Register of Bishop Richard Beauchamp

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The Canterbury and York Society.




Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp EPISCOPI HEREFORDENSIS.


Canon Residentiary of Hereford Cathedral,
and Master of St. Katherine's Hospital, Ledbury.



Richard de Beauchamp was the son of Sir Walter de Beauchamp, sometime Speaker of the House of Commons, by his second wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Roche. [1] We have no record of the date of his birth, and of his early life nothing is known beyond the simple statements that he was Decretorum doctor, chaplain to the king, and archdeacon of Suffolk. In 1448 he was "provided" to the bishopric of Hereford by Pope Nicholas V: the bull is dated September 18. The temporalities were restored ("dilecto et fideli capellano nostro") on January 31, 1449, "as from December 3rd last"; and Beauchamp was consecrated at Lambeth, by archbishop Stafford and seven bishops, on February 9. Next year, however, on August 14, he was translated, again by papal bull, to Salisbury. [2] In and after the year 1452 he acted from time to time as chaplain to the Order of the Garter; and in 1475 he was appointed to the newly-created office of Chancellor of the Order. [3] In 1478 he received the deanery of Windsor, to hold together with his bishopric; and, dying on October 16, 1481, he was buried at Windsor.

Beauchamp's Hereford Register is the shortest in all our series, yet it contains several important entries. The account of the bishop's installation [4] contains some interesting features, and has for consequence an interdict placed upon the churches of All Saints and S. Peter's, for not ringing the bells at his approach to the city. [5] It is clear that the new bishop was determined to secure full recognition of his rights. He excommunicated the sergeant of the city of Hereford for interfering with his constable and bailiffs [6]; he sternly rebuked the dean for neglecting to repress open adultery within his jurisdiction [7]; and he established the claim, which no bishop before him had made good, officially to "visit" the Cathedral. [8]

[1] The bishop's elder brother, William, became, by right of his wife, Baron St. Amand.
[2] The temporalities were restored on October 1.
[3] For this appointment, and the duties attached to the new office, see Elias Ashmole, "Institution, etc., of the Garter", p. 238.
[4] P. 4.
[5] P. 6.
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[8] Pp. 9 and 11. See also Spofford Reg , p. iii note, and Orleton Reg., p xix.

ii. Introduction.

After being enthroned on April 3, 1449, the bishop spent the autumn and summer in the diocese, returning to London before December for the winter. In April, 1450, he was again in Hereford, and spent May and June in carrying out a visitation of the diocese.

The Register (13 inches by 8) is bound up in one volume with those of Thomas Charlton, William de Courtenay, Thomas Polton, and the first part of Thomas Spofford. It consists (or did consist) of 16 folios, of which fol. 13 has been cut out, 14 and 15 are blank, and 15b and 16 contain Ordination Lists. It is well-written throughout, and in good preservation. Fol. 8b has only two short entries; and from fol. 9 the entries are in a different hand.

Registrum venerabilis viri magistri Johannis Dylew,


A.D. 1449. Feb. 10.- Appointment by the bishop of William Middleham and John Dylewe as his vicars-general.

Ricardus, etc., universis et singulis, etc. Noveritis nos de circumspeccionis industria et fidelitate dilectorum, etc., Willelmi Mydelham, precentoris, et Johannis Dylewe, penitenciarii ecclesie nostre Herefordensis, specialiter confidentes, eosdem et eorum utrumque per se et in solidum in nostra absencia et in remotis agentis, in et per totam nostram diocesim Herefordensem, ad causarum spiritualium seu negociorum, quo ad forum pertinere consueverunt ecclesiasticum, cognicionem, decisionem, et terminacionem, ac sentenciarum execucionem, criminumque et excessuum spiritualium et ecclesiasticorum correccionem et punicionem, juramentorum obediencie canonice ac fidelitatis recepcionem et admissionem, censurarum eciam suspencionis, excommunicacionis et interdicti fulminacionem et execucionem, necnon penitenciariorum unius aut plurium, ut moris est, deputacionem et ordinacionem, clericorumque convictorum quorumcumque de secularibus judicibus quibuscumque peticionem et recepcionem, nostre insuper jurisdiccionis ecclesiastice et spiritualis execucionem in dictis nostris civitate et diocesi cum suis omnibus et singulis emergentibus nostros vicarios generales et speciales, ita quod generalitas specialitati non deroget nec econtrarietur, sed quod unus eorum inceperit alter eorum id prosequi valeat et finire, et quod unus eorum alterum non expectet, nec melior sit condicio occupantis, deputasse, preficisse, constituisse et ordinasse. Quos eciam et eorum utrumque sic ut prefertur, deputamus, etc., cum cujuslibet cohercionis potestate, ratum, gratum, et firmum habituri quicquid dicti vicarii aut eorum alter fecerint seu fecerit in premissis, prebendarum, beneficiorum, et officiorum quorumcumque collacione, etc., nobis specialiter

2 Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp.

