain wall Lechlade. 1275 Hospital of St. P., master 76 Letter to Bishop. John 1283 William de Est- Induction 225 After death of Peter Peu- I ham 1 nesya, formerly master i i APPENDIX IV. CCXXI Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 1274 Leigh Richard de Mu- Abbot and Convent Admission 62 To the portion of the tegros of Wlla- of Pershore church of Leg' that Ste- neshull, clerk phen de Colebi held. Not instituted, as not in 1278 Pt Simon Ravel, Orders. Institution 98 To the portion of the church of Lega. clerk 1282 PP " 99 9) 146 To the portion which Thomas de Witheford lately held. r 286 IP S. called Rauel, Licence 292 To build an oratory at portioner Stokenhull. 1269 Lench Roculf Osbert de Alne, Admission 34 Left by will of William chaplainRoculf, vacant by death to the of Walter Neel, chaplain chan 1286 Lench Rodolf William de Op- Sir Walter de Coke- Institution 277 Church of Lench Ron- ton, priest seya . 1285 Lesseberg Henry de Den' Sir Henry de Den' dolf. 256 Church of Lesseberg. 1283 PP Geofrey de Kyn- Custody 192 On account of feebleness leya of Andrew the vicar. ges 1291 Longdon John de Bruges, Abbot and Convent Admission 351 Church of Langedon. Not of Westminster instituted, as absent. clerk 1293 If Nicholas de Wy- Induction 410 thaw as proc- tor of John le Breon 1300 It William le Brun, " Institution 537 sub-deacon 1275 Loxley John de War- Prior and Convent Institution 66. To vicarage of Lockesleye, wick, sub-dea of Kenilworth vacant by resignation of con David last ministering there. 1286 Littleton on Adam de Magor, Abbot and Convent Induction 287 Severn priest of Malmesbury 1289 pp John de Broko- " Custody 357 To Walter de Berthon. neberewe, a minor 1272 Lithethurn JohndeCleydon, Matilda Lady Induction 52 Church of Lithethurn. clerk Arundel 1282 PP Walter de Rud- Dispensa- 146 To let church of Lutle- ham, rector tion thorn for two years. 1/ Madresfield Dispensa- 169 As to celebrating service tion in spite of interdict. 1269 Malvern, Great Randulph de Prior and Convent Institution 31 To the vicarage of St. ThoPidele, chap- of Great Malvern mas in Great Malvern. lain 1289 If Gerland de Led- ft f/ 326 bury, priest cCxxii APPENDIX IV. Year. Name of Benefice. Xamr of Clerk. Patron or Pe preferring Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 1269 Malvern, Little WI ham de Institution 7 ilradeweie as prior 1286 91 John de Colewell Resignation 300 1287 99 John de Wygorn Appoint- 33o 1299 1; John de Dom- Bishop Apmpoenintt_ 513 Vacant by death of Brother bleton, monk ment as John de Wygorn. t ,f Worcester prior 1279 Martley W[Iliam de Fro- Confirma- 114 Church of Marteleya. tion of In- m vssoun stitution 1291 Il Robert de Lech', Prior and Convent Institution 382 He was murdered in 1299. lerk of Newent See Ann. Wig. 91 91 9 I Abbot of Cor- 390 Order by King to admit meilles Abbot's nominee. 1299 Peer Prior of Newent Induction 511 1293 Mars'itfield W. Iter de Lem. Abbot and Convent Institution 429 Vicarage of Marsfeld. Inton, priest of Tewkesbury Simon de Wy- Abbot of Winch- ' 282 Marston Sicca 152 Church of Druemerston. Inondham comb Citation of 157 To answer before Arch- Of ,, Bishop bishop for sequestrating the parts of benefice. 128i Mathon John deStanweye' 139 1284 91 li 243 Lease a prebend at Westbury. 1285 Pt Thomas de Bad- Abbot and Convent Institution 254 Church of Mathine, vacant inynton. clerk of l'ershore I by resignation of John de Stan'. Collated to St. Helen's, Worcester. 1290 99 John le Porter 11 338! 1297 ,, Edmund de Gay- 1 io 484 ton, clerk 1290 Mattesden John de Mattes- Abbot and Convent; " 346 The vicarage of the church den, chaplain of St. Peter, , of Mattesden. Gloucester 1269 Martin Hussin- Nicholas de Thomas de Pyrie /1 28I Church of Merton. tree Chelebanton' 47 1282 OP Vacant Thomas de Pyrie, 142 Letter from Bishop asking Lord of Merton Ithat church be filled. 1290 Roger de Bur- /9 PP 365 lynghatn, priest 1268 Merston Botiler William de Al- Abbot and Convent ft 3 Vicarage of Merston Boti- cester of Alcester ler. 1285 9, Roger called le 19 " 256 Boor, priest 1289 Merton Richard de Of- Custody 327 For six months. fenham 1277 Mickleton Richard de Provision 9i The church of Mukelton. Vien' 1 APPENDIX IV. CCxXii Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person 'resenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 142 143 Nicholas de Abbot and Convent Chiwauton of Eynsham Henry de Wane- Admission 145 ting 9 9 152 Order to excommunicate those who supported Nicholas de Chilbauton. lt 155 Order to ascertain who violated the sequestration. 1285 272 Letter, Pope has given Mickleton to Ralph de Oxonia, as Nicholas resigned and died at Rome. If Ralph de Oxonia Pope Honorius 276 Order to induct Ralph de Oxonia. 1282 Minchinhamp- Jordan de Wol- Abbess and Con- Institution 142 Church of Menechenton wrynhampton, vent of Caen hampton. sub-deacon 2268 Morton near Peter Epmar, 13 To the church of Morton Gloucester Canon of near Gloucester. Hereford 2268 Morton Institution 6 Entry torn. Morton in vale of Evesham ? ft ft Abbot of Evesham I o Bishop to have jurisdiction 2279 9, Ralph de Heng- 228 Prebendal church of Mor- ham ton annexed to a prebend in the church of Hereford. 