Hereford Bishops 1066 - present

In addition to the list of Institutions, in those cases for which a register has been transcribed and placed into a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet is available via a link using the name of the bishop in the following list. Separate spreadsheets are available for each bishop, and for those who need it, a single spreadsheet is available with institution entries from the registers of all bishops.

The action of a browser when clicking on a spreadsheet link is proprietary but in most cases the user will be invited to choose between opening or saving it. I strongly advise saving the spreadsheet to a convenient folder rather than opening it online. Users will need a compatible spreadsheet package before opening a spreadsheet, and before doing so users should read the explanation provided which defines the spreadsheet columns and how they were derived.

Finally, when using one of my spreadsheets please respect my Conditions of Use.

The single spreadsheet with institution entries from the registers of all bishops is available here.

Tenure Sts Incumbent Notes
1061 to 1079 1 Walter of Lorraine (Walter of Lotharingia) Chaplain to Queen Edith; consecrated 15 April 1061
1079 to 1096 1 Robert de Losinga (Robert Losinga of Lorraine Prebendary of St Paul's, London
1096 to 1101 1 Gerard Chancellor to William the Conqueror; translated to York
1101 to 1107 1 vacant
1107 to 1115 1 Reynelm (Reinhelm; Reinelm) Chancellor to the queen
1115 to 1121 1 Geoffrey de Clive (Geoffrey de Clyve) Chaplain to Henry I
1121 to 1127 1 Richard de Capella Clerk of the Seal
1127 to 1131 1 vacant
1131 to 1148 1 Robert de Bethune (Robert de Betun) Prior of Llanthony
1148 to 1163 1 Gilbert Foliot Abbot of Gloucester; translated to London
1163 to 1166 1 Robert of Melun (Robert of Melun) Theologian and scholastic. Prior of Llanthony; died in office.
1166 to 1174 1 vacant
1174 to 1186 1 Robert Foliot Archdeacon of Oxford
1186 to 1198 1 William de Vere Prebendary of St Paul's, London
1198 to 1214 1 Robert Grosseteste Archdeacon of Wilts
1200 to 1215 1 Giles de Braose (Giles de Bruse) Died in office; buried in South aisle of Hereford
1216 to 1219 1 Hugh de Mapenor Dean of Hereford
1219 to 1234 1 Hugh Foliot Archdeacon of Salop
1234 to 1239 1 Ralph de Maydenstune (Ralph de Maidstone) Dean of Hereford; resigned
1240 to 1268 1 Peter de Egueblank (Peter de Egeblaunch; Peter of Savoy; Peter D'Aquablanca)
1268 to 1275 1 John de Breton
1275 to 1282 3 Thome de Cantilupo (Thomas Cantilupe) Archdeacon of Stafford; Lord Chancellor of England; Chancellor of Oxford; died in office; canonized in 1320: Saint Thomas de Cantilupe
1283 to 1317 3 Ricardi de Swinfield (Richard Swinefield)
1317 to 1327 3 Ade de Orleton (Adam Orleton) Lord Treasurer; translated to Worcester
1327 to 1344 3 Thome de Charlton (Thomas Charleton) Privy seal to Edward II; Lord Treasurer 1328; Lord Chancellor of Ireland; died in office
1344 to 1361 3 Johannis de Trillek (John Trilleck)
1361 to 1370 3 Ludowici de Charltone (Lewis Charleton) Canon of Hereford; Chancellor of Oxford
1370 to 1375 3 Willelmi de Courtenay (William Courtenay) Prebendary of York; translated to London
1375 to 1389 3 Johannis Gilbert (John Gilbert) Translated from Bangor; translated to St David's
1389 to 1404 3 Johannis Trefnant (John Trevenant) Canon of St Asaph and Lincoln
1404 to 1416 3 Roberti Mascall (Robert Mascall) Confessor to the Henry IV
1417 to 1420 3 Edmundi Lacy (Edmund Lacy) Canon of Windsor; translated to Exeter
1420 to 1422 3 Thome Poltone (Thomas Polton) Dean of York; translated to Chichester
1422 to 1448 3 Thome Spofford (Thomas Spofford) Abbot of St Mary's, York; Bishop-elect of Rochester: removed to Hereford before consecration
1449 to 1450 3 Ricardi Beauchamp (Richard Beauchamp) Archdean of Suffolk; translated to Salisbury
1450 to 1453 3 Reginaldi Boulers (Reginald Buller) Abbot of Gloucester; translated to Lichfield & Coventry
1453 to 1474 3 Johannis Stanbury (John Stanbury) Translated from Bangor; died in office
1474 to 1492 3 Thome Myllyng (Thomas Milling) Abbot of Westminster
1493 to 1502 5 Edmund Audley (Edmund Touchet) Translated from Rochester
1502 to 1504 5 Adrian de Castello (Adriano of Castelli) Prebendary of St Paul's, London; translated to Bath & Wells
1504 to 1516 3 Ricardi Mayew (Richard Mayhew) President of Magdalen College, Oxford
1516 to 1535 3 Caroli Bothe (Charles Booth) Prebendary of Lincoln
1535 to 1538 3 Edwardi Foxe (Edward Fox) Protestant; Provost of King's College, Cambridge
1538 to 1539 3 Edmundi Boner (Edmund Bonner) Protestant; Archdeacon of Leicester; translated to London before consecration
1539 to 1552 3 John Skypp (John Skip) Protestant; Archdeacon of Dorset
1553 to 1554 3 John Harley Protestant; Prebendiary of Worcester; deprived for being married
1554 to 1557 3 Robert Parfew (Robert Purfoy; Robert Wharton) Catholic; translated from St Asaph
1557 to 1558 4 Thomas Reynolds Nominated by Queen Mary but set aside by Queen Elizabeth and died a prisoner of the faith before consecration
1559 to 1585 3 John Scory Catholic; deprived Bishop of Chichester
1585 to 1602 5 Herbert Westphaling Canon of Windsor
1602 to 1617 3 Robert Bennet Dean of Windsor
1617 to 1634 3 Francis Godwin Translated from Llandaff
1634 to 1634 4 Augustin Lindsell Translated from Peterborough; died in office
1635 to 1636 3 Theophilus Field Translated from St David's; died in office
1636 to 1646 4 George Cook (George Coke) Translated from Bristol; died in office
1646 to 1660 vacant
1660 to 1661 4 Nicholas Monk Provost of Eton
1661 to 1692 3 Herbert Croft Dean of Hereford
1691 to 1701 3 Gilbert Ironside Translated from Bristol
1701 to 1712 3 Humphrey Humphreys Translated from Bangor
1712 to 1721 3 Philip Bisse Translated from St David's
1721 to 1723 3 Benjamin Hoadley Translated from Bangor; translated to Salisbury
1723 to 1746 3 The Honourable Henry Egerton Canon of Christchurch, Oxford
1746 to 1787 3 Lord James Beauclerc Canon of Windsor; died in office
1787 to 1788 4 The Honourable John Harley Dean of Windsor; died in office
1788 to 1802 3 John Butler Translated from Oxford; died in office
1802 to 1808 3 Folliot Herbert Walker Cornewall Translated from Bristol; translated to Worcester
1808 to 1815 3 John Luxmore Translated from Bristol; translated to St Asaph
1815 to 1832 3 George Isaac Huntingford Translated from Gloucester; died in office
1832 to 1837 3 The Honourable Edward Grey Dean of Hereford; died in office
1837 to 1847 3 Thomas Musgrave Translated to York
1847 to 1868 3 Renn Dickson Hampden Canon of Christchurch, Oxford; died in office
1868 to 1894 3 James Atlay, DD Vicar of Leeds
1895 to 1900 3 John Percival
1917 to 1920 Herbert Hensley Henson translated to Durham
1949 to 1961
1961 to 1974 Mark Allin Hodson, BA
1974 to 1990 John Richard Gordon Eastaugh
1990 to 2003 John Keith Oliver, MA Retired
2004 to present Anthony Martin Priddis, MA, Dip.Theol. Suffragan Bishop of Warwick; inaugurated 26 June 2004