A.D. 1449. reservatis. In quorum omnium, etc. Datum in hospicio nostro in domo fratrum predicatorum, Londoniis, x die mensis Februarii, anno Domini MCCCCxlviii.

Post cujus quidem commissionis presentacionem, etc., prefatus magister Johannes Dylewe ad locum consistorialem episcopatus Herefordensis in ecclesia cathedrali se divertens dictam commissionem {Fol. 1b} palam ac publice legit ac omnibus tunc ibidem astantibus publicavit, factaque tunc ibidem ex mandato suo per Ricardum Phelpott, preconem in hac parte assumptum, proclamacione an aliquis contra jurisdiccionem dicti reverendi patris seu commissionem predictam quicquam obicere seu proponere voluerit, et nichil objecto neque proposito, vicarius in spiritualibus antedictus decrevit et pronunciavit pro commissione et jurisdiccione sua in hac parte; presentibus tunc ibidem discretis viris, magistro Willelmo Hemminge, in legibus bacallario, et Roberto Hylle, notario publico, dicte curie episcopalis advocato sive procuratore generali ac me Johanne Bayly, notario publico, dictique reverendi yid vicarii in spiritualibus generalis in hac parte scriba, et aliis.

Letters dimissory given to Walter Smith, Thomas Carpenter, and Hugh Watkins.

Decimo octavo die mensis et anno Domini supradictorum concesse fuerunt littere dimissorie Waltero Smith, accolito Herefordensis diocesis, ad omnes sacros ordines recipiendos.

Quarto die mensis Marcii, anno Domini supradicto littere dimissorie concesse fuerunt Thome Carpenter, subdiacono Herefordensis diocesis, ad omnes sacros ordines recipiendos quos nondum fuerat executus.

Item quinto die mensis et anno Domini supradicto concesse fuerunt littere dimissorie Hugoni Watkyns, litterato Herefordensis diocesis, ad omnes ordines tam majores quam minores recipiendos.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 3

A.D. 1449. {Fol. 2a.} Registrum reverendi in Christo patris et domini, domini Ricardi Beauchamp, decretorum doctoris, permissione divina Herefordensis episcopi, per reverendissimum in Christo patrem et dominum, dominum Johannem, Dei gracia Cantuariensem archiepiscopum, cum dominis, Bathon. et Wellen., Norwich., Cicestr., Wigorn., Roucestr., Assaven., Karliolen, et aliis apud Lambeth, ix Die mensis februarii, anno Domini MCCCCxlviiii solemniter consecrati, INDICCIONE XII, PONTIFICATUS SANCTISSIMI IN CHRISTO PATRIS ET DOMINI, DOMINI NICHOLAI, DIVINA PROVIDENCIA PAPE V, ANNO II. [1]

Note of appointment of vicars-general.

Decimo die predicti mensis Februarii prefatus pater et dominus propter parliamentum regis Londoniis apud Westmonasterium, xii die ejusdem initum et inceptum expectans dominum Willelmum Mydelham, precentorem, et magistrum Johannem Dylewe, ecclesie cathedralis penitenciarium, forma qua supra stabitur ordinavit et fecit vicarios in spiritualibus generales.

Feb. 9.- Royal writ summoning the bishop to attend Parliament on February 12.


Feb. 20.- The bishop, in accordance with a mandate from the king, grants to John Kett a pension of twenty shillings a year, racione nova creacionis, until provided to a benefice.

{Fol. 1b} ASSIGNACIO PENSIONIS ANNUE XL S. RACIONE NOVE CREACIONIS.- Vicesimo die mensis Februarii, anno Domini supradicto, venerabilis in Christo, etc., ad mandatum illustrissimi in Christo principis, etc., per suas patentes sub privato sigillo eidem directas concessit et assignavit magistro Johanni Kett pensionem annuam xl sol. de dicta sua ecclesia Herefordensi percipiendam annuatim quousque eidem magistro Johanni de beneficio ecclesiastico competenter provisum fuerit per eundem in Christo patrem.

[1] Added in a different script.
[2] In the usual form.

4 Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp.

A.D. 1449. April 3.- The bishop is enthroned in the Cathedral.

{Fol. 3b} INSTALLACIO REVERENDI IN CHRISTO PATRIS, ETC.- Memorandum quod tercio die mensis Aprilis predicti prefatus reverendus pater, etc., videlicet die Jovis ante dominicam in ramispalmarum, anno Domini supradicto, a manerio suo de Sugwas versus prioratum Herefordie iter suum arripuit summo mane. Ibidemque gratanter et honorifice receptus de priore et ejus commonachis citra horam novenam discalciatus aperto capite versus ecclesiam suam cathedralem solempniter ac devote pergens, magistro Mauricio [1] tunc majore ipsius civitatis cum comparibus suis et aliis quamplurimis obedienciam dantibus et honorem, a magistro Johanne Barewe, ipsius ecclesie decano, domino Willelmo Myddelham, precentore, et aliis concanonicis ejusdem, solempni cum processione juxta formam et modum ipsius ecclesie receptus fuit et installatus, etc.