1281 9) John de St. Sir Eustace de la Induction 128 To the moiety of the Bride's, priest Hache church of Morton which Philip de Morton, de- ceased, lately held. 1283 Alan de Barkeby ,, Admission 193 Not instituted, as not in 1284 Orders. 84 Ralph de Kirke- Gilbert de Kirkeby 227 Robert de Harrecurt in by possession. Order to sequestrate. 2290 Peter le Megre, Abbot and Con- Institution 345 sub-deacon vent of Evesham 2300 Morton next Ink- William de Richard de Morton ,, 526 To the chapel of Morton berrow (Ab- Lench, chap- next Inteberg. bot's Morton) lain 2298 Chantry Richard de Richard, lord of ff 507 The chantry chapel. WychApriest Morton 2282 Morton Bagot Ralph Bagot, Sequestra- 166 At suit of Queen for tres- rector tion pass in Forest of Fee- kenham. Order to enquire as to I vacancy. Abbot has presented Henry de Waneting. The church of Mukelton. 1282 Mickleton CCxxiv APPENDIX IV. Patron or Person Collation, Year. Name of Berretta. Name of Clerk. Induction, (Page °Oste-maims. presenting. Institution. j Writ t 1286 Morton Bagot Ralph Bagot, 262 Distress for fine. rector I 1292Henry de Lich' $, Custody '427 True rector has aban- doned it. 1293 William de Han- Prior and Convent Institution 43o Church of Morton Bagod. ley, chaplain of Kenilworth 1299 Roger de511 PP PP PP Hauckes', dea- con 1283 Morton next R. the clerk of Sir Eustace de la i202 To church of Moreton Warwick Sir Peter de, Hache next Warwick. Leyce,t r, and sub-deacon 1290 Morton Tri- Thomas ' l' ^ nk.t- Gilbert de Kirkeby, ,, 345 Portion of a moiety of the rel. sub-dea- clerk menel church. con 1292John 'Frimenel, Sir Eustace de la Custody 408 To Edmund de Reseby, /I clerk, aged 18 Hache William de Cov- clerk. 1300 Institution 531 To one moiety. PP ft entry, priest Dispensa- 532 To study for a year. tion 1293 Morton Daubeny,Achardus de Induction 43o To a portion of the church. Longo Prato 1294' Thomas de Ic- Ralph de Kirkeby Institution 447 To one moiety. PP cumb 1297 489 Commission to hear dis- / putes. 1300. de Coventry, Eustace de Hache Grant in 525 Of one moiety. It priest commen- dam PP If Robert de %Vylel-' Ralph de Kyrkebi Induction 538 Of one moiety. wys, clerk 1269 Mussard Thomas de Suth- Sir Ralph Musard Institution 23 To the church of La inton Musardere. 1270 JO " Dispensa- 4o To study Canon Law and Theology for a year. 1298 Musarder' Richard de . . . tion Institution ,508To the church of Musar1 I der' by Thomas de I Loudas his proctor. 1290 Nafford with Robert de Byrl-, 1 I William de NaffordI i PI I342The church of Nafford Birlingham ingham, priest' with the chapel of Birl- 1269 Newbold James de Trobis, I ingham. . Writ to in- 34 The church of St. George rector 1 duct of Newbold. William 1 i de Lokington, chaplain, had been presented by a false rumour. 1297 Newbold Pace Prior and Convent, 4 91Dispute as to presentation. of St. Oswald of, York APPENDIX IV. CCM Collation, Patron or Person Induction, Pose Year. Name of Benefre. ' Name of Clerk. OherratiALL Ire"ging. I Institution. 1 ' r269 Newenton .Andrew de Ley:Lady Angaretta Institution 27 The church of Newenton. cestre,chaplain ' Beauchamp 1286 PI Hugh ! Licence 285 To go on a pilgrimage. William de By-' Induction 334 The church of Newynton. PI vinton, priest 12891, ) 336 Annexation to Worcester Carnarie. 1290 Henry de Bray, Abbot and Con-Institution 341 Church of Newenton. clerk vent of St. Peter, Gloucester 1292John de Fecken- 424 Full administrationof 11 am Church of Newenton h super Waldam. I r 297Roger de Shire- Induction 486 Vacant by resignation of ft " acolyte born, Henry de Bray. 487 Letter of institution given " " If 2/ to W. le Paumer, until , presentee had taken Or- I dens. l, 1300 'John de Chilte- 1Dispensa- 1538,To study for 6 years. Ree- ; ham I ! non ! 1 tor of Colde Newynton. 1269 North Cerney i John de Belville, Gilbert, Earl of; Citation ! ir'Church of Nortcerney. clerk 1 1 Gloucester and : Hertford I ) I . 1278 /2 !Roger de Hey- /I ;Induction ' 98 Church of Northcerneye. k cler don, i in name ofil don 1 . , Wardship I 1286 " !Custody ;297 Church vacant. 1284 Notgrove ! John (Ye Wind- I 1226 For six months. 1 sor, chaplain . p, 11 p, Sir Richard Fitz Grant in 1236 John oh I commen- J I dam I 1268 North Leech 1John de Clifford Abbot and Convent! 12.Vicarage of Northleche. of St. Peter, . ) Gloucester I 1 1269 pp SI f 1, Institution I 20' 1289 ft John de Lech', PI Induction 1326 By proxy. deacon I I 11 290 John called Gy- 1290 I '348 mell 1274 i 35o, Commission. Northfield Alan de Elk- Prior and ConventlGrant in 165 Church of Northfeld, recington 1 of Dudley commen-: 1 tor of church of Wyn' dam : in diocese of Lincoln. 1281 sp Custody to 136 John de Bruges, Malcolm de liar- clerk i 294 ,, liar- Induction 438 Church of Norfeld. leya, clerk f, Pt t) 9, 441 Agreement with Bishop 1 as to church. cCxxVi APPENDIX IV. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. 