Appendix to the Worcester "REGISTRUM SEDE VACANTE".


THIS Appendix contains three lists which have been compiled to illustrate the distribution of the patronage of the benefices in the diocese in the 14th and 15th centuries.

No. 1. is an alphabetical list of all benefices and patrons in the diocese that are mentioned or referred to in the Sede Vacante Register during the vacancy of the See. It will be found that the names of 332 benefices with their patrons are given; of these 262 were in ecclesiastical, and the remaining 72 were in lay patronage.

No. 2. shews the distribution of ecclesiastical patronage among the different religious bodies; the results are curious. Gloucester and Tewkesbury seem to be the great patrons of ecclesiastical benefices, Worcester was not really so rich in benefices as might have been expected.

No. 3. shews the distribution of lay patronage. It will be seen that at the head of the list stood the King, but he appears in at least three capacities, (1) as sovereign, (2) as feudal guardian, (3) as acting for the bishop during a vacancy of the see; the Beauchamps seem to have been the great owners. It will also be noticed that those presentations in lay hands were usually connected with some estate, property, or office, and are never found as now, severed from everything, and merely held in gross. By far the largest portion of the preferments were owned in the diocese, so the livings when they fell vacant were usually given to people in the diocese, which probably helped to maintain its strong individuality.

A list of the names of Popes, Kings, Archbishops, Priors, and Archdeacons, during each vacancy, is added.


AbbelenchSimon le Brune
Acton TorvileKeeper of the Church of Tormestone
AdrestonAbbey of Tewkesbury
AlcesterPrior of Churchill
" Chantry of VirginSir William Botiler
AldermistonAbbey of Pershore
AlmondesburyAbbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol
Ammeney, Holy CrossAbbey of Tewkesbury
ArlinghamAbbot of Gloucester
ArrowSir Thomas Burdet
AstleySir Nicholas Lyllyng
Aston CantelowRobert Maudyt
"Priory of Studley
"Priory of Maxstoke
Aston-under-EdgeLady Matilda de Stafford
Aston SomervylleWilliam Somervylle
AtherstonAbbey of Tewkesbury
BacheshereThomas de Hodynton
Badmington MagnaAbbey of Lilleshall
BagedenChaplain of Trinity Chantry, Cirencester
BarndesleyEarl of Hereford and Essex
BeaudesertPeter de Montfort
BeckfordPriory of Neuent
"The King
BegworthPrioress of Usk
Belne BroctonAlienora, Lady of Sudeley
BelmebroktonThe King
BeoleyAbbey of Alcester
Bernynton MagnaPriory of Llanthony
BerstonThomas Erdyngton and Sibyl his wife
BillesleyeSir William Trussell, John Trussell
Bishop's HamptonThe King (Sede Vacante)
BladyntonAbbey of Winchcombe
Blockley (Chantry of Virgin)The King (Sede Vacante)
Bodebroke (Chantry)Canons of Warwick
"Rector of Bodebrook
BrailesPrior of Kenilworth
BradewellAbbey of Evesham


Bradeston (Chantry)Richard de Sancto Mauro
BredicoteWilliam de Defford
BrimsfieldPrior of Brimsfield
"The King
All Saints' (Chantry)Mayor of Bristol
2nd Chantry"
Fifth Chantry of Canons"
All Saints'Abbey of St. Augustine, Bristol
Holy TrinityAbbot of Tewkesbury
St. AndrewAbbey of Tewkesbury
St. John"
St. Michael"
St. NicholasAbbey of St. Augustine, Bristol
St. OwenAbbey of Tewkesbury
St. Philip and St. James"
BroadwayAbbey of Pershore
"The King
BroadwasPriory of Worcester
BrocworthPriory of Llanthony
BroomePrioress of Brewoode
BroughtonAbbey of Evesham
Broughton HackettSir Nicholas Burnell
ByshamptonPrioress of Cokhull
CambruggeMaurice de Berkeley
Campden, Chapel of St. CatherineEarl of Gloucester
"T. de Ludlow, Lord of a moiety
Chaddesley CorbetSir William Corbet
CharfieldSir Peter de Veel
"John de Veel
ChepyngkyngtonePriory of Kenilworth
CheryngtonRobert de la More
CheddworthThe Abbey of Lyra
"The King