May 2.- The bishop, fearing some injurious action against him, appeals to the pope.

PROVOCACIO PREDICTI REVERENDI PATRIS, ETC.- Secundo die mensis Maii, anno Domini MCCCCxlix, pontificatus sanctissimi, etc. Nicholai, etc., pape quinti anno ii, etc., prefatus reverendus pater in quadam parvisa sive bassa camera infra manerium suum de Prestbury, Wigornensis diocesis, in mei notarii publici ac magistrorum Thome Chestrefeld, canonici residenciarii ecclesie cathedralis Lichfeldensis, Ricardi Whitby, in utroque jure, et Ricardi Payne, in artibus baccallarii, Coventrensis et Herefordensis diocesium, quandam provocacionem in scriptis redactam palam ac publice legit et perlegit sub eo qui sequitur tenore verborum:- In Dei nomine, Amen. Coram vobis authentica persona et testibus fidedignis hic presentibus, nos Ricardus Beauchamp, episcopus Herefordensis, dicimus, ponimus, et allegamus quod licet de ecclesia cathedrali Herefordensi nobis per sanctum in Christo patrem as dominum, dominum Nicholaum, papam quintum, canonice sit provisum, ac ad eandem ecclesiam promoti et ejusdem rite, recte, et legitime ipsius apostolice sedis gracia simus episcopus consecrati ac premissorum vigore et benevolencia regie magestatis hujusmodi ecclesie et totius episcopatus Herefordensis tam in spiritualibus quam in temporalibus cum suis juribus et pertinenciis universis possessionem pacificam et continuam sine intermissione assecuti, de quibus manifeste ac notorie constat, tam in curia Romana

[1] Maurice Newton, who was three times mayor of Hereford.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 5

A.D. 1449. quam per totum regnum Anglie, ad quem insuper omnimoda jurisdictio episcopalis in dicta nostra diocesi solum et in solidum tam {Fol. 4a} de jure quam de consuetudine laudabili et prescripcione dinoscitur pertinere, simusque integri status et opinionis illese, nullaque sentencia hominis aut juris quod sciatur quovismodo irretiti, metuentesque nobis ex quibusdam verisimilibus causis et probabilibus conjecturis circa nos, jus, statum, possessionem, jura, aut jurisdiccionem predictam seu episcopatum grave prejudicium posse generari in futurum; ne quis vel qui infra regnum Anglie vel extra quavis sinistra vel exquisita machinacione, mandato, auctoritate quacumque contra nos, ecclesiam nostram cathedralem, etc., quomodolibet in posterum aliquid attemptare presumat citando, comminando, etc., vel hujusmodi sentencias latas de facto publicando, etc., seu quovis alio modo gravando, undo nobis vel ecclesie nostre possit prejudicium generari, a quibuscumque gravaminibus per quoscumque cujuscumque status etc., existant, eciam si legati vel delegati patriarchali, archiepiscopali, etc., prefulgeant dignitate, et eorum quolibet taliter illato vel inferendo, sacrosanctam sedem apostolicam, et tuitorie curiam Cantuariensem provocamus et appellamus in hiis scriptis, apostolos, etc., instanter, instancius, instantissime petimus nobis dari, protestando quod in eventu cujuslibet gravaminis, etc., appellabimus, etc., subicientes nos, statum nostrum et episcopatum nostrum et singulos nobis adherentes, etc., proteccioni, tuicioni, et defensioni sedis et curie prefate, etc.

May 2.- Thomas Chesterfield appoints Richard Whitby as his proctor.

Eisdem insuper die, anno Domini, mense, et loco, Thomas Chesterfeld, ecclesie cathedralis Lichfeldensis canonicus residenciarus, magistrum Ricardum Whitby, in utroque jure bacallarium, de acceptando quodcumque beneficium ecclesiasticum, cum cura vel sine cura, eidem quomodolibet legitime conferendum, ipsumque sic collatum seu conferendum, ac canonicam possessionem ejusdem nomine suo et pro se petendi, exigendi, nansciscendi et optinendi, ad firmam eciam dimittendi, et quodlibet juramentum licitum racione dicti beneficii debite prestandi, etc., necnon alia omnia et singula faciendi fecit et constituit procuratorem, promittens se ratum et gratum, etc., presentibus tunc ibidem reverendo in Christo patre, etc., et magisto Ricardo Payne, in artibus baccallario, et aliis, etc.