1298 Northfield John de Chaste- Prior and Convent Institution 494 leyn, clerk of Dudley 1290 North Piddle Walter de Mel- Sir Henry de Seg- Custody 37o Church of Northpidel. As ton, clerk grave, knight not in Orders he had neither institution nor induction. I, " " PI Institution 373 Chapel of NorpideL 1269 Norton juxta 1i Dispute with vicar as to Kempsey Iservices in chapel at Norton. 1270 Nuns Hampton Roger de Sailing, Dispensa- 45 To go abroad for 3 years rector tion and let his church to farm. 1300 Oddingley William de Su- Roger Mortimer Institution 528 Chapel of St. James of 1291 Oldbury on Hugh de la Mare, King Oddingleye. lers, clerk Custody 383 Chapel of Oldebury. Severn clerk toW.Bur- 1295 Oldberrow William de Sir Nicholas de Institution 466 Chapel of Oldebur'. nell Yatesbury, Burden deacon 1297 Robert de Wyl- Nicholas Burdon Induction 486 myndon 1285 Oldswinford If Sequestra- 251 Robert de Norwyco, clerk, tion keeper of fruits during sequestration. Robert de Nor- Sir Bernard de Institution 262 }Church of OldSwyneford. wyco, sub- Bruys I 329 deacon 128o Olveston ,Richard de Prior and ConventlInduction 124 Church of St. Mary of Vyenn', clerk of Bath Olveston. If " " 126 Agreement with William de Berneres, the former 1283 83 " Of 9 I I 1 201 Commission. 1284 Laurence de Sir Hugh Poinz,; Institution 226 To the chapel of St. Ni- Vien', clerk the rector cholas de Tokynton, given to the first rector of the church of Olveston. 1279 Ombresley Tedisius, canon 107 Indulgence by Pope to of Beauvais serve the church by vicars. W. de Cherinton Custody 204 Tedisius 264 Letter to Bishop. 284 }Declaration by Bishop. 299 Thomas le Bu- Abbot and Convent Institution 512 Church of Aumbresr. tiller, deacon of Evesham 1283 1285 1286 1299 ,, /9 " " APPENDIX IV. Ccxxvii Year. Name of Boggle?. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, induction, Page Observations. 1276 Okschull Robert de Cy- Robert de Keynes institution 89 Church of Okschull vacant rencester, by resignation of Beo- chaplain mend de Vicia. William de For- 1275 Opton Dispensa- 69 To let for two years to dich, rector lion Abbot of 1Vinchcomb. 1271 Osseworth John de Loking- Abbot and Convent Institution 47 Church of Osseworth. ton, clerk of St. Peter, Glou- cester 1275 Otingdon Gilbert de Hey- 84 Letter from Bishop. wad, rector 2280 P 1 Henry de Stan- Anthony Bek, Pre- Induction 121 The church of Otyndon. tors, clerk centor of York 1 283 II John de Sancta pg Institution 173 Fide, sub- deacon 1293 Overbury Geoffrey de Nor- Prior a.nd Convent ,,, , sub- of Worcester 433 Church of Onerebur'. wyco, deacon 1290 Pendock Richard, rector Custody 373 Prior of Little Malvern. 2297 Painswick John de Aston, Prior and Convent Institution 486 Church of Payneswike, clerk of Llanthony 1300 13 John called 1, 524 Vicarage of the church of Keys, priest Payneswyk. 1290 Pershore, St. An- Thomas de Bad- Induction 337 To the portion William la drew mynton Porter held. Pershore Abbey William de Leigh Confirma- 368 Elected as abbot tion 1268 Pilardinton Rector Dispensa- 5 To be absent to attend tion schools. 1277 PP Luke de Hercy, IP 91 To study Theology at Wor- rector tester for a year. 1282PP John de Hercy, 152 }Nicholas de Evesham, rector 153 J priest, appointed curate on account ofrector'sage z 284 )3 Lucas de Hercy 246 John de Merston as curate. 263 Appointment of collector of rents. 128,5 IP 264 Order to cite personsdwell- ing with rector who dispose of ecclesiastical goods. 1289 " Nicholas de John de Hercy Custody 335 To Walter de Berton, till Hercy, clerk, Nicholas should come under age of age. 1292 11 II PP Institution 428 Church of Pylardynton. 2269 Pinky Lucy de Sapy Bishop Confirmed 27 as Prioress 2281 Pirton Philip, parson of 138 Writ as to the goods of Philip, parson of Pirton. ccxxviii APPENDIX IV. Year. Norm of Bearffre. .N'anat of Clerk. Paeron or Person presenting. Cailatiaw, leauetiert, Pagr Observairoore. lartieueiars. 1295 Pirton William de Byr- William le Poet Institution 461 Church of Pyriton. leya 1301 1) Drew de Pyriton, John de Honteleye, ,, 541 Vacant by resignation of acolyte Lord of Pyriton William de Burleya. 1300 Pitchcomb John de Aleynes- .539 Agreement as to chantry more, rector in the church of Py- chenecumb. 1275 Powick Alexander, par- 68 Writ to enforce fine for son of trespass against parson of church of Poywyk. 1283 II Alexander de la 212 Undertaking as to church 1289 tp William de Per- Induction 336 Thgeocohdusr.ch of Poywyk. Cnoil soli called le Porter, priest 1275 Preston Vacant Earl of Richmond 70 Prohibition pending settle- ' Peter de Mondani tnent of title to advow- son. 1275 Preston Bagot Peter de Leyces- Sir Peter de Mont- Institution 67 Church of Preston Bagot. ter, clerk forti 1287 H. 11 306 Citation. 1286 Preston upon William de Do- Prior of Deerhurst Induction ro1Church of Preston upon Stour namen, priest Institution 334 1 Stour, vacant by death of Walter de Bokyng. 305 On resignation of Witham de Donamen', rector of St. Andrew de Wych. Not instituted, as not in Orders. 1294 VP Valentine de Prior of Deerhurst PI 447 Tangeleye 1297 Ralph de Beau- PP 482 By Archdeacon of Glou- cester in the name of champ, clerk custody. 