Chokenhull in the parish of LeighAbbey of Pershore
Churchill (Kidderminster)Thomas Dykyns
ChurchullSir John Wysham
Cirencester, Chantry of Holy TrinityJohn Bylbury and Thomas Lane
ClaverdonArchdeacon of Worcester
Cleeve PriorPriory of Worcester
Clifton next BristolSir John de Sancto Laudo
Clyve EpiscopiThe King
Cold AstonPrior of Bath
"Prior of Minorites, Malvern
CoktonPriory of Studley
CondicoteEdward de Stonor
"The King
Compton WiniatesLord Stafford
CottonAbbey of Evesham
Comberton, LittleThomas Beauchamp
CoughtonPrior of Studley
CoulsbournPrior of Llanthony
CowleyAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
CroomeWilliam d'Abitot
Croome d'AbitotRichard Abitot
CrowleHospital of St. Wolstan,Worcester
CudberleyThe King as guardian of Giles de Berkeley
"Giles Brugge
Culme St. DenisPriory of Deerhurst
"The King
Culme RogerAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
DagelyngworthAbbess of Godstow
DaylesfordeMiles de Hastings
DeerhamThe King
"John Kemys
"Eleanor Russell
"Sir R. Aston
DeerhurstAbbey of St. Denis
Dichford FraryJohn Brailles


Dichford FriaryAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
DodderhillPrior of Worcester
DodyntonPriory of Worcester
Dontesbourne MilitisJohn le Rous
DorsyntonSarah de Pryeyeris
DoyntonPriory of Llanthony
Down HatherlyKatherine Beauchamp
DoverdaleSir William Bishopsdon
"Sir Humphry Stafford
"John Bracy, jun.
DoyntonSir William Traci
"Prior of Llanthony
DudleyWilliam Pirey
DumbletonAbbey of Abingdon
Duntesbourne AbbatisAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
DursleyAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
DydebrookAbbey of Hailes
EccleshallPriory of Kenilworth
EckingtonAbbey of Pershore
EyfordJohn Rous, William Gille
EggeworthThomas Fabyan, Eva his wife, Rose, sister to Eva, and John Coof
EggesworthThomas Raleigh
EldersfieldPriory of Little Malvern
ElmelodeRichard le Porter
Elmley CastleThomas, Earl of Warwick
Elmley LovetEarl of Warwick
ElvestonPriory of Bath
ElbryghtonAbbot of Bytlesdon
EstleechAbbey of Tewkesbury
Estleigh (St. Martin)Prior of Little Malvern
ErlynghamAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
EvenlodePeter de Evenlode
"Peter Deyvyle
EystonJohn Kemys


FeckenhamAbbey of Lyra
"The King
FladburySir John de Brailes
FlavelAlexander Besford
FolebrookNicholas de Warwick
Frampton on SevernPrior of Clifford
FreethernGeoffrey de Freethern
FultonJohn de Fulton
FyltonMargaret Seebroke
St. Margaret's ChantryAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
St. Margaret's Chapel"
St. Mary before the Gate"
St. John"
All Saints'Prior of Llanthony
Holy TrinityThe King
GunelodeRichard Delvyle
Guyting inferiorPrior of St. John of Jerusalem
HabelenchRector of Fladbury
HaggeleyEdmund de Haggeley
HailesAbbey of Hailes
HalesowenAbbey of Halesowen
"Priory of Welbeck
Hampton LovettThomas Blount
" Chantry of St. AnneCanons of Lichfield
"Sir Thomas Blount
Hanley CastlePriory of Little Malvern
"Earl of Warwick
HoltJohn de Beauchamp
"Priory of Worcester
HarenhullRobert de Harenhull
"Sir John de Wynnyton
HaseleyePriory of St. Sepulchre, Warwick
HaselourSir William de Meldon


