Register of Bishop Reginald Boulers

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Registrum Reginaldi Boulers EPISCOPI HEREFORDENSIS.


Canon Residentiary of Hereford cathedral,
and Master of St. Katherine's Hospital, Ledbury.



Little or nothing is known as to the birth, parentage, and early life of Reginald Boulers. [1] He is styled, in a letter of the king, sacrae theologiae professor [2]; and when in 1437 he became abbot of Gloucester [3], the Patent Rolls say he was a monk of that house. Already, it would seem, he stood high in favour with the king; for when John Wells, bishop of Llandaff, died in November, 1440, Henry wrote within a few days urging the pope to appoint him to the vacant see [4], sending letters also to cardinal Branda and cardinal Barbo, asking them to second his recommendation. Before Christmas, however, the abbot, says the king in a later letter, ad presentiam nostram se contulit, et plurimas, nostro judicio nequaquam aliter censendas quam justas, exposuit causas ob quas nec eum cui praesidet gregem deserere, nec ad dictam Landavensem ecclesiam migrare instituit. [5]

[1] This is the spelling of the name in the Hereford Register. In the Lichfield Register it is spelt Bowlers; to which, at the top of one of the early folios, is added in a later hand, "aliter Butler". The kIng also, in writing to the pope, spells the name Bowlers. Wharton spells it Bolars; and Godwin calls the bishop simply Butler.
Canon Bazeley, of Gloucester, kindly sends me the following notes on the heraldic evidence, which tends to show that Boulers was, or claimed to be, connected with the great Irish family of Botiler or Butler, of which James, earl of Ormond, was the head.
"We know that abbot Boulers refitted and decorated the Norman N.E. chapel which bears his name, in the choir ambulatory of the cathedral. This contains two rows of heraldic shields, bearing the arms of the great Gloucestershire families, who, we may suppose, contributed to the work of beautifying the chapel. Among these are the arms of the Botilers of Hardwick and Sudeley, and of James, earl of Ormond. There was also in the chapel (though it has long ago disappeared) an escutcheon bearing three golden cups, a device borne by all the Botilers alike, in memory of the fact that their common ancestor was butler to Robert, earl of Leicester, in the reign of Henry the First. The floor contained heraldic tiles with these same golden cups, or covered bowls, of which the abbot was evidently very proud.
There are no registers of S. Peter's extant between the time of Walter Frocester, abbot 1381-1412, and Thomas Branche, abbot 1500-1512. But there are two deeds of grant of Boteler's time with two of his seals - one bearing a stag's head caboched, and the other or, a chief dancettée azure. The stag's head caboched was the cognizance of the Parks, Botilers, and Tryes, who successively held the manor of Hardwick, near Gloucester. The Tryes bore for a time the surname of Botiler. Or, a chief dancettée azure (which was also used by Boulers, when bishop) is the coat of James, earl of Ormond, and the Gloucestershire branch of his family bore it also".
[2] Bekynton's Correspondence (Rolls Series), I, 27.
[3] Royal assent given, Oct. 29; temporalities restored Nov. 12.
[4] Bekynton I, 27. The king writes of Boulers as follows, whether truly, or with some exaggeration:- Et enim is pater vita mundissimus, eloquentia mirabilis; in disseminatione verbi Dei jugis, et dulcis at angelus; in omni gravitate, et morum elegantia conspicuus; in spiritualibus demum et temporalibus non mediocriter circumspectus. To Cardinal Brands he writes of the abbot's "virtues and merits", quibus resplendere eum in hoc nostro ubique Angliae regno notissimum est (ibid. p. 29).
[5] Bekynton, I, 31.

ii Introduction.

Boulers was frequently absent from Gloucester on the king's business. In 1443 he became a member of the Council; and next year being about to go to Rome and other places, "where his attendance might be required for a considerable time", the prior and convent granted him £400 a year out of the profits of the abbey during his absence. [1]

In the summer of 1449 Boulers was in Normandy with the duke of Somerset, and returned to England with letters of credence, which he delivered in Parliament, urgently appealing that immediate help should be sent across the sea, if all the British possessions were not to be re-conquered by the French. [2] He is present also with Suffolk at the Council on October 3 of that year. [3]

The death of Suffolk, in May, 1450, brought to a head the inevitable rivalry between the dukes of York and Somerset. And Boulers was so notoriously an agent of Somerset that, when York returned from Ireland in the autumn of 1450, one of his first acts was to seize the abbot, with two others of those in Somerset's confidence, and imprison them in Ludlow castle. [4]

At the meeting of Parliament on January 20, 1451, the Commons - who were, to a man, on the side of York - demanded the banishment from court for ever, and the deprivation of all office held by them, of thirty persons who had been "mysbehavinge about the roiale person and in other places", i.e. intriguing against York and in favour of Somerset. And high in this list comes the name of the abbot of Gloucester. The king's reply was that he knew no reason why they should be removed from his presence; nevertheless he was willing that the persons complained of should absent themselves from his court for a year. Sed nihil inde venit, says William of Worcester [5]; and the abbot was consecrated bishop of Hereford on February 14. [6]

[1] Rudder. "A new hist. of Gloucestershire" (1779), p. 137.
[2] Rot. Parl. V, 147.
[3] "Wars of the English" (Rolls Ser.), I, 500.
[4] Stow. p. 392. John Sutton, Lord Dudley, and John Gargrave, keeper of the King's Bench, were the abbot's fellow prisoners. They must, however, have been soon released, since the seizure was "after Michaelmas", and Boulers is in London before Christmas.
[5] "Wars of the English", Vol. II, part II, p. 770.
[6] The consecration would seem to have been, from fear of York's intervention, almost clandestinely carried out, only bishop John Lowe of Rochester, an old servant of the king, officiating, in some church unrecorded. The appointment had been made by papal bull on Sept, 18, 1450; and the temporalities were restored on Dec. 23.

Introduction. iii

Being now, with Lord Dudley, excluded from the Council, and fearing perhaps at first to venture into the Marches, where York spent the next twelve months at Ludlow, the new bishop returned in March to his old home at Gloucester, where he remained until the end of June, paying only two hasty visits to Hereford, during which he stayed outside the walls, at S. Guthlacs, which was a "cell" of S. Peter's. In July he is again in London, and on August 2 he ventured on his installation in the Cathedral, [2] after which he remained in Hereford until the end of the year.

Throughout this year, 1451, while York was living quietly at Ludlow, Somerset remained at court, in defiance of Henry's promise to the Commons, and was continually poisoning the king's mind with tales that his rival was a traitor. Early in the new year, therefore, York summoned the bishop to Ludlow, to witness his formal declaration of loyalty, and commissioned him to report it to the king, conveying at the same time a letter to the same purport. [3] Upon this the bishop, who was already negotiating for his translation to Lichfield, went to London, and did not return to the diocese. The bull of translation is dated February 7, the temporalities of Lichfield were restored on March 26, and on April 4 the bishop made his profession at Fulham. [4]

The Boulers Register is a tattered and discoloured volume, 15 inches by 10, backed in a loose cover of ancient parchment. It consists of 12 folios, well written and legible throughout, though badly stained in places. The initial letter on folio 1, representing the bishop in robes, sitting on his throne, is the only decorative attempt in our series of registers.

As one would imagine, in such an episcopate, the entries in the register are few, and most of these refer merely to the routine work of the diocese. It is worth noting that the bishop appoints, to the three canonries which fell vacant during his tenure of the see, a relative of Lord Dudley, (his fellow worker for

[1] See p. 7.
[2] P. 11.
[3] Stow, 393. In the letter (dated from Ludlow, Jan 9) the duke says "I have prayed the reverend father in God, the bishop of Hereford, and my cousin, the earl Shrewsbury, to come hither and hear my declaration in the matter, and I offer myself to swear on the blessed Sacrament that I am a true liegeman to the king ... and I have prayed the said lords to report and declare unto the king my said offer".
[4] For the "constitutions", which he issued in his second year at Lichfield, see Wilkins III, 571.

iv Introduction.

