Bishops' Registers

Whilst producing the lists of clergy and benefice occupancy for Hereford Diocese, it became possible to produce transcribed registers much more easily than I had imagined. As a consequence I've added below a selection of the transcribed registers of the bishops of Hereford and Worcester I've been able to produce. This is work in progress and some registers are only available in part.

Diocese of Worcester

The Worcester "Sede Vacante" register merits special attention because of its size and complexity. It was produced in four parts by its Editor, J.W. Bund, over a number of years. Each part begins with an Introduction and a final, General Introduction, was included immediately before the Appendix. This web-based presentation has been divided into the four constituent parts, with the Contents, Appendix and Index provided separately. The intermediate Index, and lists of Benefices and Patrons, which were included by J.W. Bund with Part III have been omitted because they are incomplete and their contents replaced by the Appendix and Index included with Part IV. The map of the web-based presentation has been added to assist readers.

Transcription of the register of Bishop Godfrey Giffard (1268) is still in progress but the fragments below might be of use.

The register of William Ginsborough (1303) and its index are complete.

Diocese of Hereford

Corrections and Comments

Despite my best attempts to ensure the data is accurate, the processes involved are prone to error and it's quite likely there are some mistakes. I would therefore be grateful if users who are aware of a mistake and know how to correct the information would contact me with their correction. To do so, please use my contact details.

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