6 Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp.

A.D. 1449. Aug. 27.- The prior and convent of Wenlock, having presented Maurice Taylor to Eaton-under-Heywood, render obedience to the bishop.

OBEDIENCIA PRIORIS ET CONVENTUS DE WENLOCK.- Memorandum est quod dicti prior et conventus de Wenlock in presentacione predicti subscripserunt reverendo in Christo patri, etc., omnimodam obedienciam et reverenciam cum honore.

Aug. 30.- The bishop places the churches of All Saints and S. Peter's, Hereford, under an interdict, for not ringing the bells on his arrival at the city. Next day, on their submission, the interdict is removed.

INTERDICTUM ECCLESIARUM PAROCHIALIUM OMNIUM SANCTORUM ET S. PETRI, CIVITATIS HEREFORDIE.- Memorandum eciam est quod penultimo die mensis Augusti, anno Domini MCCCCxlix reverendus pater et dominus ecclesias omnium Sanctorum et S. Petri, civitatis Herefordie, propter non pulsacionem campanarum ergo ipsius adventum ad hujusmodi civitatem de jure et consuetudine laudabili prescriptam eidem debito ecclesiastico supposuit interdicto. In crastino tamen, videlicet die dominica, ad humilem supplicacionem clericorum parochiarum earundem, in presencia magistri Johannis Berew, decani ecclesie cathedralis sue, recognoscencium ibidem publice hujusmodi pulsacionem fuisse et esse debitam, ipsum interdictum solutis feodis ipsius marescallo in claustro ejusdem ecclesie relaxavit graciose.

June 5.- The bishop excommunicates Philip Moseley, sergeant of the city of Hereford, who had taken John Wood, a notorious disturber of the peace, from the hands of the bishop's constable. On his giving up the prisoner and submitting to penance, the excommunication is removed.

{Fol 6a} PROCESSUS CONTRA QUENDAM PHILIPPUM MOSELEY, DE CIVITATE HEREFORDENSI, SERGEAUNT.- Memorandum quod Philippus Moseley, de civitate Herefordensi sergeaunt, ii die mensis Junii, anno Domini supradicto, contra libertates et immunitates hactenus a sanctis patribus et universali ecclesia dicta sedi et episcopo qui pro tempore fuerit datas et concessas, quendam Johannem Wode, pacis perturbatorem notorium, de manibus constabulariorum et ballivorum reverendi in Christo patris, etc., immaniter et contra predictas libertates capuit, opprobia et vituperia officiariis reverendi patris nequiter imponendo. Unde predictus pater peremptorie

Episcopi Herefordensis. 7

A.D. 1449. dictum Philippum per apparitorem decani Herefordensis ad comparendum eo coram in manerio suo de Sugwas, die Jovis, videlicet quinto die ejusdem mensis, ad dicendum causam racionabilem, si quam pro se habuerit, quare pro violacione hujusmodi libertatis et immunitatis pro excommunicato declarari non debeat, citari fecit et preconizari. Quo die legitime vocato et expectato nulloque modo comparente dominus eundem judicialiter pro tribunali sedens ab ingressu ecclesie in scriptis propter ipsius verum contemptum contumaciamque manifestam primo suspendit, necnon eundem Philippum ipsiusque fautores et consiliarios exinde excommunicatos declaravit. Postea autem hujusmodi nepharii facti penitens suum recognoscendo reatum, restituit prefatum Johannem Wode predictis officiariis domini episcopi, et submisit correccioni ejusdem, unde ex mandato domini decanus ecclesie sue cathedralis injunxit ei publicam penitenciam.

John Dudley and Hugh Mylle, vicars choral of the cathedral, are commissioned to take over for the bishop's prison clerics convicted before secular judges.

{Fol. 6b} COMMISSIO PRO CLERICIS CONVICTIS LIBERANDIS CARCERI EPISCOPALI.- Ricardus, etc., magistro Johanni Dudley et domino Hugoni Mylle, ecclesie nostre cathedralis vicariis choralibus, etc. Cum sacri canones et jura regni Anglie et ejus laudabiles consuetudines dictant libertatem ecclesiasticam inviolabiliter observari et clericos, siqui coram judicibus secularibus super criminibus aut delictis convincantur, coram ordinariis aut ordinariorum vicariis mortem evitando liberandos esse pariter et tradendos; quocirca vobis, etc., mandamus quatinus hujusmodi clericos etc., a morte liberantes ut clericos auctoritate nostra vendicetis, etc., et ad carceres nostros ducere curare velitis. In cujus, etc.

Sept. 8.- Richard Byllion appointed supervisor and receiver of the bishop's manors.


Sept. 8.- Appointment of Richard Pede, Richard Byllion, John Wellington, and H. Carew to be auditors of the bishop's accounts both spiritual and temporal.