Somerset), a relative of his own, and his friend (and the king's) Vincent Clement, the papal collector. [1] He asserted against the dean and chapter his right to have loaves from the canons' bakehouse when he had attended matins [2]; and he resented the permission, given to the bishop of Kildare by the vicar-general, to act as suffragan in the diocese. [3]

The register practically ends in the autumn of 1451, only nine short entries (42 lines in all), covering the months between September 22, 1451, and March 26, 1453.

[1] P. 22.
[2] P. 16.
[3] P. 5.

Registrum reverendi in Christo patris et domini, domini Reginaldi Boulers, Dei gracia Herefordensis episcopi, qui xiiii kal. Octobris, anno Domini MCCCCL, promotus ad ecclesiam Herefordensem, tunc vacantem per translacionem domini Ricardi Beauchamp in episcopum Sarisburiensem, et per illustrissimum principum, Henricum Sextum, Dei Gracia Anglie et Francie regem, ab temporalia sua admissus fuit, iii Decembris, anno supradicto, et die dominica, videlicet, viii Februarii a domino Roffensi consecratus, anno supradicto. [1]

A.D. 1450. Sept. 18.- Papal bull providing Reginald, abbot of St. Peter's, Gloucester, to be bishop of Hereford.

BULLA PROVISIONIS.- Nicholaus episcopus, servus servorum Dei, dilecto filio, Reginaldo electo Herefordensi salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. Apostolatus officium quamquam insufficientibus meritis nobis ex alto commissum, quo ecclesiarum omnium regimini presidemus, utiliter exequi quoad juvante Domino cupientes soliciti corde reddimur et solertes ut, cum de ipsarum regiminibus agitur committendis, tales eis in pastores preficere studeamus qui commissum sibi gregem dominicum sciant non solum doctrina verbi sed eciam exemplo boni operis informare, commissasque sibi ecclesias in statu pacifico et tranquillo velint et valeant, duce Domino, salubriter regere et feliciter gubernare. Dudum siquidem provisiones ecclesiarum cathedralium omnium per translaciones de prelatis earum ubilibet constitutis ad alias cathedrales ecclesias tunc vacantes et imposterum vacaturas per nos faciendas extunc in antea vacaturarum ordinacioni et disposicioni nostre reservavimus, decernentes extunc irritum et inane si secus super hiis per quoscumque quavis auctoritate scienter vel ignoranter contingeret attemptari. Postmodum vero ecclesia Herefordensi ex eo pastoris solacio destituta quod nos nuper venerabilem fratrem nostrum, Ricardum Sarisburiensem, tunc Herefordensem episcopum, licet absentem a vinculo quo dicte ecclesie cui tunc preerat tenebatur de fratrum nostrorum consilio et apostolice potestatis plenitudine absolventes, eum ad ecclesiam

[1] Et per Johannem Berew, Ecclesie Cathedralis Herefordensis Decanum, installatus 2 Augusti, 1451, has been added in a very much later hand.

2 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1450. Sarisburiensem tunc vacantem duximus auctoritate apostolica transferendum, preficiendo eum ipsi Sarisburiensi ecclesie in episcopum et pastorem, nos ad provisionem Herefordensis ecclesie celerem et felicem, de quo nullum preter nos hac vice se intromittere {Fol. 1b} potuit sive potest, reservacione et decreto obsistentibus supradictis, ne illa longe vaccacionis exponatur incommodis, paternis et solicitis studiis intendentes post deliberacionem quam de preficiendo ipsi ecclesie Herefordensi personam utilem et eciam fructuosam cum eisdem fratribus habuimus diligentem, demum ad te, abbatem monasterii S. Petri, Gloucestrie, ordinis sancti Benedicti, Wigorniensis diocesis, in theologia magistrum, ac ordinem ipsum expresse professum, cui de religionis zelo, vite mundicia, honestate morum, spiritualium providencia et temporalium circumspeccione aliisque multiplicium virtutum donis apud nos fidedigna testimonia perhibentur, direximus oculos nostre mentis, quibus omnibus debita meditacione pensatis, de persona tua nobis et eisdem fratribus ob tuorum exigenciam meritorum accepta eidem Herefordensi ecclesie de dictorum fratrum consilio auctoritate predicta providemus, teque illi preficimus in episcopum et pastorem, curam et administracionem dicte Herefordensis ecclesie tibi in spiritualibus et temporalibus plenarie committendo, in illo qui dat gracias et largitur premia confidentes quod, diligente Domino actus tuos, prefata Herefordensis ecclesia per tue circumspeccionis industriam et studium fructuosam regetur utiliter et prospere diregetur, grataque in eisdem spiritualibus et temporalibus suscipiet incrementa. Jugum igitur domini tuis impositum humeris prompta devocione suscipiens curam et administracionem predictas sic gerere et exercere studeas solicite, feliciter, et prudenter, quod ipsa ecclesia Herefordensis gubernatori provido et fructuoso administratori gaudeat se commissam, tuque preter eterne retribucionis premium nostram et apostolice sedis benediccionem et graciam ex inde uberius consequi valeas. Datum Fabriani, Camerniensis diocesis, anno incarnacionis dominice MCCCCL, xiv kal. Octobris, pontificatus nostri anno quarto.

A.D. 1451. Mar. 24.- John Horsnett, vicar of Bromyard, commissioned to receive the purgation of Luke Barow of Collington, accused of poisoning his wife.

{Fol. 2b} COMMISSIO AD RECIPIENDUM PURGACIONEM LUCE BARON DE COLYNTONE.- Reginaldus, etc., dilecto, etc., Johanni Horsnett,

Episcopi Herefordensis. 3

A.D. 1451. perpetuo vicario ecclesie parochialis de Bromeyerd, salutem, etc. Ex parte Luce Barow de Colyntone, nostre diocesis, gravi est nobis cum querela monstratum quod quidam iniquitatis filii, quorum nomina et persone penitus ignorantur, ipsum Lucam falso, nequiter, et maliciose diffamaverunt, videlicet quod idem Lucas Agnetem, uxorem suam propriam intoxicasset, per quod ipsa mortua fore fuisset, in ipsorum sic diffamancium grave periculum et in ejusdem Luce non modicum scandalum et gravamen, ac aliorum Christi fidelium exemplum perniciosum. Quare nobis humiliter supplicavit de oportuno remedio sibi in hac parte provideri. Et nos nolentes sibi in sua justicia deesse ad recipiendum canonicam purgacionem dicti Luce cum sexta manu vicinorum suorum, virorum honestorum, in forma juris jurandorum, primitus vocatis qui sunt de jure vocandi, ac canonica monicione premissa, committimus vices nostras per presentes. Reclamatores si qui sint cites peremptorie quod compareant coram officiali nostro in ecclesia nostra cathedrali in proxima curia dicto Luce in causa diffamacionis quam contra eos movere et prosequi intendit in forma juris responsuri, ulteriusque facturi et recepturi quod justicia in hac parte suadebit. Et quod feceritis in premissis dictam officialem prefatis loco et curia debite certifices. Datum Londoniis, sub sigillo nostro ad causas, xxiiii die mensis Marcii, anno Domini MCCCCL et nostre consecracionis primo.

Feb. 16.- John Milewater appointed to be constable of Bishop's Castle.