1301543 John le Archer, 11 Institution deacon 1285 T.'l esti:nay John de Naas, Prior and Convent Institution 251 Vicarage of Prestbuf. priest of Llanthony 1300 Peter Conel, ,, II 539 deacon [300 Pucklechurch Roger de Cher- William, Bishop of PI 536 The church deaconhu ch of Pukele- leton, sub- Bath and Wells chir 1289 Peopleton William Allen of 355 Not in Priest's Orders. Wych, priest 1 290 I.1 Robert de Pup- W. de Pupplinton Custody 370 Church of Pupplynton. plinton, acolyte 1,c1Rupplynt',am Institution 429 Mabilla his wife Simon de Roff' The King, as Deer- Presentahurst vacant tion Simon de Roff', Induction clerk 1287 17 1289 329 1293 71 CCXXX APPENDIX IV. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Observations. By lapse. 1301 Rysindon, Great Thomas de Wes- Bishop Institution 544 toll 1268 Salwarp James de Beau- Sir William de Presenta- 4 Inquiry when William the champ Beauchamp, the tion late rector died, and if the presentee is legi- elder timate. r 292 Saperton Henry de Novo Henry de Lega and Institution 424 The church of Saperton. Burgo Emma his wife 1298Walter de Chil- ff If " 494 To hold with others on tenham account of its poverty. 13oo . It 19 524 Commission to admit. Reginald called Malcol Mussard, m Mussard 1301 Saintsbury /I 540 Church of Seynesbur'. le Porter of Lord of Saints- Pershore, bury clerk 1273 Severn Stoke Andrew de The- Roger de Clifford ,, 54 Vicarage of the church of medebir', dea- Severnestok'. con z 286293 Exors of R.deClifford's Will 99 I, 1289 /1 Andrew Induction 333 Under age and absent. 1293John de Bere- 43o By his proctor. $f 12 wyk 1278 Sedgeberrow John de Wychio, Prior and Convent Admission 103 The church of Segges- clerk of Worcester 1280 barwe. fl If Exchange 125 Proposed exchange with rector of Hampton Lovet. 1281 19 Robert de Grant by Bi- 132 Wychio shop in coalmen- 1284 dam John de Buterl', 226 Custody to his proctor. I, ,, John de Buterleg' Institution 242 Church of Seggeburg. 1285Dispensa- 260 Three years to study. 29 /t tion 1288 19 /9 if 19 Nicholas de Ave- 325 Resignation. Bishop Collation During vacancy of the bur', Bishop's Priory of Worcester. 1293 Saltford clerk ThomasdeWyke, Prior and Convent Institution 429 Vicarage of Saltford. chaplain of Kenilworth 1293 Selve Adam de Ham- Richard de Berton 11 43o Chapel of Selve. bur' 1269 Shipton Nicholas de Dispensa- 26 To study for 3 years. Gretton, rector tion 1291 Henry de Schip- Institution 406 Church of Schipton. ton, clerk '286 Shenyndon Robert de Lech', Citation 295 clerk APPENDIX IV. ccxxxi Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 1278 Shenington Richard de Man- Custody 100 To take charge of the neston, clerk church of Shemyndon. 1279 ,, ,, sub- Abbot and Convent Admission 104 deacon of Tewkesbury 1282 " Nicholas de Ad- Symon Morin Institution 167 Church of Shenyndon. dessoure, priest 99 Pt Agreement 168 Order restoring it to William de Secan. 1283 99 William de Se- Induction 185 Church of Shenindon. cano, chaplain of the Pope 1301 Shipton Champ- Robert de Solers William de Solers, Institution 552 Church of Scypton Cham- flour Lord of Scypton flour. Champflour 1290 Shipton Henry de Ship- Robert Clyve Custody 349 Institution deferred. ton 1297 Shipston on Anketill de Henry le Moygne Institution 488 Church of Shipton. Stour Shipt', priest 5298 21 William de William de Solers Induction 496 Chapel of Schipton, not Schipton instituted as Bishop ill. ft PP 19 P9 Institution 504 1295 Shelne Roger de Mer- Richard called" 430 Chapel of Shelne. ston, priest Bercham 1279 Sezincote William de Che- 117 rynton 5297 chaplain Thomas de Sche- 481 Church of Schesencote. 5 99 Pt sencot 5279 Shireborn Richard de As- Abbot andConvent Admission 104 Vicarage of the church of 5284 ton, chaplain of Winchcomb Shireburn. If lf 242 Submission for non-resi- 1289 19 Henry de Aspes, Master of the dence. Institution 356 Vicarage of the church of t es i r KnightsTemplars Schyreburn. priest Dispensa- 27 Absent for study. 1269 Sirene Upton Walter Fitz tion Warren, rector Custody 44 To Walter de Berton, pre- 127o Slimbridge Simon de Berke- Sir Maurice de Ber- sentee, being under age. keley ley, clerk Institution 63 1274 I; " " Custody 365 William, Chancellor of 1290 ,, Anselm de Gyse, Sir Thomas de Oxford, rector of West- Berkeley aged 13 bury during Bishop's pleasure. 1292 tt 422 Pt426 1278 Sodbury Walter, perpetual Dispensa- 94 To let for 5 years. vicar tion 1300 Sodbury, Great Nicholas called Sacrist of Worces- Institution 524 Morice ter Sodbury, Little John deSywarde- Sir John called I, 537 Chapel of Little Sobbur'. by, acolyte Byssop ccxxxii APPENDIX IV. Year. Acme of Benefice. Name if Clerk. Patron or Person Collection, . presentingindisetion, Page Observations. Institution. 1290 Solbury William de Wor- Sacristan of Wor-;Admission 368 cester 1272 cester Spernour William de Bur- Prioress of Cook- Institution 49 Church of Spernovere. mingham, hill chaplain 1301 1/ Gerard Durvas- If If 545 Chapel of Spernour. sal, acolyte f 1 I* Dispensa- 552 For two years to study. t 286 Spetchley tion 285 Church of Spechesleg. John de Ilme- Lady Matilda de Institution don, chaplain Chirchull 1298 Richard de Bev-' John de Everleya 496 / f " erbourn, chap- 1282 Snitterfield lain Dispensa- 146 To let the church for two William, rector tion years. 