[1] In the usual form.

8 Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp.

A.D. 1449. John Dylewe appointed to be the bishop's penitenciary.

{Fol. 7a} COMMISSIO PRO PENITENCIARIO CONSTITUENDO.- Ricardus, etc., dilecto, etc., Johanni Dylewe, ecclesie nostre cathedralis cancellario et penitenciario, etc. Ad audiendum confessiones quorumcumque subditorum nostrorum utriusque sexus, infra diocesim nostram videlicet commorancium, vobisque peccata sua confiteri volencium, eisque et eorum cuilibet pro commissis hujusmodi penitencias salutares injungendum, eosdemque in forma ecclesie absolvendum, necnon penitenciarie officium debite exercendum, ac aliis probis et fidedignis hujusmodi officium committendum, in casibus eciam nobis reservatis, injuriis, violenciis, et offensis nobis et ecclesie nostre cathedrali aut alicui confratrum nostrorum ecclesie nostre predicte illatis seu inferendis, perjuriis in assisis et inquisicionibus ac falsis indictamentis, saltem ubi exheredacio sive juris exclusio aut magnum prejudicium subsequatur, parcorum nostrorum et warenne nostre fractionibus, stagnorum nostrorum piscationibus, homicidiis eciam voluntariis et presbiterorum percussionibus, saltem ad sanguinis effusionem, sanctarum monialium violatoribus et honorum ablatorum restitucionibus, ubi ignoratur cui seu quibus fieri debeat restitucio, nobis dumtaxat exceptis, vobis in Domino concedimus facultatem et licenciam specialem, ad nostrum beneplacitum tantummodo duraturam. In cujus, etc.

Walter Walcot made constable and receiver-general of Bishop's Castle.


Dec. 1.- The bishop requires the dean to proceed against certain open adulterers, subject to his jurisdiction, whose offences he has neglected to restrain.

MONICIO SCRIPTA ET LIBERATA DECANO ECCLESIE CATHEDRALIS.- Ricardus, etc., Johanni Berew, decano, etc. Fama publica et fidedignorum relacione clamosa referentibus ad nostrum pervenit auditum quod quidam ... civitatis nostre et diocesis, vestre jurisdiccioni, ut dicitur, notorie subditi et subjecti, gravia crimina adulterii, incontinencie, et lenocinii, ut asseritur, commisissent et perpetrassent, ac sic indies committere non formidant nec vericundantur, in animarum suarum grave periculum ac aliorum

[1] In the usual form.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 9

A.D. 1449. perniciosum exemplum; vos tamen verisimilem inde habentes noticiam hujusmodi personas, ut prefertur, delinquentes debite punire, corrigere, et reformare, ymmo ipsa crimina quasi conniventibus oculis pertransire impunita permisistis a diu, seu saltem plus debito distulistis, sicuti recusatis et differtis in presenti; volentes igitur, prout tenemur, diligenter prospicere ut nostre civitas et diocesis Herefordenses malis purgentur hominibus, vos in Domino exhortantes monemus, requirimus, et mandamus quatinus citra {Fol. 7b} festum Domini proxime futurum in personis suprascriptis [1] vestrum debite reformacionis officium impendatis, scientes quod, termino predicto elapso, ipsisque ex vestra negligencia incorrectis remanentibus, negligenciam vestram juxta juris exigenciam in hac parte supplebimus, justicia suadente. Et quod feceritis in premissis citra quartum diem Januarii proxime futuri, etc., debite certificetis. Datum primo die mensis Decembris, anno Domini, ut supra.

Dec. 3.- The dean, by Richard Rudhall, his proctor, swears obedience to the bishop as his ordinary.

INSTRUMENTUM PUBLICUM DE ET SUPER OBEDIENCIA CANONICA MAGISTRORUM JOHANNIS BEREWE, ECCLESIE CATHEDRALIS HEREFORDENSIS DECANI, ET RICARDI RUDHALE, ARCHIDIACONI EJUSDEM.- In Dei nomine, Amen. Per presens publicum instrumentum appareat cunctis quod anno Domini MCCCCxlix, etc., mensis vero Decembris die tercia in capella S. Dunstani episcopi, in ecclesia cathedrali S. Pauli, Londoniis, notorie situata, in mei notarii publici subscripti et testium subscriptorum presencia, coram reverendo in Christo patre et domino, domino Ricardo, etc., de licencia venerabilis viri, magistri Thome Lyseux, dicte ecclesie S. Pauli decani, ac spiritualitatis episcopatus Londoniensis, sede episcopali ibidem vacante, assumpti custodis, per reverendum virum, magistrum Philippum ap Rys, decretorum doctorem, de dicto reverendi patris Herefordensis mandato in mei notarii et testium presencia sibi ad hoc facto, petito, et obtento, et ibidem tunc relato, pro tribunali sedente, quidam venerabilis vir, magister Ricardus Rudhale, decretorum doctor, ut asseruit, archidiaconus Herefordensis, necnon honorabilis viri magistri Johannis Berewe, decani ecclesie cathedralis Herefordensis procurator, etc., pro se nomine suo ac procuratorio nomine decani predicti, tactis sacrosanctis Dei evangeliis, ad ea juravit

[1] But no names are mentioned.