ORDINACIO CONSTABULARII CASTRI EPISCOPI.- Omnibus, etc., Reginaldus, etc. Noveritis nos ordinasse, etc. Johannem Milewater, constabularium nostrum castri nostri de Bisshopis Castell {Fol. 3a} ac receptorem nostrum dominii nostri ibidem, necnon omnium villatarum, hamlettorum, maneriorum, reddituum, terrarum et tenementorum nostrorum in comitatu Salopsire et aliorum quorumcumque eidem castro pertinencium, videlicet omnium reddituum, excituum, finium, redempcionum, amerciamentorum, firmarum tenencium, ac aliorum proficuorum et commoditatum de castro predicto, etc., proveniencium, necnon receptorem nostrum dominii nostri de Teiretreve ac omnium maneriorum, etc., ibidem nobis aliquo modo debitorum, etc., racione premissorum seu alicujus inde parcelle, habendo et occupando officia constabularii et receptoris prefato Johanni quamdiu nobis placuerit, in eisdem capiendo

4 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1451. et recipiendo pro dictis officiis suis exercendis omnia feoda, vadia, et regarda ex antiquo pro officiis predictis exercendis debita et consueta. Damus eciam in mandatis, quantum in nobis est, omnibus tenentibus ibidem quod sint eidem Johanni obedientes et auxiliantes tociens quociens necesse fuerit ad omnia premissa facienda. In cujus, etc. Datum xvi die Februarii, anno regni regis Henrici sexti post conquestum xxix.

Apr. 18.- John Tregge appointed serjeant in the town of Ledbury; and John Smith bailiff of Bromyard.

CONCESSIO OFFICII SERGENCIE IN VILLA DE LEDBURY.- Reginaldus, etc., Johanni Tregge de Ledbury, etc. Officium sergencie in villa nostra Ledbury tibi concedimus, capiendo exinde vadia et feoda consueta presentibus litteris nostris quamdiu nobis placuerit tantummodo duraturum. In cujus, etc. Datum apud Gloucestriam, xviii die mensis Aprilis, anno regni regis, etc., xxix.

ORDINACIO BALLIVI DE BROMYARD.- Memorandum quod xviii die Aprilis, MCCCCLI. Johannes Smyth de Bromyard ordinatus erat in presencia domini apud Gloucestriam ballivus burgi de Bromyard predicta, et fecit juramentum, etc.

Apr. 30.- Forty days' indulgence granted to all who should charitably contribute to the sustenance of the poor inmates of S. Bartholomew's Hospital, at Gloucester.

LITTER E INDULGENCIALES CONCESSE PAUPERIBUS HOSPITAL'S S. BARTHOLOMEI, GLOUCESTRIE.- Universis, etc., Reginaldus, etc. Officium magne pietatis et Deo placabile obsequium tociens impendere opinamur quociens mentes fidelium ad caritatis seu alterius pie devocionis opera allectivis indulgenciarum muneribus excitamus. De Dei igitur omnipotentis immensa misericordia beatissimeque virginis Marie, genetricis sue, ac beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum, necnon almificorum Ethelberti, regis ac martiris, ac Thome confessoris et pontificis, patronorum nostrorum, et omnium sanctorum meritis et precibus confidentes, cunctis subditis ac parochianis nostris, ac omnibus aliis quorum diocesani, etc., confessis et contritis, qui ad subvencionem seu ad sustentacionem et relevamen pauperum

Episcopi Herefordensis. 5

A.D. 1451. {Fol. 3b} debilium ac senio confractorum degencium in hospitali S. Bartholomei, Gloucestrie, Wigorniensis diocesis, de bonis sibi adeo collatis contulerint subsidia caritatis, seu manus qualitercumque porrexerint adjutrices, quadraginta dies indulgencie de penitencia eis injuncta, tociens quociens premissa fecerint seu exercuerint, concedimus per presentes ad beneplacitum nostrum tantummodo duraturas. In cujus, etc. Datum in monasterio S. Petri, Gloucestrie, ultimo die mensis Aprilis, anno Domini MCCCCLI, etc.

May 17.- The bishop revokes the commission given to Geoffrey Hereford, bishop of Kildare, [1] to exercise episcopal functions in the diocese.

REVOCACIO COMMISSIONIS FACTE DARENSI EPISCOP0.- Reginaldus, etc., universis, etc. Cum nuper, ut audivimus, magister Ricardus Pede, nobis in remotis agentibus, vicarius noster in spiritualibus generalis, reverendo in Christo patri, domino Galfrido, eadem permissione Darensi episcopo, calices, vestimenta, campanas aliaque ornamenta ecclesiastica benedicendi, clericos ordinandi, virgines et viduas velandi, ceteraque nonnulla ad officium pastorale spectancia {Fol. 4b} in nostra diocesi exercendi potestatem commiserit specialem, vestre igitur universitati deducimus per presentes quod nos ex certis causis nos et conscienciam nostram ad hoc moventibus omnimodam potestatem hujusmodi revocavimus et revocamus per presentes. Solam et specialem sacramentum confirmacionis ministrandi nostris subditis eidem reverendo patri potestatem concedimus per presentes, sigillo nostro ad causas signatas. Datum in monasterio S. Petri, Gloucestrie, xvii die mensis Maii, anno Domini MCCCCLI, etc.

May 20.- The bishop commissions the seneschal of Montgomery to imprison excommunicate persons who had persisted in their contumacy 40 days and more.

COMMISSIO AD CAPIENDUM ET INCARCERANDUM EXCOMMUNICATOS QUI SIC PERSTITERINT PER XL DIES.- Reginaldus, etc., senescallo ville et dominii de Montgomery ejusve locum tenenti, ac ballivis et ministris ejusdem ville et dominii quibuscumque, etc. Cum quidam Willelmus Irland, et Wellyan Mad quam tenet Daykyn ap Jevan Here, et Leng quam tenet Jevan Gogh, et Eva quam tenet Galfridus Carpinter, et Johanna quam tenet [2] de Mountgomorey predicta fuerunt et sunt majoris excommunicacionis sentencia

[1] For this bishop and his appointment, see Reg. Spofford, x, 258, 349.
[2] A name seems missing here.

6 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1451. dampnabiliter innodati propter ipsorum multiplicatas contumacias in non comparendo coram nostro commissario generali, certis diebus et locis, ipsis et ipsorum cuilibet legitime assignatis, super certis articulis meram animarum suarum salutem concernentibus fideliter responsuri, judicaliter contractas, necnon per litteras dicti nostri commissarii curato ecclesie parochialis de Mountgemerey predicta sepius directas publice ac solempniter denunciati, ac sic excommunicati per xl dies et ultra contumaciter perstiterunt, claves sancte matris ecclesie nequiter contempnendo, quocirca, vobis et vestrum cuilibet committimus, ac in virtute sancte obediencie mandamus quatinus, cum ecclesia non habeat ultra quid faciat in premissis, dictos excommunicatos ac ecclesiastice discipline contemptores et eorum quemlibet capiatis, capive faciatis, et eosdem vinculis et carceribus detrudatis, ac sic captos et incarceratos secure custodiatis donec ad gremium sancte matris ecclesie humiliter convolantes, beneficium absolucionis in forma juris meruerint optinere, ut tenemini, sicut divinam et regie majestatis offensam ac catholice fidei contemptum evitari velitis. Datum in monasterio S. Petri, Gloucestrie, sub sigillo nostro ad causas xx die Maii, anno Domini MCCCCLI, etc.

June 6.- Appointment of John Talbot as seneschal of Bishop's Castle.