HarsefieldPriory of Llanthony
HartleburyThe King
HatheroppAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
HawkesburyAbbey of Pershore
Hembury SaltmarshThe King
IlmyndonSir William Mountford
InkberrowBishop of Hereford
IweleAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
K., Church ofThe King
KekyngwychJohn Kekynwych
KemesfordAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
KempseyThe King
KemertonSir Giles Beauchamp
"Lord Abergavenny
KenemartonJohn de Ferariis
Kidderminster, Chantry of VirginHugh de Dokesley
KinwartonThe King (Sede Vacante)
KyntonPrior of Kenilworth
KinletAbbot of Wigmore
LapworthMerton College, Oxford
Langebrugge next Berkeley, Warden of Hospital ofBishop of Worcester
LappeworthPriory of Maxstoke
LascheberewJohn Greville
LechladeDuke of York
Lega, Portion of Chokenhull in church ofAbbey of Pershore
Lega, Portion of Kymenhale in church of"
Lega, chapel ofThe King
Leech AndrewAbbey of Tewkesbury
Lench RoculfEarl of Warwick
Littelton on SevernAbbey of Malmesbury
LongdonAbbot of Westminster
LytethurnEarl of Warwick


MadresfieldPrior of Christchurch, Canterbury
"Walter de Bracy
Malvern, GreatPriory of Malvern
MarsefieldAbbey of Tewkesbury
HartleyWilliam Rede
Marston SiccaPrior of Worcester
MaltesdeneAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
MinchinhamptonThe King
MortonAbbey of Evesham
Morton AbbotMalcolm Mussard, Lord of Morton
Morton BagotSir William Trussell
Morton BrutRichard Ruyhal
Morton UnderhillJoan Comyn
MusarderHugh le Despencer
"Earl of Kent
NaffordRoger Golafre
NewellAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
NewingtonEarl of Warwick
"Abbey of Gloucester
Newington on CotteswoldPriory of Little Malvern
North CerneyLord Stafford
NorthfieldPriory of Dudley
NorthleachAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
North PideleSir Henry de Segrave
Nuns Hampton, Chantry of VirginRector of Nuns Hampton
NyndesfieldAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
Newbold PaceyQueen's Hall, Oxford
OddingleyThe King as guardian of Edmund Mortimer
OldburyJoan Burdon
OldberrowAbbey of Evesham
OldswinfordSir Hugh Burnell
Old SodburySacristan of Cathedral
OlvestonPriory of Bath
OmbersleyAbbey of Evesham


OselworthAbbey of St. Peter, Gloucester
OtyndonArchbishop of York
"Preceptor of Cathedral of York
Over, Chantry ofKatharine de Berkele, Lady of Wotton
OverswelleAbbey of Evesham
OxshulmeSir John de la Hale
"The King as guardian of Sir John
PebbemoreRichard Clodeshale
Pershore St. AndrewAbbey of Pershore
Pershore, Chantry of St. Edburgh"
Pershore, Chantry of"
PillardingtonJohn de Hercy
PinnocschireThe King
PokyntonRector of Olveston
PokelelchurchBishop of Bath and Wells
"Sub-Dean and Chapter of Wells
PokyntonThomas and Joan Toky
PrestonAbbey of Cirencester
Preston BagotWilliam, Earl of Warwick
"Baldwin Freville
Preston next HanleyWilliam, Earl of Warwick
PynnuchyrAbbey of Hayles
PypeltonRobert Russell
QuenyngtonPrior of St. John of Jerusalem
QuyntonAbbess of Pollesworth
Ripple, Chantry of NewtonJ. Salamon
RodmertonRoger Capes and Margaret his wife
RokyntonAbbey of Reading
RowellAbbey of Winchcombe
RondecombeEarl of Stafford
"Ann, Countess of Stafford
Ryndecombe" "
Rysyndon MagnaWilliam Wyshehale