1290 " Walter de Can- Induction 342 Church of Snitenefeud. til' Not instituted as not in til Orders. 1268 Stanway Walter de Nep- Abbot and Convent Institution 1 The vicarage of Stanweie. ton, chaplain of Tewkesbury " William de Nor- fl lf 12 ton, chaplain 1269 Stanedis ' l'homas de Stoke Abbot and Convent ., 35 Rectory of the portion of the church of Stanedis of Gloucester that Elias de Bromfeld held. 1300 If II 515 Memorandum as to title of Thomas de Stole. 1269 Stanley Pont- Peter de Tracy Dispensa- 30 To let chapel of Stanley large tion annexed to church of Toddington. 1270 Stanley Regis John le Sage Adam le Despenser Institution 41 Church of Stanley Regis. 1269 Stanton next John de Tue- Resignation 24 Church of Stanton next ing Stanweye. Stanway /1 / / R. de N., clerk AbbotandConvent Institution ,, of Winchcomb 1278 ,, Robert de Resignation 97 Northlech f/ f / William called le Abbot and Convent Institution 96 Venur of Winchcomb 1290 " Henry de Dyde- ,, Induction 365 With thechapel of Snow- brok, priest 1296 Staunton John de laSnede, John de Staunton Admission 480 Church of Staunton. Not instituted, as not la clerk Orders. 1297 Staverton Richard de Ok- Prior of Deerhurst Institution 489 Church of Staverton. ynton, priest 1269 Strensham Andrew de En- Dispensa- 20 Absence for a year for glefeld, rectorstudy. tion I/ If " 24 PI 1 APPENDIX IV. ccxxxiii Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collection, Induction, Pa;,e Institution. Observations. 1278 Strensham 1279 Pf ft 1292 fl 1298 IP 1268 Stoke Giffard 1294 It Walter de Rad- Roger de la Bare Induction 97 Church of Strengesham. ynges, clerk Andrew de En- 109 glefeud 114 } Question as to vacancy. PP PP x 1 8 William de Sir Roger la 410 Bourn, acolyte Warre Richard de Richard le Wane 507 Revocation of letter or Bourne attorney. Walter Mautra- John Giffard Grant in 14 Church of Stoke Giffard. vers commen- dam Walter Besford Prior and Convent Inquisition 438 Jordan de Insula late of Little Malvern rector. John Giffard gave it to Prior John de Wygorn Induction 446 Church of Stoke Giffard on resignation of Walter Beckford, late rector. 454 Appropriation to Little Malvern. SP PP 1300 PP 1269 Stoke le Archer 1270 Stoke 1274 Stoke Prior 1275 fP 1278 PP 1282 IP Roger de Chi- riton 1283 ft ft 1297 ft William de 19 Hengham 1269 Stowell Walter, rector 1270 Stonehouse Hugh de Dynes- Abbess and Con- leg, priest vent of Alnestowa 1298 Stone John Dun of Stafford, clerk 1291 Stowa Martyn de Bolvyl Abbot and Convent of Evesham 1300 Stow (St. Ed- Reginald de PP ward) Wykwane 1298 Stratton John de Cestan- Walter Pickerel eslade, clerk 1290 Stuytenfeld Walter de Canti- Sir John de Canti- lupo, sub- lupo deacon William de Kenepeleye Geoffrey de Cub- Prior and Convent berley of Worcester " /9 " PP PP Institution 536 23 Licence to hear services in chapel. 39 Licence to hold with Broadway. 58 8 85 Writ to put Geoffrey in possession. 147 179 429 Licence 23 To be absent for his poverty. Institution 44 Vicarage of Stanhus. " 494 The chantry of the church of Ston. PP 351 Church of Stowa. PP 539 Church of Stow St. Ed- PP 504 Church or chapel of Strat- ton on resignation of Robert de Cestaneslade. /0 346 Church of Stuytenfeld. r2 ccxxxvi APPENDIX IV. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Obser/atiorts. Institution. rear. Name of Hefted.. Xame of Clerk. 1298 Thornbury Peter de Leyces- 493 Articles against Bishop ter for refusing to institute. 1289 Thornton Adam deOlneya, Queen Eleanor as Induction 326 Not instituted, as not in guardian of Sir clerk Orders. Benedict de Blackeham's lands 1289 Thorteworth John Maunsell, W., Bishop of Elm- Custody clerk ly 1280 Thormerton Lewis de Cockes- Sir Benedict de Induction 120 Church of Thormerton. fold, clerk Blakeham 1289 Adam de Olneya, Queen Eleanor as Institution 33o clerk guardian of heir of Sir Benedict de Blakenham 1290 William de Sta- Richard de la Custody 346 Thomas de Cantok cus- 1293 91 William de Sta- Sir Richard de Institution 433 well Rivere todian. well, clerk Ripariis 1275 Tidrington Robert de Wych, 81 rector 1279 Tisho W., late vicar 105 Sequestrates goods, as vicar has died intestate. Citation of Prior and " II Convent of Stanes claiming to be patrons. " If 19 114 Release of sequestration. 1285 Richard, vicar 255 Bond by Prior of Wotton. 1298 II Hugh de Bidnef, Prior and Convent Induction 496 chaplain of Stanes " ft PI Pf Institution 497 Hugh de Bidnef: 1289 Tisshampton W. de Berton, Robert de Somery Grant in 335 The church of Tisshamp- clerk commen- ton. Admission of Wil- dam Liam Thorndon being delayed for certain causes. Walter, rector Dispensa- 27 To study for 3 years. 1269 Todenham tion 1269 Toddington Peter de Tracy William de Tracy Institution 24 PP /9 PP 29 Order to release seques- tration. If Pt 3o Absence for study. 1299 " John Chaynel, Laurence de Tres- Induction 511 The church of Todyng priest hamp' ton. 283 Tokenden Walter de Stan- Sir Hugh Poinz 221 1 ford 331 1294 1/ Roger de Wyg 439 Submission of Prior of Stanes to Bishop. APPENDIX IV. ccxxxvii Patron or Perim presenting. Coltman, Indurlson, Page Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. NITPIC of Clerk. 