{Fol. 5a} ORDINACIO DOMINI JOHANNIS TALBOTT, MILITIS, IN SENESCALLUM DOMINI DE CASTRO EPISCOPI.- Reginaldus, etc., omnibus, etc. Sciatis quod nos de fidelitate et circumspeccione dilecti nobis in Christo, domini Johannis Talbot, militis, plenius confidentes ordinavimus ipsum senescallum nostrum dominiorum et maneriorum nostrorum castelli nostri de Busshoppys castell cum omnibus membris adjacentibus, ac dominii nostri de Teiretreve, dantes eidem Johanni, militi, plenam potestatem tenendi omnes curias eorundem dominiorum, etc., ac faciendi omnia alia et singula que ad officium illud debere pertinent per se ant per ... [1] deputatum suum quamdiu nobis placuerit, percipiendo in eodem officio feoda et vadia consueta. Damus autem universis et singulis officiariis, etc., firmiter in mandatis quod prefato domino Johanni, militi, tanquam senescallo nostro, etc., ac prefato ... [1] tanquam deputato ejusdem [sint] intendentes sive auxiliantes, prout decet. In cujus, etc. Datum apud Gloucestriam, sub sigillo nostro, vi die Junii, anno regni regis Henrici sexti, etc., xxix.

[1] A space is left here in the manuscript.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 7

A.D. 1451. May 28.- The bishop commissions David Travays, rector of Whitchurch, to administer the revenues of Tretire and Michaelchurch during the vacancy of that benefice.

{Fol. 5b} COMMISSIO AD PERCIPIENDUM ET DISPONENDUM FRUCTUS ECCLESIE DE TRETYRE, DOMINO EPISCOPO HEREFORDENSI DEBITOS RACIONE VACCIONIS EJUSDEM ECCLESIE.- Reginaldus, etc., domino David Travays, rectori ecclesie parochialis de Whitchurch, salutem, etc. Cum omnes et singuli fructus, redditus et proventus quorumcumque beneficiorum ecclesiasticorum vacancium infra nostram diocesim, pro tempore vacacionis eorundem, ad nos jure ordinario spectare debeant, tibi igitur percepcionem, disposicionem et administracionem omnium fructuum, etc., ecclesie parochialis de Tretere et capelle S. Michaelis eidem annexe, per tuam resignacionem in manus nostras nuper per te factam et per nos admissam vacantis, pro tempore vacacionis ejusdem tibi committimus per presentes; ita tamen quod dicte ecclesie debite in divinis de eisdem facias deserviri. In cujus, etc. Datum in prioratu S. Guthlaci, Herefordie, xxviii die mensis Maii, anno Domini MCCCCLI, etc.

June 9.- John Roke and John Mille are commissioned to inquire into the suit for divorce or nullity of marriage between Margaret, late wife of Walter Ede, and Thomas Merbury.

COMMISSIO AD COGNOSCENDUM IN CAUSA DIVORCII SIVE NULLITATIS MATRIMONII.- Reginaldus, etc., magistro Johanni Roke, in legibus baccallario, et magistro Johanni Mille, in decretis baccallario, etc. Ad cognoscendum, procedendum, etc., in quadam causa divorcii sive nullitatis matrimonii, que vertitur vertive speratnr inter Margaretam, nuper uxorem Walteri Ede, ex parte una, at Thomam Merbury, partem ream, ex parte altera, ipsamque causam cum omnibus suis emergentibus pariter et connexis fine canonica terminandam et finiendam vobis committimus vices nostras cum cujuslibet cohercionis et execucionis canonice potestate. Et quid feceritis in premissis, etc. Datum in prioratu S. Guthlaci, Herefordie, ix die Junii, sub sigillo nostro ad causas, anno Domini MCCCCLI, etc.

8 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1431. July 1.- Commission to Thomas Watte and Richard Waters of Donnington to collect the fruits during the vacancy of the benefice.


July 12.- Letters dimissory granted to Richard More and Richard Hopton.

Duodecimo die mensis Julii, anno Domini quo supra, dominus concessit Ricardo More, sue diocesis acolito, litteras dimissorias ad omnes ordines sacros et consimili modo magistro Ricardo Hoptone.

July 7.- Vincencius Clement, collector general of the pope, acknowledges the receipt from the bishop of six pounds sterling in payment of Peter's pence.

{Fol. 7a} LITTERE ACQUIETANCIALES FACTE SUPER SOLUCIONE DENARII S. PETRI.- Nos Vincencius Clement, sacre theologie professor, sanctissimi nostri pape refferendarius et subdiaconus, necnon in regno Anglie collector generalis et apostolice sedis nuncius, recepimus de reverendo in Christo patre et domino, domino Herefordensi episcopo, nomine camere apostolice sex libras sterlingorum pro denariis beati Petri eidem camere de ecclesia sua debitas de anno Domini MCCCCL, de quibus quidem vi li. sic nobis solutis prefatum reverendum patrem ejusque successores et executores pro dicto anno auctoritate apostolica qua fungimur in hac parte acquietamus et absolvimus per presentes. Datum Londoniis sub sigillo nostro rotundo quo in officio utimur, die septimo mensis Julii, anno Domini MCCCCLI.

June 24.- In accordance with a letter of the archbishop, the bishop commands processions for the peace and tranquility of the church and realm to be made in the diocese.

MANDATUM PRO PROCESSIONIBUS FACIENDIS PRO PACE ET TRANQUILLITATE ECCLESIE, REGIS, ET REGNI ANGLIE.- Reverendo in Christo patri, etc., Reginaldo, etc., Thomas, Londoniensis episcopus, etc. Litteras reverendissimi, etc., Cantuariensis archiepiscopi, etc., xxii die instantis mensis Junii reverenter recepimus in hec verba:- Johannes, etc., venerabili fratri, etc. Si sacre scripture

[1] In the same terms as for Tretire above.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 9

A.D. 1451. testimonia, minas et allectiva monita, de quibus tam facienda quam fugienda debemus conspicere, ante cordis oculos revolvamus, si gentilium immo quam maxime fidelium ab mundi exordio repetamus historias, inveniemus quod populis, civitatibus, et regnis inquietudines graves intestine, discordie, pestes, fames, et horrenda cum exteris bella profetice vel comminata propter sua peccata tam scutaliter quam finaliter acciderunt; nichilominus redeuntibus ad cor, revertentibus ad dominum Deum, facto, verbo, et voto declinantibus peccatis, et facientibus bonum per condignos penitencie fructus indubitanter cognoscimus non dominari set manu misericordie Dei declinari adversitates predictas. Sic etenim Ninivitas predicacione Ione semoto subversionis gladio misericordia circumvallavit divina. Quanti quidem adversitatum turbines, quam graves fissurarum procelle, et quanta pericula hiis diebus involvunt Anglicos non tantum prudentissimos immo minimi sensus viros non latet, que profecto non ingruerent nec continuarentur nisi communiter contra Deum ad sue provocacionem ire peccata regnarent. Unde cum nec nobis nec subditis nostris est via peccandi licencior quam antiquo proceribus aut populis erat, quin obduratos quoscumque nostrum in malo nec resipisci volentes involvet sine dubio secundum Dei disposicionem similis pena vel major, est nobis summopere procurandum quo ab hoc regno Anglie hec divina verbera, que adhuc filiola sunt manus misericordie divine auferat et in pristina sue benignitatis munera commutet, ne, si ad Dominum reverti nolumus, propter continuata peccata tam majores quam minores magistratus et subditos ulcionis, divine furor extremus invadat, et invasos sub inevitabilitate evasionis concludat. Harum adversitatum remocionem fieri non continget, nisi cordialiter non superficie sola, non fucatis set vere fructibus penitencie, non signis tantum set signis et rebus, patres, principes, populus et clerus jejuniis, oracionibus, processionibus, et aliis bonis operibus Deo studeant effectualiter complacere. Quocirca fraternitati vestre tenore presencium committimus et mandamus quatinus omnibus et singulis nostris fratribus nostre Cantuariensis provincie suffraganeis vice et auctoritate nostra injungatis quod ipsorum singuli in ecclesiis suis conventualibus et collegiatis, tam regularibus quam secularibus, necnon parochialibus ecclesiis suarum civitatum et diocesium, diebus dominicis et festivis, subditos suos clericos et laicos efficaciter moneant et inducant ut revertantur ad dominum Deum