Rysyndon MagnaWalter de Hisle
SaltfordPrior of Kenilworth
SalwarpEarl of Warwick
"King as guardian
SapertonWalter de Hisle
SchenindonAbbey of Tewkesbury
Schelne (Hanbury)Lucy Bartram (Lady of Schelne)
SchesyncoteJohn Throckmorton
"William Wollashill
ShiptonRobert de Solers
Shipton SolersRichard Monemouth
Shipton MoigneThe King as guardian to John Morgan
Shelsley BeauchampSir John Whysham
ShirbournPrior of St. John of Jerusalem
ShrawleyEarl of Warwick
"R. Beauchamp
SlimbridgeP. de Berkeley
SomersstokeRoger de Clifford, Lord Westmoreland
Sodbury, LittleRector of Holy Trinity, Gloucester
Sodbury ParvaBeatrice Everard
South CerneyAbbey of Gloucester
SouthropPrior of St. John of Jerusalem
SpetchleyWilliam Golafre
"William Spetchley
"John Spetchley
SpernorAbbess of Cokehull
StauntonGuy Whytington
"Priory of Deerhurst
Staunton in FossE. le Despenser
StanwayAbbey of Tewkesbury
StoneAbbey of Evesham
StowelleAdam Martell
"Martin Clifford
StonehouseAbbess of Elnynstouwe


Stratford on Avon
StrenshamRobert Russell
Stretton on FossWalter Pickard
SuckleyMaster of Fotheringay
SuttonAbbey of Westminster
Swelle UpperAbbey of Evesham
Swelle InferiorAbbey of Nutteleye
SydeThomas de Berkeley
"Sir John de Berkeley
TardebiggeAbbey of Bordesley
TetburyAbbey of Eynsham
ThormertonSir John de St. Philibert
"The King
"Rector and convent of Edyndon
TokyntonThomas and John Toky
ToneworthPriory of Kenilworth
"Priory of Maxstoke
TortworthSir Peter de Veel
TredyngtonThe King
TwiningAbbey of Winchcomb
TybertonPriory of Worcester
TyrnleyPriory of Deerhurst
"The King
UlleburghAbbey of Evesham
Upton SnodsburyPriory of Malvern
Upton on SevernThe King
Upton WarrenEarl of Warwick
Walton (Chantry)Prior of Kenilworth
Walton Devyle (Chantry)"
WappeleyAbbey of St. Augustine, Bristol
Warwick, St. John in the MarketplaceCollegiate Church of Warwick and John Bukyngham
St. JamesEarl of Warwick
St. Mary, prebend of Compton MurdakJohn de Bukyngham
Warwick, St. Michael'sDean of St. Mary's, Warwick


Warwick, Chapel of St. Michael'sEarl of Warwick
St. Michael's Hospital"
Prebend in Collegiate Church"
Deanery of St. Mary's, Warwick"
WarndonWilliam Bracy
WalenefordPriory of Deerhurst
WenlondPriory of Little Malvern
Weston on AvonPrioress of Whiston, Worcester
Weston BirtMargaret, widow of John Giffard
"Sir Thos. Beaugnount
Westbury, Prebend atKing (Sede Vacante)
Prebend of HemburyThe King
Prebend at"
WhitchurchSir Peter de Mountfort
Whitton next Wych St. PeterPriory of Studley
WitleyeWalter de Kokeseye
Witley, LittleJohn de Beauchamp
WillarseyAbbey of Evesham
Winterbourn (Chantry)Thomas Bradston
WolvardeleyePriory of Worcester
WolverdyntonEarl of Warwick
WoodchesterJohn Maltravers
"Edmund de Bereford
Worcester, All Saints'Priory of Worcester
"Sir John Talbot
Charnel ChapelKing (Sede Vacante)
St. Alban'sAbbey of Evesham
" "Abbey of Winchcombe
St. ClementPriory of Worcester
St. Martin (Chantry)Rector of St. Martin
St. Oswald's HospitalThe King (Sede Vacante)
"The Sacristan
St. SwithinPriory of Worcester
St. Wolstan HospitalKing (Sede Vacante)
Wormynton, LittleWalter Bodenham
" "John Bodenham