1 275 Tortworth 1290 1295 " 1301 11 1281 Tredington 1295 Geoffrey de 85 Writ to put Geoffrey into Cubberley possession. Vacant 368 Custody to Robert de Middleton, clerk. Thomas de la Sir Nicholas de 467 Warde Kyngeston Robert de Hasel- Nicholas de Kyn- Institution 545 Church of Torteworth. shawe, priest geston Walter Fitz Collation 136 Church of Tredynton. Warren Godfrey de Bishop Induction 450 Croom, clerk John of Evereux Institution 461 At the collation of the Bishop. 467 Resignation by John of Evereux. ?I " Thomas of Eve- o Collation ., roux, clerk 1289 Turkdean Robert de Bour- Abbot and Convent` Institution 354 Church of Turkeden. ton, chaplain of Osney I 1275 Twining Richard de Stud-86 Pension (or curate. ley, vicar 3283 Abbot and Convent/ t71 Indemnity as to dispute " Robert de Wychio of Winchcomb 295 on presentation. 1290" Induction 341 tOn resignation of Robert Nicholas dc ,. n $, Mumham Institution 344 i de Wychio. /I 19 Nicholas de Dispensa- 373 To study and let church. Wync' tion 3281 Ullington Abbot of Alcester 134 Articles as to presentation to chapel of Ullinton belonging to church of Peweworth. 1269 Upton Sirene William Fitz Absence for study. Warren, rector 1297 Upton Snodes- Adam Avebury Prior and Convent Induction 484 Church of Opton next bury of Great Malvern Snodesbur'. Snodesbur' 1281 Upton of Brecon Walter Garini, 134 Bull of Pope Martin IV. as to assault by rector. rector 1278 Upton-on-Severn William de Mor- 100 Dispute as to tithe. 1282 dich 149 Appointment of curate, II Peter de Wy. 9, ,, 155 Letter from Bishop. 1283 1, William de Sore- 216 Agreement as to tithes. 19 dich' John de Mon- Bishop Collation 249 The church of Opton upon 3284 mouth, clerk 77 John, son of 11 Severn. 494 Vacant by consecration of 1298 Warren, sub- John of Monmouth, Bi- deacon shop of Llandaff. 1301 Utilicote Robert de Ke- Prior and Convent Institution 546 Church of Utilicote. tene, acolyte of Kenilworth CCX1 APPENDIX IV. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. 1297 Weston under Godfrey de Bishop Edge Crombe, sub- deacon Institution 492 544 Induction 408 1301 If 1292 Weston Birt Elias de Golafre, John le Brut clerk 111 If 1273 Welnford William Rufus, rector Church of Weston next Tettebur'. Not instituted, as not in Orders. Church of Weston junta Tettebur'. Memoranda as to church. Institution 427 55 1290Made a pre- 340 /9 bend of Westbury 1296 Weston on Avon Richard de Tad- Bishop Institution 463 To the parish church of ynton, sub- Weston on Avon, vacant deacon by the resignation of J. de Stan' at collation of Bishop. 1291 Wellesbourne William Rol- Prior and Convent Institution 350 To the vicarage of Welleslandrit,deacon of Kenilworth burn. 1301Robert de Ces- SP Of If 545 tanlade, priest 1298II Roger de Mor- II 5o8 To a chantry in the church 1300 Welland ton, priest of Wellesbourn. Thomas de Prior and Conventft 53z Vicarage of the church of Cleeve Prior, of Little Mal- Wenlond at nomination priest vern of W. de Berton, rector of Bredon. 1269 Weston Maudit William de Pas- Resignation 20 Minister of the chapel of selewe, minis- Weston Maudut. ter 1283Henry de Wolf- John de Langley Institution 17o OP hampton, priest 1281 Whatcote John le Lou, John le Lou, Amice Admission 133 Church of Watcot, not to clerk his wife, Philip le be instituted for a year Lou, Margery his so as to study. Custody wife to John de St. Bride. 1295 Whitchurch William de la Sir John de Mont- Induction Plaunche, fort 455 ChurchofWhitchirch. Not instituted as not present, clerk, an alien nor in Orders. 12989, Alice de Montfort Institution 492 Church of Wytechirch. William de la Induction ,, 11 11 son Not instituted, as not in Plaunche, . acolyte Orders 1299 ,, n 11 Institution 512 APPENDIX IV. CCxii Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. 1283 Winchcomb Walter de Wyke- Abbot i65 wan 180 On death of John Zane-worth. 1275 Winchcomb, St. Richard de Custody 86 Grant of custody to Abbot Mary Studley of Winchcomb. 1270 St. Peter 99 Dispensa- 42 To hold two benefices. tion from Pope 1288 Winchcomb Nicholas de 318 Vicar of parish church, dis- Devises pute as to tithes. /I 99 William de Pres- " 9/ 352 Vicarage of the church of ton, priest Wynch'. 1291 Richard de Der- Abbotand Convent Institution 407 Vicarage of the parish sinton, priest of Winchcomb church of Wynchecumb. 1298 Winstone Richard de Pene- Sir Henry de Pene- 9/ 5o6 To the church of Wynnes- brugg, acolyte brugg ton. 1301 William de Syde, Henry de Pene- ,, 545 sub-deacon brugg 1299 Wichenford Richard de Mad- Prior and Convent Induction 512 To the vicarage of the deleye of Worcester church of Wycheneford. 1283 Wicheford Thomas, rector 18$ 1298 // 99 Induction 495 Vacant by the resignation of Thomas de Wyche-ford. Not instituted, as not in Orders. 