10 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1451. verbo, opere, et effectu, condignos fructus penitencie pro suis iniquitatibus peragant, eas elemosinis suis et jejuniis redimant, et pro pace et tranquillitate ecclesie, regis, et regni Anglie prospere dirigenda cum omni cordis humilitate processiones solempnes, singulis quartis et sextis feriis, cum decantacione letanie misse, si fieri poterit, vel eciam specialibus collectis pro pace in eorum ecclesiis vel circa eas faciant, ut est moris. Vos autem, frater carissime, premissa in ecclesia vestra cathedrali ac aliis conventualibus, collegiatis, et parochialibus ecclesiis vestrarum civitatis {Fol. 7b} et diocesis modo simili faciatis et demandatis efficaciter observari. Et ut fidelium mentes ad devociones hujusmodi propensius excitemus, de Dei nostri omnipotentis immensa misericordia et beatissime Marie, virginis matris ejusdem, ac beatorum Petri et Pauli, apostolorum ejus, necnon sanctorum Alphegi, at Thome, martiris, patronorum nostrorum, omniumque sanctorum precibus confidentes, ipsis fidelibus per nostram provinciam ubilibet constitutis, de peccatis suis vere penitentibus et confessis, premissa, ut premittitur, facientibus quadraginta dies indulgencie concedimus per presentes, et a vobis ceterisque confratribus at suffraganeis nostris similies indulgencias petimus elargiri. Datum in manerio nostro de Lamehith, xvi die mensis Junii, anno Domini MCCCCLI, etc. Quarum quidem litterarum venerabili auctoritate pariter et vigore vobis, reverende pater, ea qua decet reverencia injungimus quatinus omnia et singula in litteris reverendi predicti contenta et specificata juxta omnem vim, formam et effectum earundem, quatenus vos civitatemque et diocesim vestras concernunt, celeriter et sine mora execucioni debite demandetis. Datum in manerio nostro de Wykham, xxiiii die mensis Junii, anno Domini supradicto, etc.

Aug. 20.- Johanna, widow of Hugh Carew, grants to John Clone the lease of the canonical house which her husband had obtained from the dean and chapter. [1]

CONCESSIO SIVE DIMISSIO DOMORUM CANONICALIUM FACTA PER JOHANNEM CAREWE.- Omnibus, etc., Johanna, que fui uxor Hugonis Carewe, executrix testamenti ejusdem Hugonis, salutem in Domino. Noveritis me prefatam Johannam in viduitate mea concessise et dimisisse Johanni Clone, clerico, totum terminum meum quem habeo remanentem ex sexdecim annis in toto illo messuagio, alias dicto

[1] See Reg. Spofford, p. 259.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 11

A.D. 1451. mansu canonicali, cum suis pertinenciis, in civitate Herefordie, situato in venella vocata Cabaggeslone, inter mansum magistri Johannis Assheby, canonici in ecclesia cathedrali, ex parte una, et cimiterium dicte ecclesie, ex parte altera, quod quidem mesuagium cum suis pertinenciis Hugo Carewe testator meus nuper habuit ad terminum predictum ex concessione Thome, permissione divina nuper Herefordensis episcopi, ac decani et capituli predicte ecclesie cathedralis, prout in quadam carta indentata plenius continetur, habendum, etc., Johanni Clone, etc., a die confeccionis presencium durante termino meo predicto quem habeo remanentem in eodem, absque aliquo redditu seu servicio inde faciendo. In cujus, etc. Datum xx die mensis Augusti, anno regni regis Henrici sexti, etc., xxix.

Aug. 2.- The bishop is installed in the Cathedral.

INSTALLACIO REVERENDI PATRIS, DOMINI REGINALDI, HEREFORDENSIS EPISCOPI.- Memorandum quod secundo die mensis Augusti, anno Domini MCCCCLI, reverendus in Christo pater et dominus, dominus Reginaldus, etc., circa horam novenam discalciatus, aperto capite, a prioratu S. Guthlaci, extra muros civitatis Herefordie versus ecclesiam suam cathedralem solempniter pergens et devote pro installacione sua in dicta ecclesia tunc fienda, secum euntibus abbate Gloucestrie, domino Johanne Barre, milite, Henrico Oldecastell, Eustachio Whitney, Radulpho Lingen, Thoma Bromwich, et pluribus aliis comitatus Herefordensis, armigeris ac generosis, una cum Johanni Fuyst, protunc majore civitatis Herefordie cum comparibus suis et aliis quam pluribus, a magistro Johanne Berewe, ipsius ecclesie cathedralis decano, Willelmo Myddelham, precentore, Thoma Yon, archdiacono Salopsire, Johanne Assheby, thesaurario, Johanne Dylewe, cancellario, Johanne Grene, et Roberto Jordan, dicte ecclesie canonicis, cum solempni processione juxta modum et formam ipsius ecclesie honorifice fuit receptus et per dictum decanum installatus.

Sept. 15.- Letters dimissory given to Thomas Adyes.


[1] For all orders. In the usual form.

12 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1451. Sept. 17.- Administration of the goods of Hugh Carpenter, who died intestate, granted to his father, David Carpenter of Ludlow.

CONCESSIO AD ADMINISTRANDUM BONA ABINTESTATO DEFUNCTI.- Reginaldus, etc., David Carpenter de Ludlowe. Administracionem liberam omnium bonorum domini Hugonis Carpenter, capellani, filii tui, nuper abintestato defuncti tibi committimus in forma juris, prestito primitus corporali juramento quod requiritur in hac parte, calculo sive raciocinio administracionis nobis specialiter reservato. In cujus, etc. Datum in ecclesia nostra cathedrali xvii die mensis Septembris, anno Domini supradicto.

Sept. 26.- Administration of the goods of John Hyde of Stanford Bishop, granted to Milo Skull and John Kynard, of Avenbury.

ALIA CONSIMILIS COMMISSIO.- Item xxvi die mensis Septembris, anno Domini supradicto, dominus commisit administracionem bonorum Johannis Hyde de Busshup Stanford, abintestato defuncti, Miloni Skull et Johanni Kynard de Avenbury, prestito, etc., ut supra.

Oct. 5.- Administration of the goods of John Cook, of Cowarne magna, granted to Milo Skull and his wife Agnes.

ALIA CONSIMILIS COMMISSIO.- Item v die mensis Octobris, anno Domini supradicto, dominus commisit administracionem bonorum Johannis Cooke de Cowarne magna, abintestato defuncti, Miloni Skull et Agneti, uxori sue.

Apr. 8.- Pope Nicholas V commissions the bishop to settle the differences between the abbot of Evesham and the rector of Stanford.

NICHOLAUS PAPA QUINTUS.- Venerabilis frater, salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. Expositum nobis fuit esse quasdam differencias inter dilectos filios, abbatem monasterii de Evesham et Thomam Combey, rectorem ecclesie parochialis de Stanford, Herefordensis diocesis, super oblacionibus capelle S. Johannis Baptiste. Nos vero, qui cupimus esse inter omnes pacem et concordiam, et ab omnibus Christi fidelibus litem et discordias amoveri, fraternitati tue committimus et mandamus ut partes ad te vocari jubeas, et juribus hinc inde inspectis, sine figura et strepitu judicii,

Episcopi Herefordensis. 13

A.D 1451. inspecta rei veritate, prefatos abbatem et Thomam super predictis differenciis concordes et pacifices, prout justicia et debitum postulant, et consciencie tue visum fuerit. Datum Rome, apud sanctum Petrum, sub anulo piscatoris, die viii Aprilis, MCCCCLI, pontificatus nostri anno v.