10 Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp.

A.D. 1449. quod magister Johannes predictus ab illa hora in antea erit obediens dicto reverendo in Christo patri, etc., in omnibus licitis et honestis, juribus et privilegiis, etc., ecclesie Herefordensis in omnibus semper salvis, et promisit insuper dictus magister Ricardus, archidiaconus et procurator, fide sua media et in virtute sacramenti predicti verum procuratorium dicti Johannis, decani, in ea parte sufficienter confectum et auctoritate sigillatum, ita ut in judicio vel extra fides eidem valeat adhiberi, citra festum Pasche proximo jam futurum per se vel submissam personam dicto reverendo patri effectualiter exhibere. Dictusque reverendus pater obedienciam ut promissione predicta sibi modo et forma premissis factam ut Herefordensis episcopus ac dictorum decani et archidiaconi ordinarius recepit [1] et admisit tunc ibidem. Acta sunt hec omnia et singula prout suprascribuntur et recitantur, presentibus tunc ibidem discretis viris, magistris Philippe ap Rys, decretorum doctore, Ricardo Whitby, in utroque jure baccalario, Mevenensis ac Coventrensis ac Lichfeldensis diocesium testibus ad premissa vocatis et rogatis. Et ego, Lucas Hancok, Exoniensis diocesis, auctoritate apostolica notarius, etc.

The constable of Cradley is instructed to require from David Sandy security that he will keep the peace towards Nicholas Hope.

{Fol. 8a} COMMISSIO PRO PACE SERVANDA ET CAPTANDA.- Ricardus Beauchamp, episcopus Herefordensis, et socii sui justiciarii regis de pace in comitatu Herefordie conservanda assignati, ballivo trium hundredorum de C, ac constabulario ville do Cradeley et eorum cuilibet salutem. Ex parte dicti domini regis vobis et cuilibet vestrum precipimus quod venire faciatis, seu unus vestrum faciat, David Sandy, alias Game, husbondeman, coram nobis vel aliquo sociorum nostrorum ad inveniendum sufficientem securitatem pacis Nicholao Hope de eadem quod ipse dampnum vel malum aliquod dicto Nicholao do corpora suo non faciet net fieri procurabit quovismodo. Et si hoc coram vobis seu aliquo vestrum facere recusaverit, tunc com capiatis, seu unus vestrum capiat et gaole domini regis de Herefordia duci faciatis, etc., quousque hoc gratis facere voluerit. Et qualiter hoc preceptum executi fueritis nobis ad proximam sessionem nostram pacis in dicto comitatu tenendam constare faciatis, etc. Datum, etc., anno regni regis Henrici sexti post conquestum xxviii.

[1] In the margin here (in a later hand) is written nota.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 11

A.D. 1450. April 27.- Episcopal visitation of the Cathedral.

VISITACIO ECCLESIE CATHEDRALIS DE HEREFORDENSIS.- Vicesimo septimo die mensis Aprilis, anno Domini supradicto, indiccione xiii, pontificatus sanctissimi in Christo patris et domini, Nicholai, divina providencia pape quinti anno reverendus in Christo pater, etc., visitacionem suam pleniorem in domo capitulari ibidem celebravit et exercuit, prout plenius patet per processum inde factum.

The bishop's certificate that, in accordance with a royal writ received on August 1st, he has appointed the abbot and convent of Shrewsbury (as holding the church of Stottesdon) and the prior and convent of Llanthony prima to collect the tenth in the archdeaconries of Shropshire and Hereford respectively. The usual list follows of benefices which are exempt. [1]