1299 // John de Wyche- Sir John de Mohun Institution 513 To the church of Wyche- ford, priest ford. 1283 Wichendon Richard, rector Bishop 215 of Gereford 1277 Wickwar William de Sud- 91 Custody granted to Nicho- leg' 246las de Wodeford. Agree- 247 ment to serve till Wil- liam de Sudley of age. 1278 9/ William de Per- Dispensa- 99 To build hermitage. shore tion 1290Robert de Lond', Sir Roger de la Institution 374 The church of Wykewan. ft clerk and sub- Warre deacon 1294 99 Peter le Blound, Custody 446 Bishop gives custody of clerk church. 1298 9/ Robert de Oy- Induction 495 sterne, priest 1299 91 Nicholas le Bu- Matilda, Countess 19 5 I I tiller, clerk of Warwick 529 Excuse by Nicholas le Bo-tiler for not getting ordained. 1280 Wideford Peter de Alynces- Bishop Collation 286 ter Sir Richard de Wil- liamescote 1300 /9 CCNIii APPENDIX IV. Patron or Perm" presenting. Collation, 'Pine Institution. Year. Name of Benefice. Name of Clerk. Observahaus. 1277 Witley John called Gif- Dispensa- 92 To study for two years. lard, rector 1278 Whiteley tion John de Branes- Sir William de For- Admission 95 The church of Whiteleya. ford, clerk ches Alyna, widow of Hugh de Poher, had presented. 1289 91 Hugh de Calvell. Sir Walter de Cok- Induction 336 Not instituted, as not in clerk seye Orders. Custody to R. de Wychio. 1290 Wik' Risinton Richard de Inge Bishop of Bath and Wells ft 337 Not instituted as absent, and not in Orders. 1283 Wick Episcopi Robert de Cy- tithe. 176As to rencester, vicar 1269 Wlsiaston Henry de Wlsise- Prior of Deerhurst Institution 22 Church of Wlsiaston. ton, clerk 1269 Wolford 2 Grant by Priory of Stifles. 127oWilliam de Me- t, 42 Agreement with Bishop. pham 1275 " William de Ma- 99 76 Ordination of Rector. pham, sub- deacon 1269 Worthe Abbatis Thomas de Ead- Abbot and Convent 29 Grant in commendam by birbir', clerk of Abingdon Walter, Bishop of Salis- bury. 1272 Wolverley Ranulph de Prior and Chapter Institution 5o Church of Wolwardeleg' Pyrie of Worcester 1275 99 /I 74 Letter as to payment of a debt. 1292 " Geoffrey Bacon, 99 It 423 Church of Wolwardeleye. called de North- wico, clerk 1294 William calledIf " 438 Indemnity to Bishop for Housom of instituting. Gloucester, clerk 1295 Walter called n 451 Housom 1300 99 Stephen de Hou- ft tf 528 som, clerk 1279 Wolston Richard deMora, Prior of Deerhurst Induction 1i7 The Church of Wolston. chaplain 214 2 Admission Admi 1283 Wolwardynton Walter de Wol- wardynton, chaplain 1274 Wotton Simon, vicar Licence 6o To get altar consecrated. 1293 ft William de Custody 433 Committal of custody of Chyreton church of St. Mary of Wotton. 1285 f f J. de Barquarto, Abbot of Couches Recalled 266 prior APPENDIX IV. ccxliii Year. Name of Beneflre. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person Collation, presenting.. Induction, Page Institution. Observations. 497 Grant of Zio a year from Hembury in the Salt Marsh. 2285 Wotton R. de Pavilliaco Abbot of Couches Institution 275 1290 ft John de Broyca fl 1291 /9 R. de Vienn' Custody If It W. de Chyrynton 1300 ft John de Avrion, Prior and Convent Institution monk of Couches by their Proctor 1301 Wotton next Adam de Orleton Abbot and Convent 543 Commission to clerks of Kingswood of St. Augustine, the Archbishop to in- Bristol stitute. 1295 Worminton Richard de Mal- Robert de Wode- 462 The church of Wormyn- meshull, clerk ham, lord of Little thon. Wormynton 1291 Wormington, Walter de Bode- ham, a minor Custody 382 To Henry de Culm'. Little Pt ft I/ 456 To Valentine de Tangel, official of the archdeacon of Gloucester. 341 351 394 527 Prior on resignation of John de Barquarto. As prior. Of the church. Of the church. To the priory and church of Wotton. Worcester 2268 St. Alban Robert de Nor- Abbot and Convent Institution 5 ton, chaplain of Evesham 1295 ft Henry de Neu- Induction 455 Not instituted, as not in wenham, clerk Orders. 2282 St. Andrew William de Prior and Convent Admission 168 Not instituted, as not in Winchcumb of Worcester Priest's Orders. 1283 II tt ff Institution 201 2278 St. Clement Peter de Dod- ,/ IP 94 denham, chap-' lain 1291 t, Richard de Stok- tf " 405 ton, priest 2287 Carnarie 308 New ordinance for the Carnarie. tt ft Hugh de Wa- PP 309 Master of the Carnarie of lineford, priest Worcester. Licence to 2289 f f 336 go on a pilgrimage. 2287 p, 9 309 Grant of 33s. 4.d. 1292 ff John de Fecken- ft 424 ham, master 1298 ft ,, John de Stanwey Bishop ,, William de Mo ,, lend', clerk John de Fecken- hamCollation 254 27o Grant in commendam. Induction 308 336 t Annexation to Worcester 424 J Carnarie. 2255, St. Helen I I It 1287 PI 1292 ff ccxliv APPENDIX IV. Year. Name of Bounce. Name of Clerk. Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Page Observations. Institution. Worcester 1300 St. John Robert de Cy- 443 Appointed penitentiary. rencester 1294 Walter de Est- Institution 527 Collated to the church of ham, priest St. John of Worcester. 1269,' Juliana the An- 35 Ordinance of the Anchor- choress age. 1283 St. Laurence Gilbert de Kym- Cardinal Hugh de Collation 17o Probably a mistake for ton Evesham Evesham. 1279 St. Martin Robert de Belne, Prior and Convent Custody 106 Until he shall be ordained clerk of Worcester in Holy Orders. 