WottonSt. Peter of Chastillon of Couches
Wotton under EdgeThomas Berkeley
Wych, Hospital of the Virgin atPriory of Worcester
St. AndrewPriory of Deerhurst
" "The King
WychefordRichard le Strange, and his wife Constance
Wyke and St. JohnPriory of Worcester
WynrychPriory of Llanthony
WynstonEdmund, Earl of March
"Duke of York
WytechurchAlice de Montfort
Wytton next WychPrior of Studley
WyllesbournePrior of Kenilworth


Abingdon, Abbey ofDumbleton
Alcester, Priory ofBeoley
Bath, Prior ofCold Aston
Bath and Wells, Bishop ofPokelechirch
Battlesdene, Abbot ofElbryghton
Bordesley AbbeyTardebigge
Brewoode, Prioress ofBrome
Brimsfield, Prior ofBrimsfield
Bristol, Abbey of St. AugustineAlmondsbury
"All Saints', Bristol
"St. Nicholas, Bristol
Canterbury, Christ Church, Priory ofMadresfield
Cirencester, Abbey ofPreston
Churchill, Priory ofAlcester


Cokehull, Prioress ofByshampton
Clifford, Priory ofFrampton on Severn
Couches, Abbey of St. Peter of Chastillon ofWotton
Deerhurst, Priory ofCulme St. Denis
"Wych, St. Andrew
Dudley, Priory ofNorthfield
Evesham, Abbey ofBradewell
"Swelle, Upper
"Worcester, St. Alban
Eynsham, Abbey ofTetbury
Fotheringay, Master ofSuckley
Gloucester, Abbey of St. Peter'sArlingham
"Culme Roger
"Duntesborne Abbatis
"Gloucester, St.Margaret's Chantry
"St. Margaret's Chapel
"St. Mary before the Gate
"St. John's


Gloucester, Abbey of St. Peter'sHatheropp
"South Cerney
Godstow, Abbess ofDagelyngworth
Halesowen, Abbey ofHalesowen
Hayles, Abbey ofDydebrook
Jerusalem, Prior of St. John ofGuyting Inferior
Kenilworth, Priory ofBrailes
Lilleshall, Abbey ofBadmynton Magna
Llanthony, Priory ofBernynton Magna
"Gloucester, All Saints'


Llanthony, Priory ofWynrych
Lyra, Abbey ofCheddworth
Malmesbury, Abbey ofLittleton on Severn
Malvern, Great, Priory ofGreat Malvern
"Upton Snodsbury
" Little, Priory ofEldersfield
"Estleech (St. Martin)
"Hanley Castle
"Newington on Cotteswold
Maxstoke, Priory ofAston Cantelow
Newent, Priory ofBeckford
Oxford, Merton CollegeLapworth
" Queen's HallNewbold Pacey
Pershore, Abbey ofAldermirston
"Chokenynhall, portion in Leigh
"Leigh, portion of Kymenhall
"Pershore, St. Andrew
"Chantry of St. Edburgh
Pollesworth, Abbey ofQuynton
Reading, Abbey ofRokynton
St. Denis, Abbey ofDeerhurst
Studley, Priory ofAston Cantelow
"Wytton next Wych
Tewkesbury, Abbey ofAdreston


Tewkesbury, Abbey ofAmmeney, Holy Cross
"Bristol, Holy Trinity
"" St. Andrew
"" St. Andrew
"" St. John
"" St. Michael
"" St. Owen
"" St. Philip and St. James
"Lech Andrew
Usk, Prioress ofBegworth
Warwick, Canons ofBodebrook (Chantry)
" "Warwick, St. John in Market Place
" Priory of St. SepulchreHaseleye
Welbeck, Priory ofHalesowen
Westminster, Abbey ofLongdon
Wigmore, Abbey ofKinlet
Winchcombe, Abbey ofBladyngton
Worcester, Hospital of St. WolstanCrowle
Worcester, Priory ofBroadwas
"Cleeve Prior
"Worcester, All Saints
"St. Clement
"St. Swithin
"St. Wolstan Hospital
"Wych, Hospital of the Virgin
"Wyke and St. John's
Prioress of WhistonWeston on Avon