Apr. 16.- John Richard resigns the vicarage of Shobdon.


Oct. 21.- John Trilley, canon of Wigmore, is commissioned to hear confessions of the nuns of Limebrook.

{Fol. 8b} COMMISSIO AD AUDIENDUM CONFESSIONES MONIALIUM DE LYNGBROKE.- Reginaldus, etc., Johanni Trilley, canonico regulari monasterii S. Jacobi de Wyggemore, nostre diocesis, etc. De tuis discrecione et sinceritate zeli quas ad salutem animarum obtinere dinosceris confidentes, ad audiendum vice et auctoritate nostris confessiones religiosarum mulierum, monialium de Lyngbroke, ac aliorum subditorum nostrorum utriusque sexus in prioratu de Lyngbroke predicto agencium sive inhabitancium, penitenciasque salutares eisdem secundum canonicas sancciones injungendum, ac absolucionis beneficium juxta formam ecclesie imponendum, eciam in casibus nobis a jure reservatis, necnon ad administrandum sacramenta et sacralia eisdem tam necessaria quam voluntaria eciam eukaristie et extreme unccionis tibi committimus potestatem per presentes ad nostrum beneplacitum duraturam. Datum sub sigillo nostro ad causas xxi die mensis Octobris, anno Domini supradicto.

Oct. 28.- Richard Hyde, rector of Ribbesford, admitted to hear confessions of those who have recourse to the town of Bewdley on account of its privileges, and do not dare to go outside the limits of these privileges.

ADMISSIO AD AUDIENDUM CONFESSIONES.- Item xviii die mensis et anni supradicti dominus commisit potestatem domino Ricardo Hyde, rectori ecclesie parochialis de Ribbeford, Herefordensis diocesis, ad audiendum confessiones subditorum suorum utriusque sexus qui habent recursum ad villam de Bewdeley dicte diocesis

[1] In the usual form.

14 Registrum Reginaldi Bottlers,

A.D. 1450. propter privilegia et franchesias ibidem concessa, obtinenda sive gaudenda, et non audent propter casus in hac parte requisitos fines sive limites dictorum privilegiorum excedere, penitenciasque salutares eisdem injungendum, ac ad absolvendum eosdem, eciam in casibus domino a jure reservatis.

Aug. 26.- The bishop leases the manor of Pencombe to Thomas and John Anford for 20 years at 40s. a year. The agreement is confirmed by the dean and chapter on October 30.

INDENTURA FACTA SUPER DIMISSIONE SITI MANERII DE PENCKOMBE.- Hec indentura facta inter reverendum in Christo patrem, etc., ac Thomam Anford et Johannem Anford ex parte altera testatur quod predictus dominus episcopus traditit et ad firmam dimisit prefatis Thome et Johanni situm manerii de Penkombe, cum omnibus terris, etc., una cum omnibus domibus super dicto situ edificatis, habendum, etc., a crastino annunciacionis beate Marie ultimo preterite usque ad finem termini viginti annorum, etc., reddendo inde annuatim prefato episcopo, etc., xl solidos argenti ad festa annunciacionis, etc., et S. Michaelis, etc.

Et predictus episcopus omnes domos super situ dicti manerii edificatos tum in cooperatura quam in parietibus in omnibus reparabit et sustantabit sumptibus suis propriis et expensis. Et predicti Thomas et Johannes habebunt herbagium omnium pratorum et pasturarum dominicalium cum warectis ad introitum eorum firme, et sic herbagium dictorum pratorum et pasturarum cum warectis in fine eorum termini dimittent. Et iidem Thomas et Johannes de novo clausurabunt omnes haicias circa dictum situm manerii sumptibus suis, excepto quod dictus [episcopus] inveniet tinettum et stakes pro dictis clausuris faciendis per visum et deliberacionem supervisoris domini vel ballivi sui ibidem pro tempore existentis ad custus prosternacionis et cariagii dictorum firmariorum. Et dictas clausuras cum lez lydeyates ibidem ad custus eorum proprios durante termino predicto sustentabunt et manutenebunt tociens quociens necesse fuerit propter quod dictus dominus inveniet eisdem firmariis tinettum et stakes modo et forma ut predictum est. Et sic dicti firmarii dictos lez lydeyates cum clausuris circa dictum situm manerii factos bene et competenter reparatos in fine eorum termini dimittent. Et predicti firmarii habebunt quingentas oves et non plures super terris

Episcopi Herefordensis. 15

A.D. 1451. dominicalibus ibidem pasturantes quolibet anno durante termino predicto, videlicet a festo invencionis sancte crucis usque festum S. Michaelis ex tunc proxime sequens; et a quolibet festo S. Michaelis usque festum invencionis sancte crucis iidem firmarii habebunt quadringentas oves et non plures ibidem pasturantes, et sic de anno in annum durante termino predicto, proviso semper quod si in aliquo tempore futuro infra predictum terminum libeat et placuerit prefato domino episcopo, etc., dictum situm manerii cum omnibus prenominatis occupare et illa ad usum suum proprium reassumere, tunc predicti Thomas et Johannes volunt et concedunt, etc., per presentes quod extunc bene liceat at licebit eidem episcopo, etc., in idem situm manerii, etc., intrare ac statum suum pristinum rehabere et possidere, necnon predictos Thomam et Johannem, etc., totaliter inde expellere, presentibus in nullo obstantibus. In cujus rei, etc. Datum xxvi die Augusti, anno regis Henrici sexti, etc., xxix.

{Fol. 9a} CONFIRMACIO DECANI ET CAPITULI SUPER DICTA INDENTURA FACTA.- Penultimo die mensis Octobris, anno regis, etc., tricesimo, Johannes, decanus, et capitulum ecclesie cathedralis Herefordensis, habito tractatu in domo capitulari, dictam indenturam, secundum ejusdem effectum, ratam et gratam habentes, quantum in ipsis erat, ratificaverunt at confirmarunt, prout patet per litteras suas inde factas sigillo suo sigillatas.

Indulgences granted to those who contribute to the hospital of S. Antony, to the repair of the bridge at Bridgnorth, and to the repair of the bridge at Tenbury.

INDULGENCIA CONCESSA PRO HOSPITALI S. ANTONII.- Vicesimo secundo die Septembris dominus concessit xl dies indulgencie omnibus subditis suis qui ad hospitalem S. Antonii aliqua caritatis subsidia erogaverint, cum veri procuratores sive nuncii ejusdem ad ipsos venerint devotorum elemosinas oh dicti sancti reverenciam petituri.

Item sexto die mensis Novembris, anno Domini supradicto concessit xl dies indulgencie omnibus at singulis subditis suis qui ad reparacionem pontis Zabrine [1] de Bruggenorth aliqua de bonis sibi a Deo collatis donaverint, etc., per unum annum duraturas.

[1] I.e. Sabrine.

16 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1451. Item die mensis et anni supradicto consimiles pro ponte de Temdebury per unum annum duraturas.

Nov. 20.- Two vicars choral and the vicar of S. John Baptist's altar in the Cathedral commissioned to claim and take to the bishop's prison clerics convicted before secular judges.

COMMISSIO AD VENDICANDUM CLERICOS CONVICTOS.- Reginaldus, etc., magistro Johanni Dudley, notario publico, et domino Hugoni Mylle, vicariis chori in ecclesia nostra cathedrali, ac domino Johanne Lynk, vicario perpetuo ad altare S. Johannis Baptiste in ecclesia cathedrali, salutem, etc. Cum sacri canones ac jura regni Anglie et ejus laudabiles consuetudines dictant libertatem ecclesiasticam inviolabiliter observari, et clericos, si qui coram judicibus secularibus super criminibus aut delictis convincantur, eorum ordinariis seu ordinariorum vicariis aut commissariis mortem evitando liberandos esse pariter et tradendos, inde vobis committimus et mandamus quatinus clericos si qui, etc., a morte liberantes ut clericos auctoritate nostra vendicetis et ad carceres nostros ducere curare velitis. In cujus, etc. Datum sub sigillo nostro ad causas in ecclesia nostra cathedrali, xx die mensis Novembris, anno Domini MCCCCLI.