Key to status (Sts) codes:

  1. Register is not available.
  2. N/A.
  3. Register has been transcribed and is in the Institutions List
  4. Register is not present in Bannister's "Hereford Institutions 1539-1900"
  5. Register has been lost

The spreadsheets were prepared in MS Excel 2002 but use only simple fields so should be amenable to use by other spreadsheet packages such as Lotus 123. They vary in size and the largest is about 6000 entries. Each entry reflects the presentation of someone for appointment to benefice. The presentee was nominated by the patron who owned the advowson, and, if successful, the presentee was instituted by the bishop. In most cases this resulted in the receipt of tithes by the presentee and/or patron.


Technical Details


  1. The year in the date field might be incorrect but it is always as entered in the transcribed registers. In the transcribed registers the editor has annotated the entries with a year but, in the early registers this seems to change on Jan 1. Of course, before 1753, New Year's day fell on Mar 25.
  2. When the entries have been sorted (to merge in entries from exchanges and resignations), the sort order is primarily on the KEY field.
  3. The bishop's clerks often referred to a portion as a prebend.
  4. There is a list of the "official" prebends of Hereford diocese (see the Benefice Index for details).
  5. The Ledbury portions were named Overhall (or Upperhall) and Netherhall (or Lowerhall) which were separate from Ledbury parish, and were assigned in parallel with the vicarage of Ledbury.
  6. The Westbury portions were named Left and Right.
  7. The Pontesbury portions were named Coldhall and Childshall.
  8. Other portions were named 1st, 2nd etc.

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