Bath and Wells, Bishop ofPokelelchurch
Bodebrook, Rector ofBodebrook
Edynton, Rector ofThormerton
Fladbury, Rector ofHabblench
Hereford, Bishop ofInkberrow
Lichfield, Canons ofChantry of St. Ann
"Hampton Lovett
Nun's Hampton, Rector ofNun's Hampton
"Chantry of Virgin
Olvreston, Rector ofPokynton
Tormeston, Keeper of Church ofActon Torville
Wells, Sub-dean and Chapter ofPockelelchurch
Worcester, Archdeacon ofClaverdon
" St. Martin, Rector of Chantry ofSt. Martin
" Sacristan of CathedralOld Sodbury
York, Archbishop ofOtyndon
" Precentor of Cathedral of"


Lay Patrons.Benefices.
Abergavenny, LordKemerton
Acton, Sir R.Deerham
Bartram, Lucy (Lady of Schelne)Schelne
Burnell, Sir NicholasBroughton Hackett
Besford, AlexanderFlavell
Beauchamp, ThomasLittle Comberton


Lay Patrons.Benefices.
Beauchamp, KatherineDown Hatherley
" John deHolt
" Sir GilesKemerton
" R.Shrawley
" Sir ThomasWeston Birt
" John deLittle Witley
Bereford, Edmund deWoodchester
Berkeley, Maurice deCambrugge
" GilesCudberley
" P. deSlimbridge
Berkeley, Thomas deSyde
" Sir John de"
" ThomasWootton under Edge
Berkele, Katharine de, Lady of WoottonOver, Chantry of
Bishopdon, Sir WilliamDoverdale
Blount, ThomasHampton Lovett
Blount, Sir ThomasHampton Lovett, Chantry of St. Ann
Boddenham, WalterWormyngton, Little
" John" "
Botiler, Sir WilliamAlcester, Chantry of the Virgin
Bradicote, ThomasWinterbourn Chantry
Bracey, Walter deMadresfield
" John (Junior)Doverdale
" WilliamWarndon
Brailes, JohnDitchford Friary
" Sir John deFladbury
Bristol, Mayor ofBristol, All Saints' Chantry
"" 2nd Chantry
"" 5th Chantry
Brune, Simon leAbblench
Brugges, GilesCudberley
Burdet Sir ThomasArrow
Burnell, Sir HughOldswinford
Buckingham, John deWarwick, St. Mary
"Prebend of Compton
Bylbury, JohnCirencester Chantry

cxviii APPENDIX.

Lay Patrons.Benefices.
Capes, Roger, and Margaret his wifeRodmerton
Clifford, Roger deSomerstoke
" MartinStowelle
Clodeshale, RichardPebmore
Comyn, JoanMoreton Underhill
Coof, JohnEggesworth
Corbet, Sir WilliamChaddesley Corbet
D'Abitot, RichardCroom d'Abitot
", WilliamCroome
Delvyle, RichardGunelode
", PeterEvenlode
Despenser, Hugh leMusarder
Defford, William deBredicote
Dykyns, ThomasChurchill (Kidderminster)
Erdynton, Thomas, and Sibyl his wifeBerston
Evenlode, Peter deEvenlode
Everard, BeatriceSodbury parva
Fabian, Thomas de, and Eva, his wifeEggworth
Ferariis, John deKenemarton
Freethern, Geoffrey deFreethern
Freville, BaldwinPreston Bagot
Fulton, John deFulton
Grenville, JohnLascheberrew
Greville, JohnTortworth
Gifford, John, Margaret, widow ofWeston Birt
Giles, WilliamEyford
Gloucester, Earl ofCampden, Chapel of St. Catherine
Golafre, RogerNafford
" WilliamSpetchley
Hastings, Miles deDaylesford
Haggeley, Edmund deHagley


