Map of the presentation of Worcester "REGISTRUM SEDE VACANTE".

1301-1303.Part I.iii - xxi.1 - 56.
1307-1308.Part II.iii - xxx.57 - 136.
1313-1364.Part III.v - xxxii.137 - 222.
1373-1435.Part IV.v - xxxi.223 - 446.

Notes on the presentation

The production of a printed version of the "Registrum Sede Vacante" was an immensely impressive exercise and we should all be grateful to the Editor, J.W. Bund, for his scholarly achievement. However, in converting the printed version to a web-based form, several problems have been identified.

The printed version was compiled in parts and each part was clearly produced separately with the completion of each part being separated by a few years. This has led to disparities between what is said, and the standards adopted, in each part. For instance, the page numbers do not run consecutively from part to part, and in some cases, the number of pages said to be included in a part, do not, in fact, reflect the reality. In the web-based form, I've tried to correct the obvious discrepancies in page numbers but some remain because I have been reluctant to change J.W. Bund's original text unless essential for the reader's understanding.

In his General Introduction, J.W. Bund, states that the original "Registrum Sede Vacante" consists of 271 pages of vellum, for the most part written on both sides. He records that in the printed calendar he refers to these as 1 and 1d but, at least in Part I, he had, in fact, used 1 and 1b. For the web-based form, I've changed all such references to 1 and 1d, and enclosed them in brackets, thus [Fol. 15d], to make clear they provide text not in the original.

A partial index was included with an early part but this was incomplete (the later parts were never included) so has been omitted from the web-based form. The Appendix, which contains tables of patrons and benefices, has been included in the web-based form, together with the index to the introductions which is provided separately.

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