1292Walter de Kemp- ,' ,, Induction 428 sey, acolyte 128o St. Michael William de Nor- Nicholas, Sacristan t1 124 The church of St. Michael, ton, priest of Worcester in the churchyard of the church of Worcester. 1300 , William de N., Sacrist of Wor- If 524 Bromhal cester 1283 St. Nicholas Walter de Wes- Collation 175 Vacant by the death of ton, chaplain Henry the last rector. 1291 1, Walter, rector 395 Dispute with schoolmaster. 1276 St. Peter of Richard de William Beau- Presenta- 89 The chapel of St. Peter the Castle Poywyk champ, Earl of tion of the castle in Wor- Warwick cester. 1289 St. Peter the Peter de Piriton, Induction 335 To the church of St. Peter Great sub-deacon the Great of Worcester. 1301 If Andrew de Lega, Abbot and Convent Institution 544 One year for studying. sub-deacon of Pershore 1272 Priory Richard de Dum- so Death. bleton ft 1t William de Ci- Bishop 51 Elected as Prior. rencester 1274 11 Richard de Fec- ,. 62 If kenham 11 It Philip Aubyn " 304 11 1 287 feet ,, 325 t1 1297 11 Simon de Wyre 481 Confirmation by Bishop. 1301 "411 547 Retirement. ft 11 John de Wyk' ,, Confirmation as Prior. 128o Sacristan Thomas de 11 123 In place of Nicholas de Hyndeltp' Norton, resigned. 11 /9 N. de Norton 32o Deposing J. de Dumbleton and putting N. de Norton in his place. 1290 %. J. de Dumbleton Deprivation 366 1283 All Saints Nicholas de Ave- 218 Undertaking by Rector. bury 11 11 William de Wero- Induction 340 menystr', clerk If " John Guynny, Prior and Convent tt 370 Not instituted, as not in clerk of Worcester Orders. APPENDIX IV. Ccxlv Year. Name of Benefice. Mime of Clerk. Page Observations. 456 498 Dispute between Richard de Norton, presented to church, and John called Gunny, incumbent. Worcester 1295 All Saints 1298 John called Tonni, priest Institution The King Patron or Person presenting. Collation, Induction, Institution. Richard de Nor- Prior and Convent Institution 504 ton, priest of Worcester 1297 St. Swithin Henry de la Lee, Prior and Convent Institution 484 d b of Worcester su Chantry Richard de Non- Dispensa- 265 Leave of absence for 3 inton, priest298 years. 1 /I tion Walter de Wall Henry de la Lee, Institution 5o6 Chantry which Richard de priest rector Norton held. ll a Wroxh 1285 Sibbilla d'Abetot Prioress 256 1 1292 Wylars' John de Alves- Abbot andConvent Institution 409 cot, priest of Evesham 1298 Wythinton Walter de Chil- Henry de Leye, and 1, 494 tenham, rector Emma his wife 1269 Wyntinton Walter de Chilt- Sir Richard de Licence ham 33 To hold the church with Crupes Ameneye St. Mary 1275 Wydinton Richard de 68 Chaplain there. Sancto Augus- tino 1283 Wydindon Richard de Fort- Institution hull, chaplain 200 Church of Wydindon. h 1289 ,, R. de Vasto Induction 331 al Prato 1290Dispensa- 505 13 7, For illegitimacy. 1 tion 1271 Yate Thomas de Glou- cester, rector 47 To study Theology and 77 81 Canon Law for 3 years. 1297 Yardley Ralph de Heng- am Citation 487 For pluralities. ha Adam de Quix- 1269 Ylmedon Custody 25 leg Ywele William le ye- ,. nur, rector Dispensa- 1 t Absence for a year to tion study. II



THERE are no Registers of those Bishops whose names are printed in italics. When the names of the Bishops are bracketed there are only fragments of the Register existing. If not otherwise stated the Registers are in one volume. The "Sede Vacante" Register extends from 1302 to 1435. Where the words "Sede Vacante" are not inserted between the names of the Bishops the Register for that vacancy is wanting.

The dates given for the commencement of the Epicopate are those of the consecration of the Bishop if consecrated to Worcester, or of the translation if translated to Worcester; as to the end of the Episcopate, the dates are those of translation if translated elsewhere, or of death, or resignation.

Sede Vacante, John de la Wyke, priorJune to Oct. 1302.
Ginsborough1302 -17 Sept. 1307.
Sede Vacante, John de la Wyke1307 Oct. 13, 1308.
Reynolds1308 Oct. 1313.
Sede Vacante, John de la Wyke1313 April. 1314.
Maydeston1314-28 March, 1317.
Sede VacanteMarch to Nov. 1317.
Cobham1317-27 Aug. 1327.
Hemenhale1337-21 Dec. 1338.
Sede VacanteDec. 1338 Apr. 1339.
Bransford1339-6 Aug. 1349.
Sede VacanteAug. 1349-1350.
Sede Vacante1352-1353.

APPENDIX V. ccxlvii

Reginald Brian1353 to Dec. 1361. 2 vols.
Sede Vacante1361-10 March, 1362.
Sede VacanteApril July, 1364.
Lynn1368-1373, Nov. 18.
Sede Vacante18 Nov. 1373-28 Oct. 1375.
Wakefield1375-1395, March 11.
Sede VacanteMarch Aug. 1395.
Winchcombe1395-1401, June 13.
Sede VacanteJune to Oct. 1401.
Clifford1401, Oct. 9-1407.
Sede VacanteOct. Nov. 1407.
Peverell1407-1419, March 2.
Sede VacanteMarch Dec. 1419.
Morgan1419-3 Dec. 1426.
Polton1426-1433, Aug. 23.
Sede VacanteAug. 1432 May, 1435. [1]
Carpenter1444-1477. 2 vols.
John de Giglis1497, 10 Sept.-1498, 25 Aug.
Silvester de Giglis1498-1521, 16 April.
Julius de Medici1521-1522.
Jerome Ghinuciis1522-1535.
Hugh Latimer} 1535, 26 Sept. 1539 1 July, resigned.
John Bell} 1539, 17 Aug.-1543, Nov. 17, resigned.
Nicholas Heath} 1543-1553.
John Hooper} 1553-1554, deposed.

[1] The Sede Vacante Register ends with the enthronement of Bouchier.

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