Lay Patrons.Benefices.
Hale, Sir John de laOxshulme
Harenhull, Robert deHarenhull
Hereford and Essex, Earl ofBarnsdesley
Hisle, Walter deSaperton
Hercy, John dePillardington
Kekyngwych, JohnKekyngwych
Kemys, JohnEyston
Kent, Earl ofMusarder
"Belne Brockton
"Clyve Episcopi
" as guardian of Giles de BerkeleyCudberley
"Hembury Saltmarsh
"Kemerton (Sede Vacante)
"Lega, Chapel of
" " of Edmund MortimerOddingley
" "Pinnocschire
" " of Walter de HisleSapperton
" " of John MorganShipton Moigne
"Westbury, 3 prebends
"Worcester Charnel Chapel (Sede Vacante)
"St. Oswald's (Sede Vacante)
"St. Wolstan (Sede Vacante)
"Wych, St. Andrew


Lay Patrons.Benefices.
Kokeseye, WalterWitleye
Lyllying, Sir NicholasAstley
Lane, ThomasCirencester, Church of Holy Trinity
Ludlow, T. deCampden, Chapel of St. Catherine
Maltravers, JohnWoodchester
March, Edward, Earl ofWynston
Martell, AdamStouelle
Maudyt, RobertAston Cantelow
Montfort, Alice deWytechurch
" Sir Peter deWhitchurch
" Sir WilliamIlmyndon
" Peter deBeaudesert
Monemouth, RichardShipston Solers
More, Robert de laCheryngton
Musarde, Malcolm, Lord of NewtonMusarder
Pirey, WilliamDoynton
Pickard, WalterStretton-on- Foss
Porter, Richard leElmclode
Raleigh, ThomasEggsworth
Rede, WilliamMartley
Rous, John leEyford
"Dontesburn Militis
Russell, RobertPypelton
" EleanorDeerham
Ruyhal, RichardMorton Burt
Salamon, J.Ripple, Chantry of Newton
St. Philibert, Sir John deThormerton
Sancto Laudo, Sir John deClifton next Bristol
Sancto Mauro, Richard deBradeston Chantry


Lay Patrons.Benefices.
Seagrave, Sir Henry deNorth Pidele
Seebroke, MargaretFylton
Solers, Robert deShipton
Somervylle, WilliamAston Somervylle
Spetchley, WilliamSpetchley
" JohnSpetchley
Stafford, Earl ofCompton Winiates
" Earl ofRondecombe
" LordNorth Cernys
" Ann, Countess ofRyndecombe
" Sir HumphreyDoverdale
Strange, Richard le, and Constance his wifeWycheford
Sudeleye, Alienora, Lady ofBelne Brocton
Stonor, Edward deCondicote
Throckmorton, JohnSchesyncote
Tokey, Thomas and JoanTokynton
Traci, Sir WilliamDoynton
Trussell, Sir WilliamMorton Bagot
" "Billesleye
" JohnBillesleye
Veel, Sir Peter deCharfeild
" JohnCharfeild
Warwick, Earl ofLench Rodulf
"Upton Warren
"St. James', Warwick
"St. Mary's Deanery, Warwick
"Warwick, Chapel of St. Michael
"", St. Michael's Hospital
"", Prebend in Collegiate Church


Lay Patrons.Benefices.
Warwick, Earl ofWolverdynton
" William, Earl ofPreston Bagot
" "Preston next Hanley
" Edward, Earl ofWyriston
" Nicholas deFolebrook
Westmoreland, LordSomerstoke
Whytington, GeorgeStaunton
Wollashill, WilliamSchesyncote
Wyshehale, WilliamRysyndon Magna
Wynnyton, Sir John deHarenhull
York, Duke ofLechlade


Table shewing the different Persons in office during the vacancies of the See of Worcester recorded in this Register.