{Fol. 9a} Venerabilibus et discretis viris, dominis thesaurario ac baronibus de scaccario domini nostri regis Ricardus, etc. Breve regium nobis nuper directum cum ea que decet reverencia primo die mensis Augusti ultimo elapsi recepimus sub hac verborum serie:- Henricus, [2] etc. Cujus brevis auctoritate et vigore vestris reverenciis intimamus ac significari volumus quod religiosos viros, abbatem et conventum de Salopia, ecclesiam parochialem de Stottesdone, nostre diocesis, ac plura bona possessionesque ecclesiasticas infra diocesim nostram Herefordensem in proprios usus habentes, in decanatu et archidiaconatu Salopsire dicte integre decime et utriusque medietatis ejusdem; prioremque et conventum de Lanthonia prima in Wallia, nonnulla eciam bona, beneficia, possessionesque ecclesiasticas infra diocesim nostram in proprios usus obtinentes, predicte integre decime et utriusque medietatis ejusdem in decanatu et archidiaconatu Herefordensi juxta modum et formam concessionum earundem de quibuscumque bonis, etc., rectorum, vicariorum, et aliorum quorumcumque beneficia ecclesiastica non electiva habencium, taxatorum et non taxatorum, levandarum et solvendarum ad terminos in dicto brevi regis conscriptos deputavimus et assignavimus collectores; quibuscumque bonis, etc., omnibus et singulis pauperum religiosorum, ac aliorum piorum locorum dicte nostre diocesis in schedula presentibus annexa inscriptorum a

[1] The list of benefices exempted is the same as printed in the Spofford Register, p.p. 262-265, except that in this the priors and convents of Wormesley and Bromfield are included; and in the Forest Deanery the chapel of Witledene is attached to Rodeford, and that of Bolay to Chircham,
[2] Royal writ in the usual form, printed in full on folios 11 and 12.

12 Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp.

A.D. 1450. solucione dicte integre decime et utriusque medietatis ejusdem ex causis in dicto brevi regio specificatis dumtaxat exceptis.

Preterea ad colligendum, levandum, et solvendum unam integram decimam de abbatibus, prioribus, et ceteris quibuscumque clericis, secularibus et regularibus, ad beneficia electiva promotis, videlicet duos solidos de libra, secundum taxam de bonis et possessionibus suis thesaurario et receptoribus superius descriptis, seu eorum deputatis, statim et integraliter persolvendos, priorem et conventum de Wormesley, dicte nostre diocesis, plura eciam bona, etc., obtinentes, in et per totam nostram diocesim deputamus et assignamus eciam collectores, mandamusque collectoribus hujusmodi una cum tenore brevis regii antedicti, quatenus ipsum secundum ejus vim, formam, et effectum debite exequantur; ita quod dicto domino nostro regi de premissa integra decima et utraque medietate ejusdem ad festa predicta de quibuscumque bonis, etc., rectorum, etc., necnon de duobus solidis de libra de abbatibus, etc., ad statim quo cicius fieri poterit per dictum priorem et conventum de Wormeslay, de religiosis viris, abbatibus de Wigmore et Flaxley, necnon de priore de Wenlok, et decano ecclesie nostre cathedralis levandis et solvendis thesaurario et receptoribus superius limitatis juxta formam concessionum earundem plenarie et fideliter respondeatur.

{Fol. 9b} Certificamus insuper vestris reverenciis quod nulle sunt religiose in diocesi nostra a collectione, contribucione, seu solucione decimarum per brevia regia exempte seu exonerate. In quibus secundum tenorem dicti brevis regii quarta pars integre decime domino nostro regi, sive subsidium duorum solidorum de libra reverendissimo in Christo patri et domino, domino Johanni, archiepiscopo, etc., ad defensionem ecclesie Anglicane concessum colligi seu levari debeat in dicta nostra diocesi. In cujus, etc. Datum, etc.


Episcopi Herefordensis. 13




Philip ap Gwelym, Lland. dioc., (l. d.).
John Whetham, Humphrey Nowell.


Thomas Gunter, Menev, dioc., Dore abb.
William Steven, Lland. dioc., (l. d.), Margam abb.
Thomas Gyles.
Hugh Watkynes, Little Malvern pr., Worc. dioc.


Philip Hegg, monk of Flaxley.
Walter Smyth, Wormesley pr.
Hugh ap Jevan ap David.
William Travas, S. Barth. pr., Glouc.
David ap Jevan, Lland. dioc., (l. d.), Margam abb.
David ap Phelip ap David, Menev. dioc., (l. d.), Duma abb., alias Lantarnam.
John Thomas, Lland. dioc., (l. d.), Margam abb.


Richard Phippes, Llanthony pr. by Gloucester.
John Clymore, Clifford pr.
John Morgan, Lland. dioc., (l. d.), Acornbury pr.
Lewis ap David, Abergavenny pr.



Philip Lesemon, Thomas John, Andrew Racheford, Richard Symkyns, John Coly, Robert Aspurley, Richard Award, William Roberts, Robert Herdiwyke.


Richard Benet, Wormesley pr.
Humphrey Nowell.
Richard Rawlyn, Worc. dioc., (l. d.), Llanthony pr. by Gloucester.
John Wetham, Great Malvern pr.
Richard Nowell, Monmouth pr.
John Brisse, Fr. Min.
Nicholas Denyse, Fr. Pr.