Dec. 11.- Letters dimissory granted to Thomas Camden.

Undecimo die mensis Decembris dominus concessit litteras dimissorias cuidam Thome Camden, subdiacono, ad omnes sacros ordines quos non receperat, eo non obstante quod in diocesi Herefordensi extitit oriundus.

Dec. 17.- The dean and chapter acknowledge that for 100 years past the bishop, if he attended matins in the Cathedral, had loaves from the canons' bakehouse, just as the canons did, and when he attended mass, received the silver for wine, viz. 8d.

CONFESSIO DECANI ET CAPITULI ECCLESIE CATHEDRALIS SUPER PANIBUS ET ARGENTO PRO VINO AB EPISCOPO PERCIPIENDIS.- Decimo septimo die mensis et anni supradicti, in quadam bassa capella beate Marie Magdalene juxta claustrum ecclesie cathedralis, decanus et capitulum, etc., videlicet magister Johanes Berew, decanus, dominus Willelmus Middleham, precentor, magister Johannes Assheby,

Episcopi Herefordensis. 17

A.D. 1451. thesaurarius, Johannes Grene Robertus Tarry, ejusdem ecclesie canonici residenciarii, in presencia reverendi patris, etc., personaliter constituti, asserebant quod scrutatis evidenciis sive munimentis suis invenerunt contineri in eisdem qualiter per c annos elapsos et antea precessores et predecessores sui interessentes matutinali officio in ecclesia cathedrali habuerunt panes a pistrino canonicali sicut canonici ejusdem ecclesie; ac eciam in quolibet festo principali duplici interessentes misse in eadem ecclesia habuerunt argentum pro vino videlicet viii d. Unde idem decanus et residenciarii nomine decani et capituli dixerunt et fatebantur quod dictus reverendus pater haberet et perciperet [panes] hujusmodi et argentum pro vino, quando interfuerit officiis predictis sicut precessores sui habuerunt sive percipuerunt.

Dec 21.- The bishop, arbitrating between the prioress of Aconbury and the vicar of Bridge Sollers, decides that the vicar shall have the greater tithes, and shall pay to the priory each year 16 bushels of corn, pure, good, and well winnowed.

{Fol. 9b} Memorandum quod xxi die mensis et anni supradicti, in palacio Herefordensi reverendus Christo pater, etc., in quadam causa contencionis sive dissensionis de et super jure habendi et percipiendi decimas majores ecclesie parochialis de Bruggesolers, necnon super augmentacione vicarie ibidem, orta inter religiosas mulieres, priorissam et moniales de Akornbury, dicte ecclesie parochialis proprietarias, partem actricem et querelantem ex parte una, et dominum Thomam Shipward, vicarium perpetuum ecclesie predicte, partem ream et querelatam ex parte altera, arbiter sive arbitrator in hac parte inter partes predictas communiter electus laudum et arbitrium suum tulit, laudavit, et arbitratus est in hec verba:- Nos Reginaldus, etc., in quadam causa contencionis super jure habendi et percipiendi omnes et singulas decimas majores ad ecclesiam parochialem de Bruggesolers spectantes seu spectare debentes et augmentacione vicarie ecclesie parochialis inter religiosas mulieres, priorissam et moniales de Akornbury, partem actricem, etc., et dominum Thomam Shipward, vicarium, etc., arbiter seu arbitrator communiter electus, etc., laudamus et arbitramur quod dictus vicarius habeat et recipiat omnes decimas majores ad dictam ecclesiam spectantes et solvi consuetas libere habeat, percipiat, et gaudeat pro omni tempore suo. Ita tamen quod predictus vicarius annuatim reddat seu solvat religiosis mulieribus ad festa omnium

18 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.

A.D. 1451. sanctorum et purificacionis beate Marie, virginis, duas summas, videlicet xvi bushell frumenti puri, boni, et bene ventilati, quodque dictus vicarius eciam reddat, etc., ad festum purificacionis, etc., proximo futurum pro arreragiis eisdem ab eodem vicario prius debitis dimidiam summam, videlicet iv bussh. frumenti.

Geoffrey Powys and Lewis Subdon acknowledge the receipt of the bishop's commission to inquire into the rumour that Henry Prince, chaplain, of Wistanstow, had killed a man on Sunday, December 12.

Reverendo in Christo patri, etc., humiles et devoti, magister Galfridus Powys, in sacra theologia bacallarius, et dominus Lodovicus Subdon, capellanus, commissarii vestri ad infrascripta sufficienter et legitime deputati, obedienciam, etc.

Litteras vestras reverendas nuper recepimus in hec verba:- Reginaldus, etc., magistro Galfrido Powys, etc., ac domino Lodovico Subdon, capellano ecclesie parochialis de Lodelowe, salutem, etc. Cum fama publica referente ad aures nostras pervenerit quod cum duo homines de marchia, Wallie nominati latrones infra parochiam de Wistanstowe die dominica, videlicet xii die mensis Decembris in nocte ejusdem diei noctanter occisi fuissent, quorum alterius morti seu occisioni dominus Henricus Prince, capellanus parochie de Wistanstowe, causam seu occasionem seu saltem assensum et auxilium prestitit, ac secundum quorundam opinionem, ut nobis datur intelligi, alterum ipsorum realiter occidit, irregularitatis notam in ea parte dampnabiliter incurrendo, ad inquirendum igitur de et super veritate premissorum, certis diebus et locis vestris arbitriis assignandis, vocatis ad hoc vocandis, vobis de quorum, etc., communiter et divisim committimus potestatem. Qua quidem inquisicione hujusmodi per vos sic capta, et si per eandem vobis luculenter constare poterit quod dictus Henricus mortis alterius seu alicujus dictorum hominum, ut prefertur, occisorum nullo modo reus extitit, tunc vobis communiter et divisim ad recepiendum purgacionem canonicam dicti Henrici super crimine predicto propter infamiam ac scandalum populi penitus expellendam cum decima manu clericorum et laicorum honestorum facti noticiam verisimiliorem habencium in forma juris jurandorum, canonica monicione premissa, hiisque quorum interest primitus ad hoc specialiter vocatis, per presentes plenam in Domino committimus facultatem, etc. Et

Episcopi Herefordensis. 19

A.D. 1451. quid feceritis, etc. Datum in palacio nostro Herefordie, xxii die mensis Decembris, anno Domini MCCCCLI, etc.

Sept. 22.- Letters dimissory given to Hugh Giles.

{Fol 10a} Item vicesimo secundo die mensis Septembris, anno Domini MCCCCLI, dominus concessit litteras dimissorias Hugoni Giles, Herefordensis diocesis, primam tonsuram habenti, ut omnes ordines a quocumque episcopo catholico possit recipere. [1]

[1] On fol. 10b, in a much later hand, is a blank form for the appointment of proctors, of the usual type.

20 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.




Thomas Conyngsby, Bened. monk of S. Peter's, Gloucester.
William Wottone, Robert Subbury, Richard Wottone, Cist. monks of Kingswode, Glouc. dioc.
John Bitterley, Edmund Broughtone, Carmel. monks of Gloucester.
Nicholas Nethertone, William Croppe, Fr. Min., Gloucester.
Thomas Dountone, (l. d.), Worc, dioc.
Clement Gruffyth.