No.Date.Vacancy.Pope.King of England.Archbishop of Canterbury.Prior of Worcester.Archdeacon of Worcester.Archdeacon of Gloucester.
I.Feb. 1301 to June, 1303Godfrey Giffard to William GinsboroughBoniface VIII.Edward I.Robert WinchelseyJohn de la WykeCardinal Francis de Santa LuciaWalter de Burdun
II.Sept. 1307 to Dec. 1308William Ginsborough to Walter ReynoldsClement V.Edward II.Robert WinchelseyJohn de la WykeCardinal Santa LuciaWilliam de Bryston
III.Oct. 1313 to April.. 1314Walter Reynolds to Walter MaydestonClement V.Edward II.Walter ReynoldsJohn de la WykeHenry Fitz Dauphin of VienneWilliam de Bryston
IV.March to Nov. 1317Walter Maydeston to Thomas CobhamJohn XXII.Edward II.Walter ReynoldsJohn de la WykeHenry Fitz DauphinWilliam de Bryston
V.Aug. 1327 to June, 1328Thomas Cobham to Adam OrletonJohn XXII.Edward III.Walter ReynoldsWolstan de BransfordAdam de Champneys de SandwichHugh de Stratherne
VI.Dec. 1333 to May, 1334Adam Orleton to Simon MontacuteJohn XXII.Edward III.John StratfordWolstan de BransfordJohn de OrletonRoger de Breinton
VII.April to July, 1337Simon Montacute to Thomas HeminghaleBenedict XII.Edward III.John StratfordWolstan de BransfordJohn de OrletonRoger de Breinton
VIII.Dec. 1338 to April, 1339Thomas Heminghale to Wolstan BransfordBenedict XII.Edward III.John StratfordWolstan de BransfordRobert de Wirecester, LL.D.Roger de Breinton
IX.Aug. 1349 to Feb. 1350Wolstan Bransford to John ThoresbyClement VI.Edward III.Thomas Bradwardin, Simon IslipJohn de EveshamJohn SeverleRichard de Ledbury
X.... 1352 to April, 1353John Thoresby to Reginald BrianInnocent VI.Edward III.Simon IslipJohn de EveshamJohn de Harewell, Bishop of Bath &WellsRichard de Ledbury
XI.Dec. 1361 to July, 1362Reginald Brian to John BarnetInnocent VI., Urban V.Edward III.Simon IslipJohn de EveshamJohn de HarewellRichard de Ledbury
XII.April to July, 1364John Barnet to William WhittelseyUrban V.Edward III.Simon IslipJohn de EveshamJohn de HarewellRichard de Ledbury
XIII.Oct. 1368William Whittelsey to William de LynnUrban V.Edward III.William WhittelseyJohn de EveshamSimon ClemensRoger Peres
XIV.18 Nov. 1373 to 28 Oct. 1375William de Lynn to Henry WakefieldGregory XI.Edward III.William Whittelsey, Simon SudburyWalter LeghJohn BlanchardWilliam Thrysford
XV.11 March to August, 1395Henry Wakefield to Tideman of WinchcombBoniface IX.Richard II.William CourteneyJohn GreenWilliam MalpasWilliam Thrysford
XVI13 June, 1401 to 9 Oct. 1401Tideman of Winchcomb to Richard CliffordBoniface IX.Henry IV.Thomas ArundelJohn MalvernWilliam RowcombRichard Wynchecomb
XVII.Oct. 1407 to Nov. 1407Richard Clifford to Thomas PeverellGregory XII.Henry IV.Thomas ArundelJohn MalvernWilliam RowcombNicholas Herbury
XVIII.2 Mar. 1418 to 3 Dec. 1419Thomas Peverell to Philip MorganMartin V.Henry V.Henry ChicheleyJohn MalvernJohn IxworthNicholas Herbury
XIX.... 1425 to 1426Philip Morgan to Thomas PoltonMartin V.Henry VI.Henry ChicheleyJohn FordhamJohn IxworthNicholas Herbury
XX.23 Aug. 1433 to 15 May, 1435Thomas Polton to Thomas BourchierEugenius IV.Henry VI.Henry ChicheleyJohn FordhamWilliam HendePhilip Potton
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