14 Registrum Ricardi Beauchamp.


Hugh Watkynes, Great Malvern pr.
Thomas Gunter, Menev. dioc., (l. d.), monk of Dore.
Machalinus Ledbury, monk of Little Malvern, Worc. dioc.
John de Colonia, Owen Lewys, Fr. Min.
Cornelius John.
Philip Hegg, monk of Flaxley.
Henry Prince, ti. John Hamptone, armiger.
William Trawis, S. Barth. pr., Gloucester.
Hugh ap Jevan ap David, the dean and chapter.
Thomas Carpenter, Monmouth pr.
Walter Smyth, Wormesley pr.
Roger Lenthale, ti. Walter Hakeleght, lord of Eton.


Peter de Colonia, Fr. ...



Roger ap David, Gervase ap Howell, William Philip, Philip Dier, Menev. dioc., Richard Gyell, Roger Williams, Thomas Tayllour, John Glasebury, Thomas Canterfelly.
Matthew Whitlonde, John Gethyn, John Philip, Cist. monks of Dore.
John Newerke, Fr. Min. of Wodehouse.


Robert Wyntener, Aconbury pr.
Philip Lesemon, Wormesley pr.
John Lene, John ap Robyn, Llanthony prima pr.
Thomas Wylaboy, Dore abb.
Richard Award, York dioc., (l. d.), Little Malvern pr.
Hugh Lawe, S. Giles' hosp., Shrewsbury.
Thomas ap John, Menev. dioc., Dore abb.
Thomas Tayllour, the dean and chapter.
Roger ap David, Wenlock pr.
Richard Gyell, the dean and chapter.
Thomas Canterfelly, S. Kath. hosp., Ledbury.
John Newerke, Fr. Min. of Wodehouse.
William Gloucestre, S. Oswald's hosp. by Gloucester.
Thomas Taunton.


Humphrey Nowell, the dean and chapter.
Richard Benet, Wormesley pr.
Thomas Gyell, the dean and chapter.
John Forty, Little Malvern pr.
Thomas Gunter, Menev. dioc., monk of Dore.


John Huske, William Newent, monks of Flaxley.
Howynus Lewys, Cornelius John, Fr. Min.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 15



1449 Mar 4 Newland, chantry of R. Grendour. William Coburley. John Barre and his wife. Res. of John Clyfford.
1449 Mar 20 Holgate, 2nd preb. portion. Richard Fowey. Sir Wm. Burnell. Res. of John Mele.
1449 Apr 14 Edvin (rect.). Richard Restard, chapl. Richard de Croft. Death of John Barkere.
1449 Apr 17 Croft free chapel. John ap Richard, chapl. John Barre and others, feoffees of Richard Croft. Death of John Barkere.
1449 Apr 17 Eccleswall free chapel. Richard Fulcher, chapl. [1] John, earl of Shropshire.
1449 Jun 23 Hopesay (rect.). William Taylour. [2] Sir Walter de Hingford. [3] Death of Wm. Broune.
1449 May 16 Whitchurch. Richd. Whitby, in utroque jure bac. The bishop, by lapse.
1449 May 28 Clungunford (rect.). Hugh Newton, chapl. Death of Walter Harrold.
1449 Jun 18 Staunton S. Nicholas (rect.). Walter ocle, chapl. Richd. de Staunton. Res. of John Clyfford.
1449 Jul 28 Weston (vic.). Richard Sutton, chapl. Master of hospital of S. Katherine's, Ledbury.
1449 Aug 27 Eaton (in Heywood) (vic.). Maurice Taillour, chapl. Prior and conv. of Wenlock. Res. of William Schery.
1449 Aug 27 Lindridge (vic.). Richd. Payne.M.A. The bishop, by lapse. Res. of William Phelypes.
1450 Jan 30 Canonry and prebend of Moreton Magna. Thomas Worshop, alias Chestrefeld, canon of Lichfield. The bishop. Death of Richd. Hore.
1450 Feb 16 Bromyard,3rd preb. portion. John Porter. The bishop. Res. of Thomas Tanfeld.
1450 Apr 25 Ledbury prebend of Overhall. Richard Pede, decr. doct. The bishop. Death of Robt. Dyke.
1450 Jun 23 Bromfield (vic.). [4] John Byke, chapl. Abbot and conv. of S Peter's, Glouc.



1449 Mar 5 Prebend of Pyon parva. Helias Holcot, canon and prebendary of S. Paul's, London. The bishop. Richard Chester, canonry and preb. of Pyon parva. Exchange. Helias Holcot, canonry and preb. of S. Paul's, London. The bishop of Carlisle, treasurer of England, acting for the king during the vacancy of the see of London.

[1] Licensed by the bishop to hold How Caple also for three years.
[2] After formal commission of inquiry respecting the benefice.
[3] By right of his wife.
[4] Resigned by John Carbonell, to whom a pension of 5 marks was assigned by the bishop.

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