William Wottone, Robert Subbury, Richard Wottone, Cist. monks of Kingwood.
Richard Wodeward, Cist. monk of Flaxley.
Richard Worcestre, Carmel. monk of Gloucester.
Richard Cady, Worc. dioc. (l. d.), S. Katherine's hosp , Ledbury.
William Forest, S. Katherine's hosp., Ledbury.
John Newland, Linc. dioc. (l. d.), S. Michael's pr. near Stanford.
Henry Seyne, the Cathedral.
Thomas Downtone, Worc. dioc. (l. d.), Llanthony pr. by Gloucester.


Walter Prestbury, Bened. monk of S. Peter's, Gloucester, Worc. dioc.
John Adams, John Stratford, Llanthony prima, Aug. monks, Menev. dioc.
William Gloucestre, Thomas Tauntone, Aug. monks of S. Oswald's, Worc. dioc.
Henry de Colonia, Fr. Min., Gloucester.
John White, Thomas Reynold, Fr. Pr., Gloucester.
Thomas Moss, Little Malvern pr., Worc. dioc.
Hugh Nicholl, Monmouth pr.
Lewis John, S. Kath. hosp., Ledbury.


Richard Sparhanke, Worc dioc., S. Barth. pr., Gloucester.
Gervase ap Howell, Chirbury pr.
William Philyppe, Flaxley abb.
John Glasbury, the Cathedral.
Philip Lesinore, Wormesley pr.


Noverint universi per presentes quod nos Reginaldus, etc., die Sabbati iiii temporum, videlicet in vigilia S. Trinitatis, xix die mensis Junii, anno MCCCCLI, in capella S. Georgii, martiris, infra manerium de Wynyard, prope Glouc., nostre diocesis, sacros et generales ordines celebrantes dilectum in Christo filium, Will. Forest, dicte nostre diocesis acolitum, ad titulum hospitalis S. Katerine de Ledbury, ad

Episcopi Herefordensis. 21

omnes sacros ordines sibi concessos, de quo reputavit se contentum, in subdiaconum ordinavimus tunc et ibidem. In cujus, etc. Datum anno Domini, mense, die, et loco predictis.

LITTERA ORDINIS DIACONATUS.- Noverint universi, etc. (ut supra), Hugonem Nicholl, dicte nostre diocesis subdiaconum, ad titulum prioris et conventus de Monmouth, dicte nostre diocesis, ad omnes sacros ordines, etc., in diaconum rite et canonice ordinavimus tunc et ibidem. In cujus, etc.

LITTERA ORDINIS PRESBITERATUS.- Noverint universi, etc. (ut supra), Gervasium ap Howell, dicte nostre diocesis diaconum, ad titulum prioris et conventus de Chirbury, etc., in presbiterum ordinavimus. In cujus, etc.



Thomas Payne, John Byrde, Thomas Ady.
John Russhehoke, Fr. Min.
John Skot, Palmers' Guild, Ludlow.


Henry Seyny, the dean and chapter.
John, Fr. Min.
John Newport, Cist. monk of Flaxley.


John Barbour, Palmers' Guild, Ludlow.
Hugh Nycholl, Monmouth pr.



John ap Meurice, Meredith Glace, John Walle, Richard Phillipes, William Westone, Thomas Bayley, William Hugyns.
Thomas Mowsy, Worc. dioc. (l. d.)


Robert Pauntley, Bened. monk, Gloucester.
Dionisius Langford, Fr. Pr., Gloucester.
John Skot, Palmers' Guild, Ludlow.
Richard Cady, Worc. dioc. (l. d.), S. Kath. hosp., Ledbury.


Matthew Whitlond, Cist. monk of Dore,
John Beare, Fr. Carmel Gloucester
John White, Thomas Reynold, Fr. Pr., Gloucester.
Hugh Forest, Thomas Reynold, Fr. Pr., Gloucester.
Richard Hobyes, Fr. Pr.
John Coly, Monmouth pr.
Henry Seyny, the dean and chapter.
Lewis John, Menev. dioc. (l. d.), S. Kath. hosp., Ledbury.

22 Registrum Reginaldi Boulers.



1451 Mar 22 Whitchurch (rect.) David Traveys, chapl. John, earl of Shrewsbury. Res. of Richard Whitby.
1451 Apr 30 Holgot, 3rd preb. portion. John Vaghan, in decr. bac. The bishop. Death of John Kelly.
1451 Apr 30 Rushbury (rect.) Robert Pennarth, chapl. Sir Wm. Burnell. Res. of William Sampson.
1451 May 25 Wenlock (vic.) John Brown. Prior and conv. of Wenlock. Death of John Bradeley.
1451 May 25 Weobley (vic.) John ap Richard. Prior and conv. of Llanthony prima. Death of John ap Griffith.
1451 Jun 28 Weston Beggard (vic.) John Baker. Richd. Pede, Master of S. Katherine's hosp., Ledbury. Res. of John Sutton.
1451 Jul 3 Tretire (rect.) [1] Roger ap Jevan ap Griffith, chapl. Sir John Scudamore.
1451 Jul 8 Mansel Gamage (vic.) Sir John Barbour. Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc. Res. of Lewis Jenkins.
1451 Jul 12 Bromyard, 2nd preb. portion. Richard Pede, decr. doct. The bishop. Death of John Dudley.
1451 Jul 30 Canonry and prebend of Pyon Parva. John Sutton, M.A. The bishop. Res. of Helias Holcot [2] through proctors formally appointed by him.
1451 Jul 24 Pontesbury, Childshalle portion. [3] William Duddeley. Elizabeth Duddeley. Res. of William London.
1451 Sep 9 Foy (vic.) John ap Hopkyns, chapl. Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc. Death of Thos. Barell.
1451 Oct 8 Huntley (rect.) Thomas ap Jevan ap Willym, chapl. John, earl of Shrewsbury. Res. of Thomas Mytton.
1451 Oct 22 Hopton Wafers (rect.) Richd. Mortymer. Sir Hugh Mortymer. Res. of John Vyrre.
1451 Dec 16 Mordiford (rect.) Henry Yedvyn, chapl. Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc. Res. of Walter Yedvyn.
1452 Feb 10 Bromyard, 3rd portion. Richd. Bokingham. The bishop. Res. of John Porter.
1452 Apr 25 Canonry and prebend of Hinton. Richard Pede. The bishop. Death of Thos. Wodeford.
1452 Apr 21 Bromyard, 2nd portion. John Clone. The bishop. Res. of Richard Pede.
1452 Sep 7 Canonry and prebend of Moreton Magna. William Boulers. The bishop. Death of Thos. Chesterfeld.

[1] After commission of inquiry appointed by the bishop.
[2] Warden of Merton Coll., Oxford.
[3] The dean of Pontesbury is first commissioned to inquire into the right of patronage and alto an sit litigiosa, pensionaria, vel porcionaria.

Episcopi Herefordensis. 23


1453 Jan 14 Canonry and prebend of Putson maj. Vincent Clement, papal collector. The bishop. Death of Wm. Myll.
1453 Jan 27 New Radnor (rect.) Walter Ekley, chapl. Richard, duke of York. Res of Richard Rudhall.
1453 Mar 6 Coddington. Richard Award. The bishop.


A.D. 1451 June 6 Johanna Delabere, Divine service in her mansion. No limit.
July 12 Thomas Woodward, Divine service in his mansion. No limit.
Nov. 21 Richard Walwayn, in mansion at Much Marcle. No limit.



A.D. 1452. July 14 Richard Pede. Robert Jordan. Janitor of Palace.
Aug. 26 John Clone. Hugh Carewe. Janitor of Palace.
Sept. 11 Robert Carre. Henry Buyton. Janitor of Palace.


Jan. 2 John Clone, Colwall, for 7 years.

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